March 2017
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Friends & Neighbors,
           Parks are one of the most treasured features in our communities. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about our southeast Denver parks and park amenities like the condition of the Eisenhower tennis courts, the closed bridges at Bible Park, the new path and trees along Goldsmith Gulch, and more.
I advocate for our parks nearly every day and have personally walked with Denver Parks & Recreation staff to see these issues firsthand. They are as unhappy about them as we are! The sad reality, however, is that the department does not have the funding to address these issues in a timely manner. 
The City will be putting a bond on the November 2017 ballot. This bond will not increase our taxes, but will extend the taxes we already pay from the 2007 bond. I have submitted my District 4 wish list for the bond that includes our park maintenance projects. Thank you to those of you who submitted your requests to me. Someday, I hope we can have a community-wide conversation about a new dedicated source of funding for our parks so that they are always well-maintained.

In the meantime, if you love your parks, I encourage you to participate in the Game Plan, which is Denver Parks and Recreation’s visioning plan and part of the larger Denveright initiative. Please join us for one of these public meetings to help shape the future of Denver’s park and recreation system.   
  • March 21 | 6 pm | South High School
  • March 22 | 6 pm | North High School
  • March 23 | 4 pm | Montbello Recreation Center
Thank you for your passion for our southeast Denver parks!

Kendra Black
                                Join us this week!
Sundays at 9 am
Meet at Eisenhower Rec Center

(4300 E. Dartmouth) 

          Join The High Line Canal Trail Blazers, to get fit or prepare for one of the 2017 Colfax Races (5K, 10 miler, Relay, ½ Marathon, Marathon). Registration for the club is ongoing and only $5. Sign up here.

Next SENIOR SERIES: Transportation Options & Driving 
Fri. April 28, 10 am - noon
Eisenhower Rec Center

Questions on light rail, Uber/Lyft rideshare, vehicle safety? We’re returning to this important topic as many seniors want to explore alternative transportation options and safe driving techniques.
           Game-Set-Match, our local store for all-things tennis, was recently chosen as the recipient for Tennis Industry Magazine's "2016 Pro Specialty Retailer of the Year" award! 

What began as a small neighborhood tennis shop, now represents a larger footprint in the community as friend, resource and destination. Serving the metro area for over 25 years, the company relocated to it's current location in the U-Hills Plaza from Alameda and Colorado Blvd. With services and events like same day stringing, USTA Team Nights and Demonstration Days, Game-Set-Match, Inc. endeavors to continually add value to the lives of its customers. For further information, please visit or contact Robin Singer-Starbuck at or 303-884-8735.
             Do you have a favorite SE Denver restaurant or store? Please email Tate ( your go-to spots. We’re creating a list that can eventually be a part of a SE Denver map highlighting our favorite features to promote SE businesses. Ask your friends!

              Congratulations to the TJ Parent Organization for being awarded a 2016 P.S. You Are Here grant for a bus shelter at Hampden @ Ivanhoe and a new bench @ Holly! TJ students in the Fine Arts Department will use the funds from the grant to create art to hang on the shelter along with playbills of theatrical and musical events put on by the students. This will benefit our community by creating safe, protected and comfortable places for residents and students to wait for public transportation that is offset from the busy Hampden, and beautify the area creating a sense of school, community and civic pride. Construction will begin this spring.
                                                                  (A 2014 PSYAH grant winner)
               A resident of the Wellshire neighborhood was recently hit by a car at Dartmouth and Colorado while walking his dog. Fortunately, he escaped without serious injury, but his close-call brings to our attention the countless dangerous intersections in our district. Last year, the City announced a commitment to Vision Zero- a collective, international effort to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and serious injuries on the roads. Part of that action plan includes education to prevent future incidents. Remember, cars need to stop and look for pedestrians before proceeding through a crosswalk. Stopping in the crosswalk can land you a ticket of $80! 
               SE Denver has recently experienced 3 residential fires (Morningside, Southmoor Condos and Southern Hills). Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but we’ve learned that some residents were not adequately insured. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, it is important to have insurance to protect your belongings and home, and to also provide you with shelter should your home be uninhabitable after a fire. Basic homeowner’s and renter’s policies cover damage caused by fire, vandalism, and lightning. Having a policy won’t prevent damage to your home but it may provide a financial safety net should something unexpected happen. Visit for more information.
The 5 most common causes of house fires are cooking, heating, electrical systems, careless smoking and candles. 
           Thank you to the many hundreds who shared their ideas to be considered in the 2017 General Obligation Bond. Our office submitted requests based on what we learned from you during our Visioning process. Many of the requests are related to improved safety, walkability and parks. The list of proposed bond projects includes ideas from the public, City Council, city agencies and the existing Six-Year CIP Plan (Elevate 2020). You can continue to stay engaged at
            The Montclair Basin has been identified as a priority basin for storm drainage improvements and for water quality improvement. The City has teamed up with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to conduct an Outfall System Plan (OSP). Learn more about the plans to reduce flooding and improve the current system at the public meeting:
Thurs., March 2, 5:30- 7 pm, The Art Gym (1460 Leyden St.)

