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March 2016. Vol. 43, No 2.


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President’s Message
Message from the Newsbrief Editor
VAPS Convention
SSVAPSs and Meritorious Awards
Half-Yearly Meeting and Special General Meeting
Wodonga Albury Camera Club
Ballarat Camera Club
What Judges Look For
Victoria Nature Photography Group
Gippsland Lakes Arts Show
Australian Photographic Judges Association

President's Message
President's Report March
 Time marches on and we are getting closer to the half-year meeting date of 20 March.
I trust that as many clubs as possible will be entering the Interclub competition this year. The new Upload system is there ready to receive your club’s input.
Clubs need to log on at and firstly register their club and when ready, proceed to upload your digital images, titles and makers.
Prints and AV’s also must have the titles and makers entered to the system, and most importantly bring your prints and AV disks to the half-year meeting in March.
At the half-year meeting there is scheduled a Special General Meeting segment. This is required so that delegates can vote on proposed changes to the VAPS Constitution.
All club documents and constitutions should be reviewed about every two years to ensure that they are up-to date and that any operational changes are covered by your constitution.
Peter Calder has been patiently reviewing the VAPS documentation and has put together a number of changes that are required to clarify and correct procedures in the way we run our Association.
We thank Peter for the time and effort that he has put into this task, the results will be a more precise wording in our constitution, making sure we comply with all of the regulations.
Clubs have been sent a copy of the proposed changes. If your delegates are not attending the half-year meeting please complete the proxy form that has also been emailed out to clubs.
Meanwhile keep the shutters clicking and I look forward to catching up with you at the VAPS convention in Albury 4-5 June.
Ian Rolfe
Message from the Newsbrief Editor

There is a new notice from the Australian Photographic Judges in this edition. Make sure you do not miss it.

Take note of the updated program for the VAPS Convention.

Photography teaches you to be patient. I remember, when scuba diving, travelling a hundred kilometres or more to a known dive spot and because of poor conditions having a BBQ and driving home. 

We never complained. We had respect for water, weather and safely. We knew there would be another day. 

Have you travelled a hundred kilometres or more to a photographic spot and found the rain has set in or the light is wrong or there are power lines in the middle of your image target? You shoot a leaf or two and you are still happy and drive home planning your next visit. You had some fresh air, talked with good friends and had some exercise. You were patient though.

Life is still good and there is another day. Next time you will check that the tides are right as well.

On my first trip travelling the “Darling River Run” I was camped at Cobar camping ground (Western NSW). At 2.00 p.m. two large trucks pulled in and set up about 50 small tents and a food wagon. “Oh, no! A school group! Will I get sleep tonight?” But no! At 4.00 p.m. three very large, dirty buses arrived and about 100 elderly citizens (like me) emerged with their little cases on wheels. They dispersed to their tents and then emerged for ablutions and pre-dinner tea/coffee.

They were from Melbourne and on a “Mystery Tour” to the Birdsville Races. They had gone north through South Australia but had been turned back at Coopers Creek because of flooding. They were travelling 700 km a day back into NSW and then up to Bourke and to Birdsville. Wow! I wonder how patient they were. Well, when they got to Birdsville the races were cancelled because of rain. It was the year of twin water events in NSW and SA. Floods down the waterways from rain in Queensland. Rivers flooded because of a rain dump in western NSW as well. They returned to Melbourne.

Was their patience tested? We enjoyed our trip so well though. The country was green. The billabongs were full. The Darling River was high. Bird life abounded. It was wonderful.

What Mystery tours have you been on? Did you have to be patient?  Well, here are some spots for you club to go on a Mystery Tour. (Real and virtual)

Mystery Tour #1

Mystery Tour #2

Mystery Tour #3

Mystery Tour #4

I hope you don’t have to be patient if you visit them.

