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Kat Scratches #10
Hello all! 

Hope this finds you well! XD

In last month's letter I was lamenting the loss of my mac and explaining the trials and tribulations involved around getting back on track without it! I'm pleased to say I'm pretty much there now and I have some new and exciting things to share! XD

(Pictured right, a sketch reward I made this month for my patron Torsten!)
Silver Stag Print Pre-orders are now live!

After some delay and much demand from my wonderful patrons, "The Silver Stag" is now finally available as an incredibly Limited Edition, Hand-embellished, signed and numbered A4 print!

They are available to pre-order for the next week (until March 29th) for £30, after that the price will increase, so order soon to avoid disappointment! :) (I don't intend to make more than 20 of these babies due to the work involved in finishing them!)

Check out the pre-order listing here!
Here's a close-up, showing off the beautiful silver details, which are added to each print by hand, making each one unique! :)

All - New Patreon Rewards are here! XD

The all-new reward tiers for my campaign on are finally here! 

Each reward tier now has on-going monthly rewards as well as welcome rewards, and the higher tiers include a monthly print subscription and monthly art sketches/paintings, as well as discounts and other perks! 

If you've considered supporting my work on Patreon before but needed an incentive then this is it! Alternatively if you've not checked out my campaign before then go and take a look now and let me know what you think XD 
Time for tea?

You may remember I  mentioned that I'd been working on some graphics for some Artisan tea-blends with one of my supporters on Patreon? 

Well for those of you who, like me, can't resist a good brew, I have good news! There are now several new tea blends to choose from, each boasting my art, and all are available in a decaffeinated version for those who avoid caffeine like I do!

Earl Blue is a delightful combination of citrusy decaf earl grey and sweet decaf blueberry with hints of decaf vanilla. A perfect late afternoon tea. 
<-- Tropical Mango:

Sunny decaf tropics combined with sultry decaf mango and hints of decaf vanilla. XD
Red, White & Blue --->

A berry delicious blend of decaf strawberry and decaf blueberry with hints of decaf vanilla. 
And finally the very special tribute tea I was working on is now available too: "A Tea for Sylvia" is a delicious mix of lavandar, apple and vanilla. Created in memory of my cousin Sylvia who recently passed away. (Sylvia didn't actually drink tea herself, but she did keep bees!) :)
Bonzais on the Brain!

In other news, I've gone Bonsai-crazy! A recently visit to a bonsai-nursery has re-kindled my love for the little trees, so I've been learning all about keeping them as well as drawing them too! 

I've been sharing bits and pieces of my learnings and journey over on twitter and on my patreon too, however it's a very slow-burn/ long-game type hobby, so without spending lots on buying new Bonsai I'm attempting to style/train my own and  propagate cuttings etc...

...drawing them is SO much quicker! ;)
^ Blue Bonsai is a recent pencil drawing based on one of the oldest bonsai trees in the world! This drawing is available for £40 (+PP)
Moonglow Marvels...
Here are some "Moonglow" commissions I've been doing for one of my supporters... this wonderful water colour paint is made by Daniel Smith, and it's possible to get some really beautiful effects with it. It's certainly my favourite paint at the moment! 

I may well open up commissions like this in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! XD

That's all for me for now, I hope you've enjoyed!

Thanks for reading and take care! 
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