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See the Light (Tangled Lantern Song) - 3-Year-Old Claire Ryann and Dad

Happy Wednesday <<First Name>>!

What's happening Hot Stuff?

Oh l'amour! Love, the powerful pervasive force that makes life worth living.

Several friends have had babies this summer. Beautiful and perfect bundles of joy. As my step-kids get older, I appreciate the different phases of their development and reflect on the power of love. I met my boys when they were 3 and 7 years old so I missed the baby stage (thankfully, I still got some good years of cuddling). Nevertheless, the love I have for my boys is unconditional.

The video above reminds me of this love, a powerful love that lives in all our hearts. Whether we are parents or not, unconditional love burns in us all.

It features 3 year old Claire Ryann singing "See the Light" from Disney's Tangled (great movie), a duet with her magical singing dad. This daughter daddy duo will melt your heart with their singing talent, fabulous filming and for sharing what every father must have felt when first seeing their baby. Most keep it inside because they have no words for it. I got to see this look of all-encompassing-love on my brother when my nephew was born. Will never forget that priceless moment we shared. It felt like a love bomb exploded in our hearts filing the entire world with joy! 

Unconditional Love = Wonder, Wellness & Wisdom

Now, for something completely different... An awesome song about heartbreak: "Oh L'Amour" by Erasure. Enjoy!

Feeling it? What taps your unconditional love heart strings?

Love to hear your thoughts. #WeeklyWhims @MacarenaLuzB

Ciao Glorious! 

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