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 Candle lighting 5:33pm  Havdallah 6:31pm
If you do obey these laws.”  — Deuteronomy 7:12
This line opens our Torah portion this week, however the translation is not quite sufficient. More accurately, the sidra begins, “If you eikev obey these rules.” 

The word Eikev seems to be extraneous to our sentence, something that the Torah typically tries to avoid. Making this even more difficult is the fact that eikev is a somewhat unusual word, which seems to have the same root as the word “heel.” 

Rashi, the famous medieval biblical commentator, understands eikev as bringing emphasis to the fact that not only must one listen to the commandments, but also — and perhaps especially — the commandments that one would metaphorically walk over.

In this way, eikev is a reminder that we must remain vigilant about those actions that are often the furthest from our minds. The behaviours we take for granted. These are not actions that we think are unimportant. 

These are the things we do every day without thought. It is how we treat others and how we allow others to be treated. How we regard the world around us. We must remain vigilant not because these actions are the most heinous, but because they are the easiest to forget.

An important reminder for all of us, as we move one week closer to High Holy Days and our annual season of reflection and repentance.

While I appreciate that Rosh Hashanah may still be 6 weeks away, our amazing community choir has been rehearsing for over a month. We can’t thank them enough for their amazing dedication to our congregation.

If you have a moment, click on the video below to see a snapshot of their rehearsal from last night - I'm sure you will all agree they are sounding great!

Shabbat begins this Friday with Bubs & Bagels at 10am led by Natalie Stone. A unique program of playtime and music, designed specifically for grandparents, parents and guardians with children aged 0 - 2 years. 
We are looking forward to services at Emmy Monash which will begin with a meet and greet at 3.45pm. Services then begin at 4.15pm with Michel Laloum and Sharon Mattatia. This multi-generational service is a truly meaningful experience for all.

Back at TBI, join us for Pre-Shabbat Drinks at 5:30pm in the courtyard, followed by a welcoming ceremony for Peter Varga and Kabbalat Shabbat at 6.15pm in the Main Sanctuary.
This Saturday morning at 9.30am, Natalie Stone hosts Tot Shabbat. This is a playful one-hour Shabbat morning program for toddlers and their families, with challah plaiting, songs, stories and crafts.

Our Shacharit Shabbat service begins at 10am and this week includes Tali Rudski's bat mitzvah. We wish the Rudski family a huge mazal tov on their simcha!
We are also delighted to celebrate with Eliot LeBransky and Deborah Carroll as they are called to Torah in honour of their upcoming wedding.

Later in the afternoon, the community is invited to return for Mincha and Havdallah as we join with Korey Czerniecki to celebrate his bar mitzvah. Minchah will begin on Saturday at 5.30pm.

We wish the Czerniecki family a hearty mazal tov on their simcha!
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Happy Birthday to:

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Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Gersh Lazarow
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