Graduation and Next Steps

By God's grace, I (Trevor) graduated from language school last Friday, August 12, a trimester ahead of what we planned due to the Spanish I already had when we arrived. Therefore, next trimester I will continue to tutor two afternoons per week and I will be auditing an Old Testament class at a nearby seminary. That should be challenging and fun! However, my biggest challenge will be staying home with the kids and homeschooling Ethan and Titus. I am confident this will be a great experience and a stark reminder of just how hard Betsy's job in the home is.

Betsy continues to grow in her Spanish and has completed the second trimester of language school. We were all very proud of how well she did especially since she was in classes with students who had a full trimester of school the first trimester while she continued her work in the home and tutored only 4 hours per week. Her conversational capabilities have grown quite a bit and she will continue to do classes until we depart for Peru next trimester. 

The kids...
One question we often get is how the kids' Spanish is coming along. They are all doing well. Ellie is cute with her Spanish because she is certainly learning but obviously this looks different for a two year old. As you may know Nora was in a bilingual preschool last trimester - half in Spanish and half in English. Next trimester she will be in preschool in all Spanish. She is really learning a lot and now prefers to pray in Spanish at meal times. Ethan and Titus just completed an 8 week summer camp that was entirely in Spanish and have really learned a lot. We are currently working with the school that is connected to our language school to design a Spanish program for them that will allow them to take advantage of Spanish learning opportunities the school has while still homeschooling. We are extremely thankful that each of the kids have a desire to learn Spanish.
Plane Tickets Purchased!
We recently purchased our plane tickets to Cusco. We will leave Costa Rica on November 5 and arrive in Cusco on November 6. We are really looking forward to arriving in Peru and are excited about "settling" into our new life there and beginning our ministry. We also praise God that He provided an incredible deal for the purchase of our tickets. 
  • Betsy with the maids that were in the Bible study she helped with
  • The kids just posing (at Nora's request) on some artwork downtown
  • Me teaching through a Bible story from memory in Spanish at a workshop I participated in on how teach the Bible in oral cultures. Its crazy how far my Spanish has come! 
  • Nora after getting stitches right next to her eyebrow. She was playing in the house with her siblings and fell and hit her head on the corner of a chair. She is smiling because we bought her a giant brownie afterwards for being so obedient for the doctor while he did the stitches.
Thank You!
With all of the above taking place we want to say THANK YOU for you partnership in the gospel. The Lord has used your prayers, love, encouragement, and financial partnership to make all of this happen. We are so thankful to the Lord to have such an amazing team of ministry partners and for the special relationships He has given us. 
  • Praise God for quality healthcare in Costa Rica. The ER nurses and doctor did a great job with Nora.
  • We have plane tickets to Cusco!
  • God continues to faithfully provide for us in both traditional and unique ways through our amazing team of ministry partners and for that we are thankful.
Prayer Requests
  • We have started a new visa process to obtain religious workers visas in Peru (We are still waiting to officially receive our student visas here :) ). Please pray for for all the details to go well and that we successfully obtain these in the months to come. 
  • Rest and refreshment spiritually, emotionally and physically during our break between trimesters and that we finish our time here faithfully.
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