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Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP joined UK 2020 Chairman Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP this morning in a speech explaining that a vote to Remain in the EU was "a leap in the dark".

Drawing on the Five Presidents Report, the EU blueprint for further political and economic integration of the Eurozone over the next nine years, Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP said, "You may not like the EU you have got now. You will like the new one even less."

The full text of the speech is here, along with a video.

Chris Bullivant
Executive Director
"The Future of Europe " 25 April 2016
Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

Former Leader of the Conservative Party and Secretary of State for Welfare and Pensions, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, spoke at today's "Future of Europe" event. 

He drew on the Prime Minister's speech at Bloomberg in 2012 describing the many problems of the European Union that required far reaching reform and Treaty Change to be acceptable to the United Kingdom. Iain Duncan Smith said none of these reforms had been won.

"On that basis the Government should be campaigning to Leave," he said.
Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP

Full text of Speech available on our website here

In his speech this morning at Carlton House Terrace, introduced by Iain Duncan Smith MP, Owen Paterson MP, former Defra Secretary, made the following key points:
  • Referendum vote is not on status quo. It is between independence and being dragged along by the fast emerging United States of Europe
  • Cameron’s “special status” is a sham
  • Britain on the hook for future bailouts
  • Up to 3.6 migrants to Germany to be free to come to Britain by the 2020s
  • Europe will show no mercy if we cave in and vote to Remain
Mr Paterson said: "To Remain is a leap in the dark – because it is a commitment to an undefined relationship with a completely new country; or Leave – the safe option – where we can to re-establish, in an orderly manner, a new relationship with our European neighbours based on trade and cooperation.

"The aim behind the European Union is, and always has been, to achieve by a series of stealthy, incremental steps, the creation of a United States of Europe, with a single, supreme government in Brussels, to match the power of Washington and the United States. 

"We have reached a point in this process of integration where, the Eurozone is about to become a new country. You may not like the EU you have got now; you will like the one that supersedes it even less.
"In short, the Five Presidents' Report sets out an action plan for pooling sovereignty in the 19 Eurozone countries based on economic, financial, banking, fiscal, and capital markets union – with all of these union staking place at once. This plan is underway now to finally move to “political union” at the latest by 2025.

"In short it requires Eurozone “Member States to accept increasingly joint decision-making on elements of their national budgets and economic policies.” As such the EU will strengthen existing institutions and create a “Single Bank, with a single bank supervision and a single deposit insurance.”

"They will create a new European Fiscal Board and various mechanisms that will become increasingly involved in national budgets and policies adopted by member states. The report shows they intend to become involved in setting real estate prices, wages, retirement age, and the coordination of social service schemes.

"These have been previously the preserve of nation states. Now it is the other way round and the report describes how these mechanisms will “hold Member States accountable for the delivery of their commitments”. It goes on to say that “Periodic reporting on implementation, regular peer reviews or a ‘comply-or-explain’ approach should be used more systematically.”

"This is a rapidly changing, accelerating picture of ever closer union for the 19 countries in the Eurozone.

"In other words, the Prime Minister’s ‘special status’ for countries outside of the Eurozone, will leave Britain as a colony of Europe if we vote to remain, with the Prime Minister reduced to a Roman governor handing down dictats from what Jose Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission, described as the "empire”. Under this scenario the notional head of the UK government would be occasionally obliged to placate the natives with the pretence of independence, while in reality powerless over decisions made hundreds of miles away.

"Senior figures in the European Union have also said the Prime Minister’s ‘special status’ does not keep us safe from transferring more decision making powers to Europe. Graf Lambsdorff, Vice-President of the European Parliament, stated that the agreement the Prime Minister’s so called “legally binding” agreement protecting us from “ever closer union”, “is in no way a document of the European Union, but a text of hybrid character, which is unspecified and not legally binding”. He went on to say that, “At the moment, the whole thing is nothing more than a deal that has been hammered out down the local bazaar”.

"In the candour of the Five Presidents' Report, it is clear that we have come to a fork in the road. Rather than the United Kingdom leaving Europe, they are leaving us.

"The Prime Minister’s second-tier ‘associate membership’ or ‘special status’ is an ill-defined sham. It is classic triangulation politics – presenting this as the safe option – like Goldilock's porridge, neither too hot, nor too cold, but just right.

"If we remain we are still subsumed into what Barroso has described as the “Empire”. We would not avoid the consequences of this grandiose experiment; Europe’s fate would be our fate. If the dream should become a nightmare, whether through currency collapse or mass migration, it would be a disaster for Europe. And no ‘special status’ could ring fence Britain from it. 

"If we Remain, for example, we risk getting the bill for future bailouts. Just remember last year when George Osborne said that the Eurozone must “foot the bill”. Despite the UK not being a part of the Eurozone, and despite the Chancellor saying it was a “red line”, we still contributed £850 million toward a £4.9 billion loan for the emergency financing of Greece, because of our longstanding commitments as members of the European Union.

"Most pressingly, if we Remain we will be further dragged into a migration crisis partly of Europe’s making. This is a genuine and legitimate concern, for Germany’s migration policy is now so out of control that in February of this year, Federal Ministries were estimating that Angela Merkel’s asylum amnesty would have attracted 3.6 million people by 2020. Many of these will, after five years, be able to acquire EU passports and move across Europe and into the UK.

"It is my view that the UK can flourish once again as an independent state trading both with our friends in the EU and the rest of Europe, while developing other relationships around the world including the United States and China, India, Australia and Canada and the other fifty nations of the Commonwealth. We have traded with all of them long before we belonged to the EU.

"And it is worth noting that, if we Remain, the attitude of the European Establishment will be ruthless. Their attitude will be, “You are our second largest contributor, you have just given us a terrible fright, you’ve had your opportunity, you blew it. Now shut up, leave us to get on with our project and keep sending the cheques”. 
[Photo: Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, Chairman of UK 2020]
"Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union"
22 June 2015

To read the Five Presidents Report outlining the direction of the Eurozone visit the European Commission website here.

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