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The Nevada Baptist | January 2015

We are back! I want to apologize for the delay in producing the “The Nevada Baptist.” As many of you know, we unveiled a new website at our convention in October. Since that time we have been working on releasing an updated “The Nevada Baptist” to match our new logo and website.  Thank you for your patience, and we ask this to continue as we seek the best methods for communicating with those of you serving in Nevada. 
Allow me to take this opportunity to update you on some of our Convention activities. I would like to thank everyone that attended, participated and worked at our Annual Meeting.  Several of you commented on the wonderful spirit and direction of the Annual Meeting. We begin the New Year with an amazing step of giving 50% of all budget receipts to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in the mission of reaching people across the earth with the gospel. I was moved by the actions of our Convention to have a global vision of reaching people for Christ. That is the ultimate call we all have from the Lord and it’s exciting that God is using Nevada to carry this out. I love watching God work, for without Him we can do nothing.  As a side note, but just as exciting, the final budget numbers are in and we surpassed budget for the second year in a row. This is not about money, but about being used by God to use His resources in spreading the gospel. I’m so thankful for you and your hard work to reach the people of Nevada for Christ as you choose to work together as a Convention in this effort. God has called each of you to Nevada to be the light in a dark world and together let’s let His light shine bright!

Let me, also, update you on our Ethnic Ad-Hoc committee. The men serving on this committee are such a blessing and we cherish your prayers that God will reveal His plan for reaching the countless ethnic people groups living in our state. Those serving are: Julius Aquino, Fernando Argumedo, Benny Jo, Lenny Kryk, Jay Hyoung Lee and Rafael Mundo.  God is moving in some other exciting ways across our state both in individual lives and individual churches across Nevada. I love hearing those reports and anticipate hearing other ways God is working. Recently, at our weekly devotional and prayer time for Nevada churches, we read updates from a long list of churches in our state. One after another shared of people coming to Christ and following in baptism and that is a wonderful praise to our God!
One last prayer request I have for you and this New Year is for our pastor roundtables and prayer summit meetings that will be taking place this year. My heart yearns for God to bring true revival to Nevada and to move upon His people. I believe as we come together across Nevada and seek God and repent of those things that hinder His Holy Spirit, He will hear our prayers and heal our land. That’s “a new year beginning” I long to see!

     In Him,
     Executive Director
The last months of 2014 brought several exciting firsts for NBC.  In addition to the launch of our new website in October, we took a group of church planters and potential church planters to the Exponential West Conference.  The group was certainly challenged by the information presented, but the most valuable part was to see our planters from all over Nevada connecting with one another.

In conjunction with our Annual Meeting, we held an event called NBC Serves.  Pastors and church leaders gathered together to help Desert Springs Baptist Church distribute invitations to their outreach event called The Safe Street Carnival.  This was largely successful and, again, was a great time for our leaders and pastors to connect with one another from across our convention. 

As we look forward to 2015, we are excited to build upon all that God has done in the previous years.  We have set a goal to triple the number of church plants that we launched in 2014.  This is a huge goal, but I certainly think that we now have the systems and structures, along with the people to make this goal a reality.  One of those people is Kevin Yarber.  Kevin has served at Life Baptist as a church planting apprentice for the past year and he looks to launch a campus of that church in April of this year.  This church will be located in Northwestern Las Vegas, which is an area where we desperately need more churches.  Please join us in praying for Kevin as we are excited to partner with him to plant this church and we are expectant of God’s plans to use that church to reach that neighborhood, Las Vegas, Nevada, and the world for His Kingdom!

     State Director of Missions

NBC at 2014 Exponential West

Pictured:  Leo & Alvina Castro (Iglesia Eternidad, Reno), Brad & Chelsea Borowski (D3, Winnemucca), Eric & Vickie McDaniel (Refuge Church, Las Vegas), John Schmidt (The Bridge Baptist Church, Spring Creek), Tom & Nichole Thomas (Granite Hills Baptist Church, McDermitt), Matt Zamudio (South Reno Baptist Church, Reno), Heiden Ratner (WAVE Church, Las Vegas), Paul Harwood (Regional Mission Strategist NE Nevada), Ryan Jones (SDOM, NBC)

The Yarber Family

Kevin Yarber plans to launch a campus for Life Baptist Church in Northwestern Las Vegas in May 2015. Please let Kevin know that you are praying for him and this new church! Please e-mail him here.