Steaming ahead...

It's hard to believe but we have been in Costa Rica almost two months now. Language school for me (Trevor) and tutoring for Betsy has hit a pretty intense stride. Over the last few weeks almost everything we have been learning in my gramatics class has been new and in my conversation class we prepare presentations to give and discuss each day. Some of those have included: a man from the Old Testament, a woman from the Old Testament, a famous or historic person, as well as discussions and culture and family. It is hard work but I have learned a lot already! Betsy continues to grow in her language acquisition through doing four hours of tutoring per week along with homework every night. She recently did a presentation on our house in her tutoring. Our days are long, intense and tiring. 

What does a typical week look like? Betsy, of course, is working hard at home homecoming the kids each weekday. Mondays and Fridays I get home from class just in time for Betsy to go to two hours of tutoring. Tuesdays and Thursdays I get home from class and Betsy takes the kids to Spanish Club where they are learning the language. We also have one team meeting per week, trips to the fruit stand a few times per week, and usually try to take the kids to the park each evening. After dinner, family worship and putting the kids to bed, Betsy and I do homework and then try to relax a little before bed. Throw in grocery shopping, church and Saturday adventures where we try to do something to learn more about the culture and you have one pretty tired gringo family. 

However, it is all worth it as we think about those we will serve in Peru!

Spanish Club

A question we often get asked is how the kids are learning Spanish. Right now Ethan, Titus and Nora go to a Spanish Club after school at our language school. They go twice a week for an hour and half each time. They learn through various activities, interaction with the teacher who only speaks Spanish, and acting different motions for the different verbs they are learning, They are really enjoying it!

  • Last Saturday the school organized a trip to a waterfall and wildlife park about 1.5 hours outside of the city. It was a much needed day to get out of the city and enjoy some of the beauty that God created in Costa Rica! It was absolutely beautiful and Ellie loved the Toucans :)
  • Catedral Metropolitana - We recently went to check out the main Catholic cathedral which is in the very center of downtown (very common in Latin American cities). This is a look at part of the inside. Its location highlights the dominance of Catholicism over the culture.
  • Family night at one of the Ticos' (Tico=nickname for Costa Ricans) favorite restaurants in San Jose - Soda Tapia. True Tico cuisine there and it was delicious
  • Parque Central - This is a main gathering place in the center of the city and is directly across from the Catholic cathedral. My goal is to open-air preach there before we leave.
Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - We are so thankful for the many loved ones who pray regularly for us, who have emailed or sent us encouraging notes and who partner with us financially. Things can be very exhausting and trying living in a different culture and learning a new language so we are so thankful for those who cry out to the Lord on our behalf and walk alongside us in this calling.
  • Praise - All of us are growing little-by-little in our language acquisition! May the Lord continue to give us diligence and the ability to learn/speak Spanish.
  • Praise - We believe we have found a good church here that is gospel-focused and biblically minded. We hope to grow relationships there throughout our time here.
  • Prayer Request -  That Betsy and I would feast on the Word and delight in the Lord's faithfulness, loving-kindness and grace especially in the difficult times.
  • Prayer Request - Joy and unity among our team. Pray that our times together would be sweet and encouraging and that our relationships would grow in honoring Christ.
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