February 7., 2019 - #163

The Microservice Weekly

Microservices after Two Years

Microservices are another tool to help make software development better and to make systems easier to maintain. They provide many benefits and have many trade-offs with traditional monoliths, and it’s rarely clear whether or not a system should be developed as a monolith or as microservices.

Microservices: Stone Soup for the Enterprise

You can try to improve your organization directly, by proposing more automation and cross-team collaboration. But don’t be surprised if things go easier if you start with a magic stone.

Deploy Microservices on Kubernetes

Microservices should be built around business capabilities and should be independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery - aka Kubernetes.

Divide and Conquer with Microservices

Building applications based on microservices does not guarantee that the application will be a success (there’s no architecture nor methodology that guarantee that either), however it’s an approach that will teach you to manage your logical resources, components or modules.

Case Study: How Uber Monitors 4,000 Microservices

Uber found with its use of Prometheus and M3, Uber’s storage costs for ingesting metrics became 8.53x more cost effective per metric per replica. The team estimates that setting up monitoring systems in Uber data centers for its Advanced Technologies Group was 4x faster than it would have been under the previous process.

Kubernetes at CERN: Use Cases, Integration and Challenges

Speaker Deck of Richardo Rocha from the ContainerStack conference.

Developing Spring Cloud Microservices with a Central Environment while Avoiding Service Collisions

To develop and test your service in the context of the application that uses it requires more than just your micro service to be up and running. So, how can one conveniently develop in a multi micro services environment?

Event Sourcing - an evolutionary perspective

My purpose here is to explain Event Sourcing, without a pet framework, how it works and which decisions can drive you to go “full” event sourcing.

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