Grinding it out...

Diligence, perseverance, trust in the Lord, and a lot of humility - these are just some of the character qualities needed when working to learn a new language. The last few weeks have brought much change and challenge as Betsy has begun classes full time meaning that she is away from the kids for the first time since having them. Nora has started her pre-school as well where half of her day is in Spanish and half in English. It also means that I have been staying at home teaching school for Ethan and Titus and taking care of Ellie until the boys start their summer Spanish camp and Ellie will begin going to the school's Spanish speaking daycare. I have been doing my language learning through one-on-one tutoring. 

We have been learning a lot over the first few weeks of the trimester and Betsy's incredible work ethic has been a good example to me and has lifted my own effort (no surprise there). Betsy is learning to speak in the present and past tenses and has prepared presentations on topics such as personal experiences, Satan in the Old Testament, a woman in the Old Testament, and a reaction to an article written in Spanish she read.   

Experience: The Best Classroom

We have always believed that the best context for learning is to take what one is learning in the classroom and actually use it in real situations at the same time. I (Trevor) was fortunate enough to do this while in seminary as an associate pastor, this concept attracted us to join the staff at To Every Tribe and we have applied it here in various ways. First we have sought to use the Spanish we are learning in the context of building friendships with Costa Ricans (this has been great fun!) and now I have begun to apply this concept to using my Spanish in the context of ministry. 

I have been privileged to begin attending some leadership meetings of a nearby church through a relationship (with Pastor Melvin) that was formed through the pastors' conference I recently attended. I also went with Melvin, his wife and another member of his church to do some ministry in a nearby mountain village, San Juan Sur, where they are working on planting a church. It was a lot of fun and very educational to see how they are going about planting a church in their own cultural context. I look forward to doing more of this and, Lord willing, Betsy and the kids can come with. 

It seems as though real life experience is often the best training ground for what one is learning in the classroom. We are thankful the Lord is providing opportunities for this here.
  • First day of school for Betsy and Nora
  • On the way home from church 
  • Ethan and Titus sporting their 'staches - that's what happens when dad is in charge of school
  • Myself, Pastor Melvin (left) and another leader from his church, Gustavo (right), meeting to talk ministry, life and Bible
  • Classic pic of personalities on display. They were all on one of those rides that you put a quarter in.
Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - We have been continually thankful for the Lord's abundant grace and faithfulness through what many veteran missionaries say is one of the hardest years on the field - language school
  • Praise - We are thankful for the relationships we are building with new Costa Rican friends and ministry opportunities that are arising
  • Praise - We are so blessed by the love and encouragement that we have continually received from our beloved ministry partners in the US through emails, FaceTime, care packages and even a couple visits
  • Prayer Request - Pray that we would keep our focus on knowing and loving Jesus over and above everything else 
  • Prayer Request - For Betsy and I to shepherd our own hearts and  the children well with patience, love, and diligence through all that we all have going on. Please pray for the salvation of all four of our children.
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