More information:
           With community input, the City is updating and modernizing the 2002 Blueprint Denver- our land use and transportation guidebook for Denver. Stay updated on changes and next steps:
              Now through June 2017, Public Works is taking inventory of all street lights within the public right-of-way and along parks and trails in Denver. Contracted crews will be walking through Denver’s neighborhoods to gather information and take pictures of each street light.
               The State-run DMV located at 1865 W. Mississippi Ave. will relocate to 3265 S. Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood on March 27, 2017. This DMV is a full-service office that offers: driver licenses, permits and i.d. cards, driving records, written tests, and motorcycle endorsements, driving skills tests, etc.
Note: The relocation of the Athmar DMV does NOT impact the new SE DMV (Monaco and Evans). Services offered at the SE DMV include vehicle titles, registration renewals and VIN inspection. Driver's licenses and renewals are not available at this location (you must go to State run DMV). Residents can still renew their vehicle registration online at, as it is still the quickest way to handle that simple transaction.
             Six years ago, a private business approached Parks and Rec with the idea to supply bags to doggie dispensers in exchange for advertising rights and administrative fees. Ultimately, their proposal was denied because advertisements are not allowed in parks. Inspired by their creative solution, Denver’s Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC), a non-profit organization, realized they could help keep the parks clean through civic engagement. Volunteers would collect their own bags and refill existing containers in their neighborhood parks. Hutchinson Hills/Willow Point resident, Marlene Johnson and her neighbors help supply Rosamond Park’s three doggie bag dispensers with orange newspaper bags that the neighbors save for them.  The project adds convenience to dog owners, reuses plastic bags, and helps keep the neighborhood parks clean while saving the City money. Thank you, Marlene, Lydia and Jesse Morales, and Karen Kelly!
Remember, it is the law that pet owners are responsible for picking up animal waste. Failure to clean-up can result in a $250 fine!

Learn more about the District 4 Good Neighbor program by contacting and visit
           Transit Alliance is now accepting applications for their 6-week program through March 17. Learn about and advocate for the latest mobility issues, like innovations in shared-use mobility (car2go & Lyft), pedestrian and cycling connections, and investments in infrastructure. The nationally-unique program will equip leaders with the tools to advance mobility in the community. Visit to apply. Since 2007, over 800 Denver Metro Region residents have graduated from the Academy.
WHEN: Wednesdays, April 5 to May 17, 6-9 pm
WHERE: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
(1445 Market St.)
COST: $500 (includes dinner)
Did you know Denver Animal Shelter has one of the highest placement rates of homeless pets in the U.S? Last year, more than 6,000 pets were adopted, reunited with owners, or transferred to placement partners. You can view adorable adoptable animals online at
Next SENIOR SERIES: Transportation Options & Driving
April 28, 10 am - noon
Eisenhower Rec Center
(4300 E. Dartmouth)

           Questions on light rail, Uber/Lyft rideshare, vehicle safety? Back by popular demand, the most attended 2016 Senior Series workshop focused on transportation. We’re returning to this important topic to explore alternative transportation options and safe driving techniques. 

  • 6/14 Arts in the Afternoon (1-3 pm - Tickets $18, Lone Tree Arts Center, bus provided)
  • 8/25 Financial Planning for Retirees
  • 10/27 Healthy Aging & Medicare Workshop
  • 12/8 Holiday Breakfast and Frauds & Scams
Contact our office (720-337-4444) for details or to purchase tickets. 
Follow TJ’s lead and apply for an art grant! We need your help to get more public art in southeast Denver. To apply, visit

(A 2014 PSYAH recipient, 'Globeville Elyria Swansea Bus Bench Beautification Project')
  • DENVER’S URBAN ARTS FUND: UAF is a graffiti prevention and youth development program, which facilitates the creation of new murals in highly targeted and vandalized areas. Call for proposals: Now – March 20, 2017. Deadline: March 20, 2017.
  • IMAGINE 2020 FUND: Local artists and neighborhood associations are invited to apply for the I2020 fund that provides up to $5,000 for projects that support a wide variety of arts and culture in the community. Call for proposals: May 3 – June 16, 2017. Deadline: June 16, 2017.
  • P.S. YOU ARE HERE: PSYAH provides funds for outdoor public space projects that promote community and cultural diversity. Neighborhood organizations and businesses are welcome to apply. 2016 recipients include: TJ Community Bus Shelter and Bus Bench Project! Call for proposals: August 7 – September 15, 2017. Deadline: Sept. 15, 2017.
NEW SPRING PROGRAMS FOR KIDS- Eisenhower Recreation Center
  • Parents Night Out, Kids Night In (ages 5-12)
    March 11, April 8, and May 13, 5-8 PM