Barry Povey (Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club)
Danielle Le Gassick (Pakenham Camera Club)
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VAPS Convention

JUNE 3rd/4th AND 5th  2016



The Albury/Wodonga Camera Club is privileged to be hosting the 2016 VAPS Convention and Interclub Exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming club members to our lovely city with its many photographic opportunities.
The main venue for the weekend will be the Albury Commercial Club located in the main street [Dean Street] with all convention activities located on the first level, namely the images display, registration desk, Auditorium, Workshops and Audio Visual viewing.

The Commercial Club is a fantastic location with excellent facilities for VAPS members including the club café open on the ground floor for extra coffee, lunches and breakfasts.

There is also multi-level parking for some 800 vehicles. You will be assured of free parking at the venue.

Our Friday night social will be at Sodens Hotel, in Albury, with our private dining area offering a relaxing atmosphere and an excellent menu selection.

Saturday awards dinner and 
Sunday BBQ lunch will be held in the Stanley Rooms at the Albury Commercial Club.
The convention, Interclub exhibition, workshops and all catering will be centrally located in the club itself so, with ample free parking and just a short distance from many of the local motels, the weekend is set to enthuse and inform in the comfortable surrounds of the Commercial Club.

Albury offers a full variety of accommodation within close proximity of the venue or nearby, if preferred. An early morning shoot will be arranged for Monday. 

We have our new art gallery (MAMA) and the images of their 2016, $50.000, national photographic competition will be on display at the time of the convention.

This will be a great opportunity to view some of the country’s leading photographic artists and their work, you might even find some VAPS members work there.

So do come up to Albury in June 2016. The convention weekend will be a great event and complemented with an additional day or two in the region will make it an outstanding experience for all.
So come visit, with camera in hand, the nearby Ettamogah Pub, Kinross Woolshed Hotel, Bonegilla Immigration Centre, Lake Hume, Wonga Wetlands ... the list goes on ... and, if you really want it ... there is also plenty of retail therapy to be had.

Start planning now ... you won't be disappointed.

Subject to change as programme develops
Click below to be directed to the VAPS Convention Registration Forms
If you want to download a pdf file of the convention program then use this link.

Convention Albury 2016
Accommodation Note

We will advise, each month, of any accommodation bargains that we are able to obtain. In the meantime, for the early birds, may I suggest you check out the web booking site of "Hotels Combined".

Currently there are some very good prices on offer for motels within walking distance of the convention venue, namely the Commercial Club, 618 Dean Street.

The Boomerang Hotel/Motel, 4 km north of the venue, is offering convention visitors special rates. Guests, who book through the Boomerang and state they are with the camera club, will receive a 10% discount on their rooms. Their rates do vary but if guests book early they are going to get a better rate.

Boomerang Hotel

312 Wagga Road 

Lavington, NSW 2641
P: 0260 251711       
F: 0260 258886

Motel "Quality on Olive" 4.5 star motel

Standard Double room. $135 per night. Mention Camera Club Convention at the time of booking. Five-minute walk to Friday night function. Ten-minute walk to the main venue.

Address: 579 Olive St, Albury NSW 2641
Phone:(02) 6021 6100
Stay Another Day at the VAPS Convention

Morning City Walk Architectural Shoot 7.00am 

OR (see right)

Sunrise Shoot at Wonga Wetlands 6.45am for a 7.15am Sunrise
Guided Tour of the MAMA Art Gallery including the National

Photographic Competition winning and selected entries

546 Dean Street, Albury 

12 Noon

Visit and Photograph
The Original Ettamogah Pub .

Lunch available in Bluey’s Barn
561 Burma Road Table Top 

Visit and Photograph
Jindera Pioneer Museum, a collection of articles, furniture, household goods and machinery, gathered into a truly original and historic setting of old world architecture and charm.

ENTRY. $6.00 Includes country style afternoon tea. Urbana St, Jindera 

Your own transport is required for Table Top and Jindera.
Round trip approx 45 km. 




The new UPLOAD system for the 2016

Interclub is now available for clubs to use.


All Interclub entries, EDPI, Prints and AV’s must be

Registered in the upload system.


EDPI files need to be uploaded and Prints and AV disks delivered

to the VAPS Half-year meeting on 20th March.


