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Next week I'll have another free chapter of the Lazy Designer ready for all of you. Thank you for your patience! But this week I'd like to talk a bit more about Raiders of the Serpent Sea, my new roleplaying campaign setting. Please bear with me, I'm super excited about this!

Kickstarter & Brent

Longtime readers of mine will know that when I wrote the Lazy Designer books Kickstarter was a new phenomenon and I didn't really know a lot about it or how to approach it. Over the years I, like many of you, have backed numerous projects and I have become accustomed to both the funding and the delivery model. However, I did not really think I would ever create my own Kickstarter.

But here it is, a landing page of my very own just waiting for me to press that green launch button!

But why am I doing this? Well... partly because I've always enjoyed creating settings, adventures, and custom rules for my own roleplaying campaigns. And also partly because my colleagues with Arcanum Worlds launched Odyssey of the Dragonlords this way and created a thriving community of avid players (and game masters). It is fascinating to see how much that community has expanded and improved Odyssey and I'm eager to see what they will do with my content. As a writer and a creator I want reaction and engagement and look forward to building the world and mythos of Raiders of the Serpent Sea for many years to come. And I'm very eager to share the fantastic artwork I've been commissioning. There are some amazing pieces that have been created so far -- and when the Kickstarter funds -- so much more to add.

If you've read my blog recently you are probably caught up with details about Raiders of the Serpent Sea, but if not here's Hrolf -- a raider hero and potential guide to the lands surrounding the great Serpent Sea.
This portrait, courtesy of the skilled artist Tom Ventre, features a raiding hero known as Hrolf.
Hrolf belongs to the Hallharn raiding clan but his exploits have been such that he is well respected by all raiders. He is good natured, a capable warrior, and a natural leader. Over his long career sailing the Serpent Sea he has collected numerous stories so a journey across land and water with him is never lacking in boastful tales of great deeds and glory earned. (And he is seldom without a curved horn of mead to share with his companions.)
Many years ago Hrolf offered his own eye to the Wisdom Well, hoping to gain some awareness of what the future would offer. Whether it worked or not, he has never said, but those that know him best have observed a melancholy to his character that was never there before...
In the next newsletter, we will have the latest Lazy Designer chapter for your perusal!
Brent Knowles, Game Designer
Brent Knowles, Game Designer
Brent Knowles, Game Designer
Please toss questions to be ( if there's specific information you'd like covered ... I might answer those as an occasional break between chapters here!
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