October 17, 2018 - #153

The Microservice Weekly

The Rise of Non-Microservices Architectures

This post is a short summary of my recent experiences with customers that are implementing architectures similar to microservices but with different characteristics in the current post-microservices world.

Dynamic Microservices - Alibaba’s Nacos Embraces the Spring Ecosystem

Nacos is an opensource and easy-to-use platform designed by the Alibaba tech team for dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management. It helps you build cloud native applications and microservices platform easily.

Don't Code Your Microservice Like a Monolith, Keep it Maintainable Not Over-Engineered

Will you use a gun to kill a fly? The answer is NO. The same thing goes when you want to write a microservice application that is going to be maximum of 10K lines of code. Don't over-engineer it.

Patterns for Distributed Transactions Within a Microservices Architecture

One common problem is how to manage distributed transactions across multiple microservices. This post is going to share my experience from past projects and explain the problem and possible patterns that could solve it.

How Netflix Migrated from a Monolithic to a Microservice Architecture

Netflix decided to abandon their private data centers and migrate to a public cloud– AWS to be specific, which provides horizontal scalability. In order to eliminate all the existing single points of failure, they decided to re-architect their systems instead of just moving them as is to the cloud.

Design Patterns for Microservices

Learn about the design patterns of microservice architecture to overcome its challenges.

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