Go to


to access the new system.


READ the rules and Account instructions FIRST, these are available from the website under the INTERCLUB tab.



Clubs should be assembling their Interclub entries now and making them ready for uploading to the system and delivering Prints and AV’s to VAPS by the cut-off date of 20th March.

All AV's must have the standard AV entry form completed and forwarded with your entry disks.
There is a one-page Record of Entry form that MUST be completed and included with your Print and AV entries.

Country clubs can still post Print and AV entries to VAPS, see the Record of Entry form for details.

Any issues please contact Peter Kewley at

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SSVAPs and Meritorious Awards

Here is a reminder that clubs should get their applications in for SSVAPS and Meritorious Awards along with their year-badges.
The application forms for all these are on the We.

Half-Yearly Meeting and Special General Meeting.
The Half Year meeting will be held on 20th March at St Peters Church Hall

Cnr Neerim Rd and Ames Avenue
At 1.30pm.

Clubs will have received the Agenda, and details of a Special General Meeting
to be held in conjunction with the above meeting. 
The Special General Meeting is required to vote on changes to the Constitution. 
A draft of the changes has been forwarded to clubs. 
If your Delegates cannot attend please complete the Proxy form that has been sent to clubs with the Agenda and details of the proposed changes

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From Clubs/Societies and Others
Early in January a group of 16 WACC photographers and a few partners enjoyed a relaxed weekend
in the Victorian High Country.

Apart from the pleasures of food, wine and good company the group managed to take a few photographs –sunset, night sky, sunrise, wildflowers, historic huts & landscapes at numerous venues
around Falls Creek:
Ruined Castle, Mt McKay, Pretty Valley, Wallace Hut (is this the most photographed hut in
Australia?), the less-celebrated Cope Hut and some even managed the “very uncomfortable” walking trail to Roper Lookout (1837m)
(Thank you WACC - Link Here)
Cope Hut (Garry Pearce)
Sunrise (Mark Slater)
Wildflowers (Wendy Slater)
Ballarat Camera Club



Based upon the visual presentation of the same name the following text sums up what judges look for in photography. It is not a list of rules for judges upon which to base decision making because this would cause a formulaic approach that would stilt image making. It is, however, a simple guide to help those at the outset of their photographic judging career. A guide to just a few things of which to be aware and to bring to the attention of photographers to help them expand and evolve their skills.
It is impossible to include all the following positive qualities in one particular image of the things that go to make a high quality photograph. If the image is to capture the attention of a judge, audience or benefactor then at least one of these elements will be present. A true high quality image will have stopping power, holding power and be appreciated from one generation to the next.
Positive qualities in images
In this short list some of the elements that contribute to quality images include:
  • Imagination and clarity of thought in carrying out personal perceptions. These are the ideas that drive image making
  • Sensitive observation of the surrounding environment
  • Creativity, that is, the inventiveness and originality used
  • Colour; its contrasts and harmonies dealing with the Visual or Optic      based primaries (Red, Yellow & Blue) and the Psychological Primaries (Red, Yellow, Green & Orange). This is about understanding the disciplines involving colour. Judges should research colour theory but here are some aspects to guide research: Colour harmonies include - cold/warm contrast, size contrast, visual primaries (red, yellow, blue), secondaries (orange, violet, green) and tertiaries (russet, olive, ochre) colour mixes (triadic) and quality or harmonious contrasts (working with one colour and its variations from near white to near black)
  • Impact; where our attention is gained and also held
  • Mood; an image that is relaxing or tempestuous gained by texture, shadow and atmospheric effects
  • Lighting, its direction, intensity and colour
  • Technical quality and the appropriate use of sharpness and exposure.
  • Print characteristics, presentation and correct lens & format usage. These characteristics include image texture, paper used, exposure, dodging, burning, borders/no borders, quality of mats etc.
  • Composition is the skeleton or frame of an image. Some images are totally abstract and formal composition transcends to the informal feel of its appearance.
  • Style, the manner by which images are repeatedly made and recognised by others
  • Psychological content, behavioural conduct and sensations in people as observed in subject matter and captured in imagery.
  • Emotive content, the sensuous or temperamental feelings in a picture
  • Disturbance, where viewers pre-conceived ideas are ruffled
  • Excitement, the stimulating and thrilling, when making the image and also seen by others in the image
  • .Humour, those elements in an image that cause audience amusement
  • .Pleasure, the enchantment, charm and delight caused by an image
  • .Satisfaction, the contentment and fulfilment seen in an image
  • .Educative content, the tuition or instruction provided by pictures.
  • .Documentary content, the authoritative presentation of history
  • Illustrative content, this is about the clarity of the subject example in a picture
  • Form, the contour and shape of a subject
  • Simplicity, the natural that is not complicated, elaborate or intricate
  • Action, the energetic, nimble or agile motion represented
  • Human interest, that deals with the frailties, passions, sympathies and qualities of mankind.
  • Communication, the story telling or information seen in an image.

