From a famous tavern to the wall
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From a tavern to the wall


We started our week in Toronto, where we shot a segment at the site of Montgomery's Tavern for our upcoming Magna Carta documentary. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, there were no monuments or plaques or anything to commemorate this important battle. Just new condos going up. Ugh.

Back to Ottawa we were on Monday morning for John's regular CFRA appearance. He also published this column in the National Post, about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. His Rebel video, about  Ronald Reagan's famous "Tear down this wall" speech, was posted Friday. We also released the final episode of the Reality University Podcast series, which you can listen to here. And finally, John was interviewed by the BBC about Magna Carta, and his segment aired on Thursday.

John did his daily historical blogging. Our favourite this week is about McCarthyism. Follow his website for regular updates throughout the week.
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