    Cost: $5
  • Parents enjoy an evening off while the kids attend a fun-filled and supervised evening at your neighborhood rec center complete with pizza, crafts, and games! Register online at  Please email with questions.
  • Spring Break Camp (ages 5-12)
    Monday, March 27- Friday, March 31 and Monday, April 3, 9 am- 4 pm
    Cost: $100

    Keep the kids busy with a week-long camp of crafts and games with rec center instructors! Snacks are provided. Register at the recreation center or call Juanita at 720-865-0840.  For questions, email
District 4 residents are working to build an indoor soccer complex in southeast Denver. Are you interested in being a part of the planning process? Email Nathan Stern ( for more details!
          Save the date for the annual FREE citywide cleanup day! Acceptable items include household trash, large bulky items, branches/yard waste (to be composted), scrap metal (for recycling) and donate-able household items. Organize a project for you and your neighbors to complete in your community! For more information, drop sites and list of acceptable items, call 3-1-1 or visit
          Denver’s residential compost collection program will double the number of homes eligible for collection services. Materials that can be collected in the green compost carts include yard debris, food scraps, and non-recyclable paper such as food soiled paper, napkins, and paper towels. The carts are collected weekly and is a fee-based service charged at a rate of $29.25 per quarter. All newly eligible homes will be notified, but residents are encouraged to check their home’s eligibility online by visiting, or by calling 3-1-1.
          Recyclers are encouraged to place all rigid or hard plastic containers (like bottles, jugs, jars, tubs, cups and trays) marked with a number 1 through 7 in their purple carts. Containers must be empty, and lids must be removed. View the guidelines here.

Note: Plastic grocery bags are not acceptable for plastic recycling. However, most grocery stores take back their own bags for recycling. Check with your store.  
Approximately 35,000 people work in many different industries and professions at DIA. Interested in a job? Visit for openings.
           For a complete list of District 4 projects and updates, visit
  • Separated bike lanes are planned for Union St. from Monaco to Yosemite and on Ulster St. from Princeton to Belleview, providing critical connectivity to the Southmoor and Belleview light rail stations. (Union will also be repaved in 2017.)
  • Some of the Hampden Heights paths will be replaced in 2017 with concrete. The remainder should be completed in 2018. If you see a particularly hazardous section of a path, please alert our office with the exact location and we’ll report it for repair.
  • Tamarac between Hampden & Yale will be repaved in 2017 and bike lanes will be added. Plans are also being considered to improve the crossing at Hampden & Tamarac to better connect the Goldsmith Gulch trail.
  • An enhanced crosswalk to Bible Park  at Amherst & Quebec is expected to be constructed in 2017. The crosswalk will offer a pedestrian refuge halfway across Quebec. The staircase leading to the bridge will be taken out and an ADA accessible ramp will connect the crosswalk to the bridge.  
  • Two bridges to Bible Park (Bucknell and Newport & Cornell and Pontiac) have been temporarily closed by Public Works in order to make structural safety repairs. We are awaiting a construction schedule. 
  • The resurfacing of the Eisenhower tennis courts was scheduled for 2017. Unfortunately, they are in far worse condition than expected and are going to require a complete rebuild, which is significantly more costly than what was budgeted. The project has been added to the list of projects to be funded in the 2017 Bond. 
  • Monaco (between Hampden and Yale) and the U-Hills north neighborhood will be repaved this year.
  • Construction on a new irrigation system at the Wellshire Golf Course will begin this fall. 
  • The crusher fines path along the Goldsmith Gulch from Mansfield to Hampden has been replaced with an ADA compliant concrete path. Unfortunately, 5 trees were removed but the Parks Department will plant 20 new trees in Rosamond Park. 
  • Denver Water is making upgrades to the Hillcrest water storage facility at 4100 S. Happy Canyon Road. The first phase (the tanks) will run from 2016 through late 2019. The second phase (pumping station) will overlap the first and is anticipated to run from 2018 through early 2020. To find out more information, go to
  • Construction of a 350 unit apartment building has begun at Colorado Blvd. and Warren. The Crown Burger will remain in its current location! Plans are being made for a pedestrian crossing at Ash and Evans for access to the Colorado Station. County Fair will relocate to Leetsdale and Quebec. 
  • Denver Christian Van Dellen campus (Warren Ave & Ash) is being developed into 79 town homes
  • Construction on tunnel underpasses at Hampden and Colorado will start in 2018. Stay tuned for a website that will provide more details on the project. 
  • Kmart and Safeway at Happy Canyon: These properties are not for sale, and the owners do not have plans for them at this time. Redeveloping the properties are top priorities for the district 4 office. We are working with our real estate department and the property owners to explore land use solutions. 

FUN FACT:  684,000 visitors attended the 2017 National Western Stock Show.

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