Visual Irritants

Judges and audiences, often unknowingly in their case, also look for visual irritants in images. These are generally those aspects that present a challenge to the photographer and where further improvements in their skills will avoid visual irritants or distractions in photos because they destroy the point of interest by competing with it or reduce the effectiveness of other compositional elements. These distractions are usually seen at the edges of photos. Judges do not go deliberately looking for these and making them the key point of an evaluation - the key point is identifying what is right - those noted above. 
  • Visual irritants include bright or white highlights, because the outside area is usually black the extremes of brightness contrast are at the edge – exactly where our eyes physiologically focus.
  • Unrelated contrasting colours
  • Business (untidy), where the image includes parts that are irregular, crowded and distractive
  • Lines or areas parallel to the sides of the frame with light spaces between them and the frame edges, known as light traps. This is about having an area of white, pastel or light/bright colours around the edges of otherwise darker toned images. They become visual distractions and compete with the point of interest.
  • Secondary interests should be subdued compared to the dominant one. It is preferable that they supplement rather than oppose it
  • Incompatible layering in images.
  • Rubbish, distracting, visually irritating or discordant objects in images when not complementing the narrative.
  • Unattractive foreshortening and truncating body parts.
  • Inappropriate expression or colour or being unsharp within the subject
  • Aside from proximity used in humour in pictures avoid foreign objects apparently growing out of people especially their heads
  • Sensing the uncontrolled. Further areas to avoid include: Weakness, Imbalance and Indecision on the part of the photographer. Weakness is about an image which lacks vitality regarding composition, colour, emotional and psychological content. It is about images where a beginner is making images, commencing their journey, but is yet to come to grips with the extent of image making. These words would NOT be directed at an image in a competition but can be referred to in a presentation. Sensing the uncontrolled is a useful comment providing it is explained during the commentary. 
  • Competing themes. We should avoid these which includes more than one unrelated point of interest as well as equal areas of light and dark tones. This is not a good characteristic in images. It shows indecision on the part of the photographer especially in relation to emphasis in the image which relates to the point of interest. However, there are exceptions - such as patterns.
  • Pictures cut in two by a horizontal line (but a specific subject may preclude this and the following) Or by a vertical line because it will represent unresolved conflict in the photographer who was unsure about emphasis
  • Weakness here is about making an image that is devoid of reasonable characteristics of composition. When design, composition (geometry, Gestalt, Pre-Raphaelite, dynamic symmetry, etc) cannot be read into an image or cannot be 'reverse engineered' where it is impossible to identify a recognized form of composition. 


