A 97 Year Old Church Planter?

What if God started a church using a 97 year old man and his 78 year old wife? That seems incredibly unlikely, to say the least, but it seems that He may be doing just that. As most know, we are blessed to be leading a church planting team in to three villages Northern Mexico and, by God's grace, we have a church plant meeting in one of those villages. Well, it seems that we may have another church plant beginning in a second village meeting in the home of this lovely couple. You can read the rest of the story here and see lots of photos from our last trip.

In Mexico a lot of impactful ministry takes place around the table. Here, Trevor is encouraging a brother in Christ.
First official gathering on a Sunday morning of the possible church plant mentioned above.

Training Missionaries & Preparing for the future

Aside from overseeing the Mentoring Program, Trevor recently had the privilege of teaching his third Bible exposition class of the year at the Center for Pioneer Church Planting. So far he has taught 1&2 Thessalonians and Titus. Betsy was able to take part in a Bible-storying class which focused on how to teach the Bible in oral and non-literate cultures. There she is on the right demonstrating a story she memorized.

Thank You for another great year!!!

A special thank you to all who have partnered with us over the last 18 months. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial sacrifice have allowed us to continue to do church planting in Northern Mexico and help teach, train and mentor other missionaries as they prepare to go to the remote and unreached places around the world. We pray you have a great Christmas and New Year.
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