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Taking the drought message to the media

Media Event 41715-2

As part of our collaborative work with NCWA, we hosted a media briefing today at Farm Air Flying Service in Natomas to talk directly with the media about the drought and its impacts.

Media attending included KCRA 3 Reports, Fox 40. Channel 10, KFBK and the Sacramento Bee.  Nine reporters were in attendance and a tenth story was conducted based on today’s briefing.

At the briefing, NCWA provided an overview of the water situation for the year in the Sacramento Valley, farmers spoke directly to the impacts on their farms and Ducks Unlimited spoke to the outlook for the Pacific Flyway.

In addition, we were able to answer questions about transfers, water use in rice, urban versus agricultural cutbacks and exports.

The briefing provided an outstanding opportunity for the Sacramento Valley and the rice industry to provide direct responses to much of the misinformation that continues to swirl around the media.

Media Event SDThanks to NCWA, RD 108, Glenn–Colusa Irrigation District and DU for coming out to make the briefing successful.  A special thanks to Sean Doherty who conducted our first interview in Spanish for the Sacramento Univision TV Affiliate. Well done!

We intend to hold similar briefings throughout the season at key junctures.

An hour before the briefing we launched a new drought page at that provides both a Q&A as well as a statement of the impacts of the drought as of today. NCWA posted a blog on managing water for multiple benefits in 2015 at the same time.

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