As noted in the book "Judging Photographs" judging is not only the above but also about how to:
Describe the appearance of pictures in their wholeness; (pertinent identifiers or characteristics not necessarily what all can obviously see)
Interpret content (visual, mood, feeling, spiritual, emotion, intent and communication values);
Evaluate the image's aesthetic content through useful analysis that may also offer suggestions for improvement;
Theorize about the intent of an image;
 A judge also has the capacity to:
  • See trends as they unfold, for example, images that have been ‘tweaked' to seek approval or for positive new styles;
  • To direct novice photographers in the craft of photography;
  • Make observations about the technical aspects of images;
  • Inspire photographers by referring them to other photographic works or artistic pieces from which they may learn;
  • Enrich photography by drawing upon the range of current and historic imagery, from ancient rock art to advertising, from cinema to comics, from glass plates to pixels, to evaluate what they are viewing;
  • Make decisions about competitions.
Finally, a judge, audience or benefactor assess images from intellectual, psychological, sensory, emotional and cultural perspectives all at once. Engaging the audience in a manner that is not 'template' based but which encourages the exploration of image making by photographers provides the real service to improving photography.
Paul Robinson
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Warragul Camera Club

43rd National Photographic Exhibition 2016

Below is a notice for the Exhibition.
The five page Entry Form is available by clicking this link.

The Victorian Nature Photography Group

The Victorian Nature Photography Group is a well-established club of people who usually belong to any of: local camera club, local Field Naturalists' club, Australian Plants Society, Birdlife Australia, Entomological Society, Orchid Society, conservation groups and so on.
We meet three times a year in bunkhouse-style accommodation in localities which offer plenty of photographic opportunities; we self-cater to keep costs down and so that we can be out with our cameras at any time of the day or night. Members pursue their own interests during the day, and in the evening the dining room becomes a projection hall where we share images of previous camps, recent trips where the emphasis is on natural history, or images of interest for discussion. Sometimes we'll demonstrate equipment we've found useful, or we will have a local guest speaker. The emphasis is on co-operation and sharing of the outdoor and natural history experience.
Membership is not automatic. Potential members attend a camp so that we can get to know them and they see how we operate; we ask them to bring a selection of images to share and contribute to the evening program. At the end of the camp, if appropriate, we will ask them to fill in a membership form. This application for membership will be brought for approval to a general meeting at the next camp, and if successful we will ask them to forward the membership fees.
Enquiries should be directed to the President or Secretary in the first instance. Most communication is by email/phone as members are drawn from around the state and we have no fixed meeting venue.
Carol Hall,
President, VNPG.
Member, Ballarat Camera Club & Ballarat Field Naturalists.

Gippsland Lakes Arts Show


“Gippsland Lakes Art on Show” March 11th- 14th 2016 Forestech - Princes Highway 

Award categories: 

  • Best Art work in Show - $1500 
  • Best Water Colour - $500 
  • Best Oil/Acrylic - $500 
  • Best Pastel - $500 
  • Best Other Art Work - Graphite, $500 Mixed Media, Coloured Pencil etc. 
  • Best Photograph - $500 
  • Best Art Work influenced by $500 Aboriginal Culture - 
  • People’s Choice - $500 



THE OFFICIAL OPENING of “Gippsland Lakes Art On Show” 2016 will be at 7.00 pm on Friday 11th March 2016 at Forestech Resource Centre, Lakes Entrance. 


The Art Show will open at 6.30 pm and you are invited to enjoy refreshments with members of the Rotary Club, Sponsors, Other Artists and Guests. 


Opening Night:
Exhibiting Artists FREE.
$25.00 for all other Guests.
All persons under the age of 16 are free and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during “Gippsland Art On Show”, including opening night. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Bruce Hurley with any queries.
Bruce Hurley M 0400196797 email:

Attention all clubs:
Affiliation and service award forms have been mailed to all clubs.
All 2016 forms are on the website under the Download Documents section.
Included in the package sent, and detailed in previous Newsbrief, is an update to the extensive Insurance package to which all Affiliated clubs are entitled.
Any issues please contact the VAPS Secretary.

or go to the VAPS Website at
Open the News tab and select Newsbrief newsletters.
There you can subscribe for a free email copy of Newsbrief.
Keep up with all of the announcements and news from the clubs.
Hard copy of Newsbrief is not be available in 2016
Advertising in Newsbrief
Would you like to contribute to Newsbrief? If you do, then it would be helpful if you use the following.
  •  Arial font.
  • 16 point for body text.
  • 18 point or 20 point for headings.
  • Images can be submitted as jpegs up to 300 ppi.
Text may need to be reformatted.
Images will be reduced in size as appropriate for email. Submissions preferred in Microsoft Word format. Images are preferred as JPEG.
Pdf's files can be accommodated.

