December 19., 2018 - #160

The Microservice Weekly

Microservices Circuit-Breaker Patter Implementation: Istio vs Hystrix

If there is the possibility for things to fail, given time, things will fail, and Microservices that heavily rely on the network need to be designed for failure.The circuit breaker pattern is one of the ways to handle the lack of availability of a service: instead of queuing requests and choking the caller, it fails fast and returns immediately.

Overload Control for Scaling WeChat Microservices

In this paper, TENCENT's engineers propose DAGOR, an overload control scheme designed for the account-oriented microservice architecture. DAGOR is service agnostic and system-centric. It manages overload at the microservice granule such that each microservice monitors its load status in real time and triggers load shedding in a collaborative manner among its relevant services when overload is detected. DAGOR has been used in the WeChat backend for five years.

How to test Microservices with Consumer-Driven Contracts?

Testing Microservices is a complex problem. There is no magic bullet, neither there is a set of rules that can be easily used in any situation. I wrote this article to show you how a team i work for decided to deal with this problem.

The Business Caveats of Microservices

Today, we’re going to talk about the nature of microservices in the current API industry. We’ll look at some theories as to how the current industry operates, and the economic realities therein.

Traefik: A Dynamic Reverse Proxy for Kubernetes and Microservices

Unlike traditional edge routers, Traefik reconfigures itself on the fly, without going offline. This dynamic and automated reconfigurability can be essential for an architecture of containerized microservices, which can be moved around and scaled up on the fly by an orchestrator such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

RisingStack in 2018. Highlights, Best Blogposts & other Achievements.

A collection of the best Node.js, Microservices & Kubernetes blogposts written by RisingStack in 2018.

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