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Dear Friends

Shoftim is a Torah portion that means Judges, and from this, we can take for granted that the parashah reflects its name.  Bereishit, for example, means Creation and of course speaks about the creation of the world.  Atem Nitzavim, which means all of you who are gathered, speaks about all of us gathering to be part of the community to hear God’s word. 
Shoftim, judges, is a parashah about justice and to me, it is the ultimate parashah that calls us to ensure that there is justice in our lives, in our communities and by extension, the world.

To ensure Justice within our community exits, I believe takes courage.  EE Cummings said “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Cummings tells us that understanding who we are in the world does take courage because that means that we understand our values and beliefs and are willing to stand up for them.  Our parashah teaches us in Deuteronomy 20:8’.  The job of the Israelites is not for the fainthearted.  It is a challenge that calls for wholeheartedness – passion, commitment, and fortitude – the courage never to let go of one’s dreams until they’re attained, the new community built and the new way of life established. It takes courage to think to be and to understand our role and commitment. 

JK Rowling’s said “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends”  Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, says something that I think we can all agree upon.  A first step in the face of injustice is to speak up and out, but when we are with our friends and we see them saying or doing things that challenge our sense of justice or ethics, it is much harder to speak our mind, because in the balance, is justice vs. our friendship.  We ask ourselves if we are willing to potentially lose our friendships for the sake of justice.  In some very real examples, the answer is yes, but in some cases, we may actually prefer to remain quiet. 

As we are heading into the High Holy Days, into the Yamim Noraim, I challenge all of us to think of what is our line in the sand.  How courageous are we to stand up for justice not just with big causes, and to faceless people, but when we see it happening at our yom tov or Shabbat tables.

Bubs & Bagels at 10am is led by Natalie Stone. A unique program of playtime and music, designed specifically for grandparents, parents and guardians with children aged 0 - 2 years. 
Shabbat begins with Kabbalat Shabbat at 6.15pm accompanied by Eli Firestone and the Ruach Community Choir. This is followed at 7.30pm with our TBI Community Dinner which provides a delicious meal and welcoming atmosphere to our members and friends. Please bring along a milchig/parev dish to share.
On Saturday Shabbat Shacharit, led by Rabbi Ettlinger and Cantor Laloum is at 10am. After kiddush, head straight to the Friedlander, where in preparation for the upcoming High Holy Days, you will have the opportunity of gaining  valuable  insight into our new Mishkan T'Shuvah.  Join Cantor Laloum for Lunch 'n' Learn at 12.30pm.
6:30pm Sunday 8 September for a 7pm screening time.
TBI Film Club - Last Cab To Darwin
Join us for a screening of the 2015 Australian road-trip drama. 
Fresh popcorn will be served!
DATE: Monday 16 September, 7pm
VENUE: Multipurpose hall, Magid Campus, 517 Orrong Rd, Armadale
Former leading Senior Constable Vanessa Bate from Victoria Police will guide parents through issues arising with teen parties including alcohol, drugs and the responsibilities of parents and how to discuss these issues with your teenagers. Click HERE to register your attendance.  

This year for Pre-Rosh Hashanah, the Next Dor Group event is taking place on the Mornington Peninsula for a day of fresh fruit, honey and great company. The bus will be leaving TBI at 9:30am on Sunday 22nd September.  RSVP

With only 16 days to S'lichot on 21 September and just over 3 weeks to Rosh Hashanah, I encourage you to give thought to the High Holy Days.

Please visit our
website where you will find helpful resources and detailed information on our exciting programming.
We very much look forward to gathering as a community and creating meaningful prayer experiences for all.

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In friendship,

Rabbi Kim Ettlinger
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