December 12., 2018 - #159

The Microservice Weekly

Front-End Micro Services

The “micro frontends” idea has been around for a while now, with great resources such as this Tom Söderlund article, which includes a list of current existing implementations. In this article Jeremy takes an in-depth look at the reference implementation using fragments: explain what it tries to achieve, where it falls short and possible solutions to those limitations.

Monolith to Microservices With the Strangler Pattern

The Strangler Pattern is a popular design pattern to incrementally transform your monolithic application into microservices by replacing a particular functionality with a new service. Once the new functionality is ready, the old component is strangled, the new service is put into use, and the old component is decommissioned altogether.

Join the Workshop: Designing Microservices Architectures

We're going to deliver our first microservices training of 2019 on January 21-22 in Berlin, Germany! In case you'd like to join, sign up here.

Microservices architecture on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

This reference architectures shows a microservices application deployed to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). It shows a basic AKS configuration that can be the starting point for most deployments. More advanced options, including advanced networking options, will be covered in a separate reference architecture.

Using Golang to Building Microservices at The Economist: A Retrospective

The Economist needed more flexibility to deliver content to increasingly diverse digital channels. To achieve this goal of flexibility and maintain a high level of performance and reliability, the platform transitioned from a monolith to microservice architecture

The state of microservices maturity according to O'Reilly

O’Reilly announced its latest survey findings in the report, “The State of Microservices Maturity.” The report confirms that microservices - a software development technique where an application is created by combining numerous smaller services - have evolved from a fad to a trend, becoming an architectural style of choice for new application development and the migration target for many existing systems.

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