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It's winter here in Vermont and Thanksgiving is tomorrow (can you believe it?). There is snow on the ground and it is coooold! We had a wildly fun and busy Summer and Autumn here in the beautiful Green Mountain State. Now, even though we can't believe the holiday season is already upon us, we are looking forward to inviting introspection and gratitude into our hearts and cozying up by a toasty fire with loved ones.

In this issue of our newsletter you'll find:
  • News about our gift certificates and the donation we are making to Standing Rock
  • A beautifully written article by Lea about Grounding in Transitional Times
  • A recipe for ghee (also known as clarified butter)- a very healthy oil used for cooking
But first, some updates!

Along with enjoying her busy practice with Biofield Tuning, Jillian has been traveling and teaching with Eileen McKusick, the founder of the method. So far, Jillian has been co-teaching in Burlington and San Diego. She will be co-facilitating a research project in San Diego next spring and traveling to the UK in the summer also to teach. She has enjoyed meeting like-minded individuals and working with a diverse group of people. Despite these challenging times, Jillian has been exposed to such beautiful radiance in people through this work.

Lea has had a wonderful first year being a part of Nightingale Apothecary and Healing Arts. She is inspired by her clients and people she has met in the healing community. Along with building a steady practice, Lea has provided her services at Integrative Medicine Day at Johnson State College. She has recently started a Shamanic apprenticeship with Sierra McFeeters to deepen her spiritual practice.

We have been hearing the call to contribute in whatever way we can with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. While we would love to go to North Dakota and offer our services to the Protectors, we are also needed in our community to hold sacred space for those who are struggling with the current state of affairs. So, we are answering the call by donating 20% of gift certificate purchases to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council. We invite you to participate in the healing of ourselves and our Mother Earth this holiday season.

If you'd like to make a donation to Standing Rock, but don't want to purchase a gift certificate, please Click Here.

Thank you all for your continued support and love. Happy Holidays.

Here's to Health. Cheers!

Jillian Monack & Lea Mahoney

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Grounding in Transitional Times
by Lea Mahoney

    No matter how you look at it, these past several weeks have been immensely transitional. Unrest, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety have been common themes with many people. On top of this, winter is finally upon us (at least in Johnson, Vermont.) All of these things bring forth, what is called Vata dosha in Ayurveda.

    Winter is Vata season. That means that Vata is heightened in our environment, and in turn, within us as well. Vata is one of the three “doshas,” or biological energies that is within all things in the universe. According to Ayurveda, it gives movement to everything. Its qualities  are cold, dry, subtle, light, irregular, rough, mobile, quick, and changeable. During this time of year, these qualities can arise within us, and sometimes create imbalance. With the current state of the world, these qualities can be even more present.

    Increased or excess Vata in the body can lead to the following:
    •    Nervousness, fear, panic, or anxiety
    •    Dryness in the body (i.e. skin, hair, nails)
    •    Irregular digestion, constipation, dry/hard stools, gas/bloating
    •    Low body weight, inability to gain weight
    •    Feeling overstimulated
    •    Light, interrupted sleep; insomnia
    •    Feeling scattered or ungrounded
    •    Worry

    Luckily, Ayurveda gives us the knowledge to balance these symptoms! With a little self-care, we can start to become more grounded and find inner strength. Ayurvedic medicine addresses imbalances by looking at qualities, and treating them with their opposites. We now know the qualities of Vata dosha, so we can start to think of the opposites that will counteract them. (Think warm, wet, oily, heavy, slow, steady, and stable.)  

    During times of increased Vata, it is very important to slow down. Let this be a time of doing less, however that looks for you. Instead of going to every holiday outing, spend more time at home with loved ones. Cook slow meals. Read books. Meditate or practice some gentle yoga.

    Vata dosha can become very overstimulated. It is helpful to calm our senses during these times. Try to limit “screen-time” before bed, this will help you ground and have a more restful sleep. Try taking a break from social media, not only will you spend less time looking at your phone, you won't be bombarded with a huge amount of information coming at you all at once.

    Enjoy warm, cooked foods such as root vegetables and squashes. If you eat meat, Vata season is a great time to have some organic, locally-sourced, grass-fed or free-range protein. Winter is also a great time to eat soups and stews. Use more oils in your cooking, especially warming oils such as ghee* or sesame. Drink warm water with lemon in the morning to kick-start your digestion as well as throughout the day. Warming herbal teas, such as ginger, are balancing as well. Limit raw, cold, and frozen foods.
* A ghee recipe is included in this newsletter!

    Daily self-massage, or Abhyanga, is a wonderful tool for self-care. Spend a few extra minutes before a shower or bath, and apply some warming oil to your body. This seems very simple, but can be life changing! Warming oils, such as sesame, are very grounding to Vata. Coconut oil may be too cooling this time of year. You can also buy oils that are made with herbs specifically made to balance Vata (My favorite places to find these oils are and Putting warm oil on the top of the head and on the feet helps induce a restful sleep.

    The holidays are a time of giving. That being said, it is so important to remember to also give to yourself. Water cannot be drawn from an empty well. Set some intention this season to give yourself some love, so that you can share that love with the world. And remember, if you are feeling lost or uncertain, keep breathing. You are strong and radiant. <3


- 1-2 lbs. unsalted Butter (preferably organic, grass fed)
- Cheesecloth
- Saucepan
- Colander
- Metal bowl
- Quart size Mason Jar
Place butter in saucepan over medium heat. While the butter is cooking, you may choose to speak any mantras, prayers, positive words. The butter will start to form a layer of big bubbles at the top. You will also hear a crackling noise. Once the noise becomes softer, and the bubbles become very small, keep a close eye on the butter. You may gently tip the saucepan to take a look at the bottom of the pan. If there is browning on the bottom, and on the top of the bubbles, remove from heat. Place cheesecloth in the colander, and put over metal bowl. Slowly pour the ghee through the colander into the metal bowl. (*CAUTION, contents will be very hot.) If you so desire, you can do this step again into another metal bowl. Once the ghee is strained, gently pour into mason jar and let cool.
*No refrigeration necessary.
*To prevent any bacterial growth, always use a clean utensil when scooping ghee.

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