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A year ago today, I (Trevor) was in the middle of a 24 day trip to Peru with the two other men on our team. We were there seeking to discern the Lord's will of whether Peru was indeed where He wanted our team to serve and, if so, where did we believe He was calling us. On the other hand, a year ago today, Betsy was in the middle of caring for our children, alone, for 24 days eagerly awaiting my return. And I was really looking forward to returning home to her! It is amazing how the Lord used that trip (and many other events) to bring us to where we are right now - San José, Costa Rica, studying Spanish in preparation to return to Cusco, Peru with the goal of training, equipping and mobilizing indigenous Peruvian church leaders. 

As we sought counsel regarding which language school to attend the resounding answer was the Spanish Language Institute (SLI) in San José, Costa Rica. In fact, David Sills (President of Reaching and Teaching and a leading missiologist in the world) pointed out that choosing the right language school is critical because we would be drinking from the well that we dig here for the rest of our missionary careers. He, along with many others, stated that attending SLI would allow us to dig a deep well from which we can drink from for years to come.

After almost three months here and 10 weeks of classes that is exactly what it feels like we are doing - digging a well. Each day is long and hard and often times a repetition of the day before which leaves one wondering how much progress is actually being made. However, every once in a while we remember to stop and survey our work so far and, like looking at what we have dug thus far, we can see clear signs of progress. In fact, I have had the privilege of teaching a few Bible passages in my conversation class over the last few weeks and for Betsy both our neighbor and our landlord have commented separately at the growth Betsy is showing in understanding and communicating in Spanish. 

Please continue to pray for us as we do the long, hard work of digging our well. 

Thank You!

We want to take a moment just to say "Thank You!" to everyone who prays for us on a regular basis and those who partner with us financially. The stress that comes with a family of six living in an unfamiliar culture and working to learn a new language is both constant and intense. Betsy and I have talked often about how thankful we are for you all. It is hard to imagine doing this without the love and support of those we love. Over the last few months we have received encouraging emails, care packages, letters, special financial gifts, among other things that have all come at such perfect times. The Lord has shown His faithfulness and kindness to us through each and every one of you. Thank you for your love, encouragement and prayer.
  • The kids enjoying "pipa" - fresh coconut milk
  • Sack race during culture day at our language school. This was a workshop on Latin American kids' games
  • A recent ice cream date for Betsy and Nora. We are learning that spending spending quality time with the kids individually is vital while going through the countless transitions of living in a different culture
  • Ethan, Titus and Nora have had the opportunity of cooking some Costa Rican food in the Spanish Club
Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - The Lord has sustained our family here for almost 3 months.
  • Praise - Betsy and I have been able to go on a couple dates thanks to the help of our teammates 
  • Prayer Request - For Betsy and me as we work through decisions on how to best approach next trimester in regards to our schooling and the kids' schooling. 
  • Prayer Request -  Pray that Betsy and I would draw as close to Jesus as we possibly can and stay there. That we find contentment and joy in all circumstances.
  • Prayer Request - For perseverance and diligence in language learning. 
  • Prayer Request - For our student visa progress to continue in a smooth manner.
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