Contact the editor if you have questions.
Barry Povey:
Any members of an accredited Camera Club or Society interested in evaluating images or judging are invited to apply to join the Australian Photographic Judges Association.
You do not need to be an active judge to be a member.
The prime objective of the Association is to help develop the evaluation and judging skills of members.
Further information contact:
Rob Sloane:   or 
Paul Robinson:

Australian Photographic Judges Association

At the end and the beginning of each year, club secretaries and image stewards, are scanning the Judges List, to secure judges and speakers for their image judging / evaluation nights.

 There are more than 70 clubs affiliated with VAPS, and on the Judges list there are just 40 metro based judges and 18 country based judges. This is not many to go around. Assuming say 60 clubs have 10 judging nights per year, that is 600 judging events that need to be covered, not to mention interclubs, nationals and the like.

Considering that the judges have their own clubs to attend, and judging images and attending clubs is quite time consuming, and often result in some out of pocket expense, we expect a lot of these volunteers. Also many of the names on the Judges List have been there for many years and are possibly looking to retire from judging.

Clubs are going to find it harder and harder to get Judges and Speakers over the next few years unless we start recruiting Judges now. I got conned into Judging, by a person who will remain nameless, (his first name is Bert) based on his idea that we get a lot of pleasure from our photography and the Camera Club movement, judging is a way of giving a little back. Sure, Judging is not for everyone, and of course some will be better than others, but they can only do their best and clubs can expect no more than that.
You actually do get a lot out of judging, you get to visit clubs, meet lots of photographers, see lots of great images, get lots of ideas for yourself, make new friends, drink lots of tea and coffee and eat lots of Tim Tams.
The APJA has now been in operation for a bit over a year.
Its charter is to develop:
Training for Beginners/Novice, folk who want to have a better understanding of how to judge/evaluate images.
Mentoring and up skilling of those that want to continue past the beginners course, and have a go at judging.
A training program to up skill and enhance the image evaluation abilities of existing judges.
This is a tall order, and does not happen overnight. So far the APJA has managed to organize a couple of Beginner courses (Level 1) and a Level 2 course during 2015. There is always room for improvement and this is being worked on.
In 2016 it is planned to have (TBC) :-
1.  Level 1  Intro to Image Evaluation (Beginners) Sunday 7 August. Open to any VAPS club members.

2. Level 2  Intern.  Sunday 4 September. Suggest for 2015 Beginners

3. Level 3  Licentiate. Sunday 10July. Suggest for 2015 Interns
Each are a 1-day course held in Murrumbeena.
For more info, contact
The APJA is a small organization and driven by a very small but dedicated committee, VAPS has got behind the initiative but it is important for clubs and club members to support it as well.

Clubs, please encourage your members to have a go, especially if you are a club that does not have a Judge as a member, if you are already a Judge, and not a member of APJA, consider joining, your experience and expertise will be of great value, you do not have to be a Judge to be a member of APJA, you just need to have passion to promote photographic education.
Rob Sloane APJA 
MAMA Art Foundation National Prize 2016

The MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016 is a biennial acquisitive awards and exhibition, showcasing the best in contemporary Australian photography with a cash prize pool of $50,000.

An exhibition of the selected photographs will be held at MAMA from 20 May to 7 August 2016, from which, prizes totalling $50,000 will be awarded, consisting of:
  • MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize – up to $47,000.
  • John and Margaret Baker Memorial Fellowship for emerging artists - $3,000 fellowship.
  • Additional acquisitions – up to $47,000 (depending on NPP awarded value).
All works shortlisted for exhibition will be featured in the exhibition catalogue, which will be available for sale online and in ShopMAMA.

The prize winning photographs will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 20 May 2016.

