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 Candle lighting 5:39pm  Havdallah 6:37pm

In this week's Torah portion, Re'eh Moses warns the Israelites against giving in to the temptation to worship "other gods whom you have not experienced" (elohim acherim asher lo-y'datam.)

Like most of Torah, this text presumes that other gods exist; they're just not appropriate loci for worship. "Pray to the God you know," Moses seems to be saying. "Pray to the God Who brought you out of Egypt -- the one your ancestors knew, the one you know so intimately and so well."

But how many of us have really experienced God? How many of us have that kind of personal knowledge? And what can we do to make that knowledge a relevant part of our spiritual lives again?

It's arguable that within mainstream Judaism, direct experience of God isn't the point -- and it certainly isn't a prerequisite for Jewish practice. We do what we do because it is the Jewish path. Whether or not we feel confident that actual access to God is the endpoint, we follow the mitzvot anyway. Belief arises through action. If we waited until we felt called to act Jewishly, we might never get there -- but if we act Jewishly without feeling the"call," we can bring the call into being for ourselves.

One solution is to let go of expectations and connect with God in whatever way opens itself to us. Maybe that means prayer, offering the words of one's heart to whatever one understands God to mean. Maybe that means encountering the splendor of the natural world, waterfalls and mountains and rolling hills. Maybe that means finding holiness in relationships with a beloved friend and extrapolating from that sanctified relationship a sense that all relationships can be sanctified.

This weekend there are a host of opportunities to explore this possibility, beginning with Bubs & Bagels at 10am led by Natalie Stone. A unique program of playtime and music, designed specifically for grandparents, parents and guardians with children aged 0 - 2 years. 
Moving into Kabbalat Shabbat at 6.15pm we say Mazal Tov to Gabrielle and Anthony on the baby naming of their daughter Darcy Alexandra Crowley. Darcy was named and blessed and welcomed into the covenant of Israel on 30 August 2019 - 29 Av 1 5579 and given the Hebrew name Miriam bat Rivkah.

Shacharit Shabbat service begins at 10am and this week we celebrate with the Levin Family from Adelaide and wish Joshua Levin's mazal tov on his bar mitzvah. We are delighted that they have chosen to share their simcha with us. 
Sponsor A Machzor!
Times for collecting your machzorim next week are:
Monday 10:30-2:30pm
Tuesday 10:30-6pm
Wednesday 10:30-2:30 
Thursday 10:30-6pm
Friday 10:30-2:30pm
Please note that every order must be signed out at the time of pick up 
Our ‘Take Them a Meal’ program delivers food to those who have been unwell, in hospital or recently bereaved.
If you can make an extra serving or two when making your own food, freeze it, and bring into the office, we can distribute it. (Please list the ingredients).
Pia enjoyed some hearty meals last month, and has generously returned with some meals of her own. Thank you Pia!
For more information contact Rhonda Nirens on 9510 1488 or
While I was recently fortunate enough to spend time at summer camp in the States, I was on a mission - to find a suitable candidate to replace the vacancy left when Ari Sharfstein returned to the States

Mission accomplished!  Early this morning Ido Sagir touched down in Melbourne. We are delighted to welcome Ido to TBI as our new Song Leader. Please see the attached document for a short
On arrival, Ido is staying with our family while he settles in and looks for independent accommodation.

As always, we seek to provide a soft landing for our Fellows and once again we request that you or someone you know, consider "adopting a 30 year old son". 

This would mean that Ido has a support family to turn to, a regular place to go on a Friday night and an undertaking on your part to introduce him to members of our community. 

Please all join us as we extend a warm and friendly TBI welcome to Ido.
6:30pm Sunday 8 September for a 7pm screening time.
TBI Film Club - Last Cab To Darwin
Join us for a screening of the 2015 Australian road-trip drama. 
Fresh popcorn will be served!
A summer with Netzer is an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy a fun summer camp, while experiencing top-level Jewish Progressive informal education.
Early bird fees now apply for Senior camp. Click here for the sign up sheet.
Happy Birthday to:

Fredzia Schweitzer, Gert Silver, David Bentata, Kate Lustig & Peter Kolliner
Happy Anniversary to:

David and Pauline Kingston 
Fred Morgan and Sue Morgan 
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Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Gersh Lazarow
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