August 2., 2019 - #168

The Microservice Weekly
by RisingStack

Gubernator: Cloud-Native Distributed Rate Limiting For Microservices

Using Gubernator as a general-purpose rate limiting service allows us to rely on microservice architecture without compromising on service independence and duplication of work required by common rate-limiting solutions.

The Great Microservices Survey of 2019

We put together a short survey to find microservices related topics that are hard to understand or get right. The survey takes only about 2 minutes to complete! Thanks from the team behind this newsletter! :)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Event-Driven Microservices With RabbitMQ

Tutorial on building a web scraper with two microservices. Technologies used: Node.js, RabbitMQ, ExpressJS.

Learning RabbitMQ

Redis is easy message broker to set up, use and deploy but based RabbitMQ seems to be the way to go for more scalable software.

Mini Web Apps: A Bounded Context for MicroFrontends with MicroServices

Then, what are the possibilities for the frontend to adopt from Microservices paradigm? Can we break it down? The answer is simple, why not make it as a collection of Micro Frontends.

Why Cloud Native is eating the world

The purpose of this article is to help understand the capabilities of Cloud Native, business benefits it offers, and to explore different options and pitfalls in front of an Enterprise to move to this newer Promised Land.

A cautionary tale on using microservices (when building software for others)

Perhaps you're considering a microservice architecture for your application. Let's take a look at when microservices make sense and when they are overkill.

Moving from monolithic to microservices? What, why and how to design microservices

What should be the design considerations while thinking of microservices?

Oracle PDB — Running Oracle 12c EC2 Setup in AWS

Let’s say you have a dozen of microservices that need an SQL db. Does it makes sense to have 4 of them running Microsoft SQL, 4 Oracle, and 4 Aurora? While technically you can set things up this way, the question is should you?

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