Those photographs not acquired by MAMA through the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize will be available for purchase during the exhibition (30% commission applies).

If you have any queries please contact the MAMA Curatorial and Exhibition Team on 02 6043 5800 or


A Sponsor of VAPS
Victorian Associations of Photographic Societies Inc Proudly welcomes a new sponsor - Imagebank Australia

At last year's inter-club competition, Imagebank Australia awarded vouchers for an 11” x 14” acrylic print (valued at $105 each) to 20 photographers selected from the AIPC Victorian print finalists.
Selection and awards were be made by the AIPC selection committee and announced at the annual dinner.
Further to the above Imagebank Australia will be offering monthly prizes of acrylic prints to a competition that will be set up via their Facebook page. As soon as details are finalised they will be distributed to all clubs and announced via Facebook and Newsbrief as it comes to hand.
On behalf of the VAPS community we would like to thank the management and staff of Imagebank Australia for their kind and generous sponsorship and we look forward to a long association. 
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc Welcomes Epson Australia Pty Ltd
A new and valued sponsor for our members’ benefit.
Special Offer from Epson for VAPS Club Members
Register at the following link to receive a $20 online shop voucher as well as many offers from the Epson range of products.
We encourage our club members to support Epson in your next printer purchase. Visit their website at to get all of the information on the new Epson SureColor SC‐P600.
Thank you Epson for your support to the Camera Clubs of Victoria 

Affiliate of VAPS
-Australian Photographic Society 
VAPS Committee Listing
Ian Rolfe

Vice President/Chair Judging Sub-committee
Alfred Zommers

Vice President /Interclub
Peter Kewley,
0429 826960

Lorraine Holden
(03) 9557 7951

Jeanette Colson

Badges & Awards
Margaret Zommers

Web Administrator/Convention
Rebecca Nicolandos

 Policy and Documentation
Peter Calder
Newsbrief Editor
Barry Povey
(03) 9798 7441

History & Archives
Alan Wilson

Committee Member/Assistant Web Admin.
Betty Bibby

Committee Member
Danielle LeGassick

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Victorian Association
of Photographic Societies Inc.

General Enquiries:
P.O. Box 2010, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205
Lorraine Holden:
VAPS Objectives
  • To advance the art of photography.
  • To further the interests of affiliated bodies.
  • To draw up regulations governing exhibitions and inter-club competitions.
  • To arrange exchange of guest lecturers and demonstrations on any subject relating to photography.
  • To arrange exchange of prints between clubs.
  • To arrange periodical conventions for members of affiliated bodies and guests.
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet .
A Brief History:
Camera clubs have existed in Melbourne since the 1890’s and an umbrella organisation called the Victorian Photographic Affiliation was formed in 1908. This guided amateur photography in Victoria for forty years. The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies was formed on 27 September 1952 and comprised of 12 clubs. This has grown to more than 70 clubs in Jan 2016. VAPS is a non-profit association that is entirely self-funded. The Association is run by an elected Committee of Management which is responsible for the operations of the Association, and for ensuring the Association fulfils the objectives.
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies welcomes contributions from interested parties, however Victorian Association of Photographic Societies accepts no responsibility for the content of these contributions and the views contained therein are not necessarily those of Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. While every care is taken with solicited and unsolicited materials supplied, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies does not accept any liability for loss or damage however caused. Victorian Association of Photographic Societies takes no responsibility for the claims made by advertisers, or transactions by. Does not endorse the products sold on the website/Newsbrief or enter into any of the exchanges. Nor is the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies responsible for any exchanging of information or monetary amounts. All transactions are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and purchaser.
Material on the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies site or the Newsbrief may not be reproduced or published elsewhere without the written consent of the publisher, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. All rights reserved. 
Next Issue
News brief publication deadline 25th of March 2016
(Next edition: April 2016)
Commercial advertisements cost $50 (Full page $100)
Newsbrief Editor: Barry Povey:
Copyright © 2016 Victorian Association of Photographic Societies, All rights reserved.

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