On the Heels of Liberato Victories, The Fight at Brod Continues!
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Laundry Workers Center February News

Battles And Victories

-Brod Kitchen Battle Rages
-Liberato Campaign Settlement Officially Signed!
-OSHA & the NLRB crack down on B&H
All out Feb 19th Against Union Busting at Brod Kitchen!
Brod Kitchen Continues Vehement Attack on Workers

Brod Kitchen (formerly Hot & Crusty) owners have drastically escalated their campaign to break the workers' union. They have unlawfully:
  • fired the union president and lead negotiator, and 2 pro-union workers
  • created a workplace of intimidation and fear,
  • harassed and pushed  union -supporters,
  • followed the union rep during shop visits,
  • bargained in what the union insists to be continuously bad faith,
  • engaged in a process to decertify the union,
  • and now have again CLOSED the business and LOCKED the doors to their 16 employees.
Owner Hugo Uys claims his store isn't making money. Yet Brod recently opened a non-union store on West 4th Street near NYU, and plans another non-union outlet in Hoboken, NJ.
WE WILL NOT STAND FOR BAD EMPLOYERS IN OUR CITY. Brod Kitchen's behavior is an assault on all working people, on unions, on immigrants, and on people of color.  It's time to show the meaning and power of workers' solidarity.

ALL OUT FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19th. We will not stand by while wealthy owners step on workers rights to grow their business. Without workers, there is no business!

All out to the Labor/Immigrant Rights Rally Against Union-Busting At Brod!
Friday February 19
Brod Kitchen
31 W 4th St

(2 blocks west of Broadway, near Astor Pl stop on 6 train, W 4th stop on A/B/C/D/E/F/M)
Some of these workers have 10+ years at the company. They fought hard to keep their jobs in 2012. It's time to put our foot down and demand the company respect the workers who built their brand. Brod Kitchen is nothing without it's union workers.
See you Friday to say NO MORE!
Liberato Workers Victorious!

We were a full house at the office on Monday night, as the Liberato workers celebrated their hard-earned victory

As we sat in the warm office listening to each member say a few words, we remembered that this time last year we were huddled on the picket line with our feet and faces frozen. We had just been slammed with a federal RICO case, on top of a state defamation case, and the endless winter seemed to be another tactic to chill our rights. Still, every Monday the Liberato workers were on the picket, resolute to win the dignity they deserved.


After a 2 year fight against wage theft, sexual harassment, and unsafe conditions, the Liberato workers have officially won. On Monday, they received their certificates from Laundry Workers Center and their first settlement checks.


In reality, they had won a long time ago through growth and development into empowered community leaders and organizers. When workers win, their communities win too.


Felicidades to the Liberato workers, and to all of you in the struggle. Read further about the amazing victory here.

Victories Continue

to Roll in as B&H

Forced to Comply

Newly posted labor rights posters line the warehouse walls at B&H

Worker power is in full force at the new union shop at B&H's warehouses. Faced with rampant abuse by management and numerous workplace hazards, the B&H workers teamed up with LWC, USW, and an incredible legal team to bring down the law onto their workplace.

OSHA and the NLRB are often cut at the knees when charging employers. Not so at B&H. In a rare victory, B&H was charged $32,000 in OSHA violations and given the ultimatum: clean up the warehouse within 3 years or face the consequences. Workers also won mandatory training on equipment and positions. Previous to the union, workers faced myriad accidents due to lack of training and safety precautions.

The NLRB also saw an impressive victory. All management is now mandated to undergo anti-exploitation training. That's right-- B&H must learn how *not to exploit* its workers. Seems like a course that should be taught at NYU's Stern School of Business, too. In addition, management must read aloud to its workers all of their labor rights under the law, including what management is NOT allowed to do. Workers are permitted to record and publicize this event for posterity. Workers rights posters have also been affixed to the warehouse walls for all to see and remember.

Lastly, on the heels of the warehouse victories, the B&H workers of the 34th St store basement have filed for representation and will be holding elections on February 23rd to become part of USW.

Go B&H Workers!!

Their strength and victories continue to carry us forward into the new labor movement. With community and labor united, we will win.

Laundry Workers Center's political philosophy is rooted in organizing workers and building their leadership skills and political power through a variety of worker-lead tools and tactics,  including taking direct action at the workplace, serving as their own voice to media outlets, speaking out as member of this community, and acting as their own advocates at the negotiation table.

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