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December 2015. Vol. 42, No 11.


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President’s Report

Message from the Newsbrief Editor

Ivanhoe Photographic  Society Celebrating 60!

Caulfield Photographic Society Field Trip

The Camera Never Lies
VAPS Interclub and Convention Weekend

APS and International Distinctions

VAPs Affiliation 2016

VAPS Insurance Update


February Newsbrief

President's Report

Greetings Everyone,
Affiliation time has come around again quickly as most annual events do these days, so all Affiliation and Service Award forms have been sent to clubs by mail. These forms will also be available from the website and returns are due by 31st December 2015.
In this issue of Newsbrief there is an update of the extensive insurance cover that comes with your Affiliation, so could all Club Secretaries please present the forms to your committee and remit dues as soon as you can. We thank you for your co-operation.
As we go forward towards the next Convention and Interclub exhibition our team is busily testing the new upload system that will be in place for next years Interclub submissions. This wonderful and extremely versatile system, was developed for VAPS by Peter Lawrence of Southern Suburbs Photographic Society. The new system will replace all of the tedious paperwork from the past with an easy to use upload system requiring all EDPI images to be submitted on line plus titles and makers for Prints and AV’s.

Obviously all the Clubs will still need to bring along their prints and AV’s, but most of the Interclub work will be automated at the back end and the task for the VAPS team will be much simpler and less time consuming. We will release more details as soon as we have signed off on the system.
The ALBURY Convention and Interclub Exhibition is coming together very well with a great line up of professional and informative presenters. Sincere thanks to Brian Paatsch and the Albury-Wodonga Camera Club. The on-ground organisation is impressive and accurate, with great venues in place already, to ensure a smooth running and successful convention.

Registration forms for the convention will be released soon and I urge you to circulate this information to your club members. This will be a really good weekend starting with the Friday night social dinner at the historic Sodens Hotel in Albury and the weekend spent at the Albury Commercial Club situated right in the heart of the city area.

There is also plenty of free car parking and several Motels are situated within walking distance of the main venue.
If you have not started planning for Albury, 3rd June to 5th June 2016, now is the time to start thinking about it. The convention will be a wonderful opportunity for socializing with like-minded people, learning and honing new skills and attending some excellent presentations.
More information and accommodation information will be on the website soon.

I and all the committee, wish you all a very pleasant and safe end of year and look forward to what comes in 2016
Ian Rolfe
Message from the Newsbrief Editor

The Echuca Moama Photographic Club have an interesting project. It’s been on the go for some time but these things do take time. It’s a venture to photo document the local area. To show off how good photographers they are. (Well, let’s say. "That is a given!") To create an historical record. It will be a coffee-table like magazine. What a good idea for a club. Have any others clubs had a similar project. How did it go? More information at this link.


An intersting Link

Is your club listed here? Clubs of Australia.

Go to the site. Choose “Victoria” and “Camera and Photographic Clubs”

It’s one way to check if there is a camera club in the area you are visiting. My club had lots of "hits".

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Cheers to you all. See you in the New Year. Make your presence felt in 2016. Prepare a paragraph or article for 2016 Newsbriefs.

Barry Povey (Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club)
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Have you noticed?
For the VAPS inter club competition EDPI section, the maximum size is now 1920 x 1080.
From Clubs/Societies and Others
Ivanhoe Photographic Society
Celebrating 60!
On Saturday, 24th October sixty five members, guests and friends of IVANHOE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY celebrated the Club’s 60th Anniversary exactly on the same night as the Club had its first meeting in 1955.
The theme of the night was ‘wear your diamonds and bling’.  It was a sparkling celebration of members and memorabilia.

Peter Bellmont, a Life Member and member for over 40 years, was the M.C.  He introduced the President, Rita Brown, who welcomed guests from the Bendigo Bank, the Mayor of Banyule, Cr Craig Langdon, photographer and guest judge, Matt Irwin, members from VAPS clubs, members of IPS, their families and friends.

The Dinner Dance held in the Rialto Room at the Veneto Club was ideal and the 3-course meal was delicious.

Sara Knight did a splendid job with the Audio Visual, showing history of the club from its inception to now and also a grand display of photos and memorabilia on the display boards which guests enjoyed viewing.
The highlight of the decorations was a splendid large camera replica from the Club Logo and mini cameras and '60s' for the table decorations made by Austuf, a company owned by Rita and Graeme Brown.  Graeme took great pride in making the large camera which will be a permanent fixture of the club at official functions.  As well, “Celebrating 60” signs were placed above the display stands.

A photography competition was run in conjunction with the celebration with the theme “Fabulous Melbourne”.  The trophy was won by the youngest member of the club, 9 year old Charlotte Law.  Charlotte showed everyone just what Melbourne has to offer with a delightful photo entitled “Fabulous Fireworks at Docklands”.  Charlotte has a great future in photography if she follows in her mother Lisa’s footsteps.

Matt Irwin donated a copy of his coffee-table book, “Melbourne, A Love Affair”, as a second prize which was won by Anne Dakin for “Ghosts of Melbourne Past”.  The image depicts ghostly figures at the Old Melbourne Jail. 
A Life Membership was awarded to Nellina Sebastian for her work in the club over 20 years of involvement.

Eight members received Certificates of Appreciation as recognition of their continuous membership and contribution to the club.  The two longest members in the club are Heather Howey and Rob Burkitt both being members for over 45 years each. Others recognised were Shaw Tan and Peter Bellont for over 40 years and Jim Sonnemann for over 30 years.  Nellina Sebastian, Duane Eaks and Anne Johnston for over 20 years.  Also, Geoff Snell and Mal Spence who were not present.

Each guest received a special placemat as a souvenir.  Photographs were taken by Nellina Sebastian and printed and donated by Photocolor Lab and Life Member, Rob Birkitt.

Sara Knight, Lisa Law and Nellina Sebastian were presented with beautiful bouquets of roses in thanks for organising the fantastic evening.

The celebrations continued with dancing led by Charlotte Law. 

We plan to continue the 60th anniversary celebrations at the end of year Presentation Night on Monday, 7th December.  VAPS members welcome.  Please advise the committee if you will be attending.
Nellina Sebastian was presented with her Life Membership Citation by President, Rita Brown
Former & current Presidents – Rob Burkitt, Lisa Law, Duane Eaks, Rita Brown, Sara Knight & Peter Bellmont
Charlotte Law, winner of the “Fabulous Melbourne” Competition being presented with her trophy by Judge, Matt Irwin
Anne Dakin, runner-up of the “Fabulous Melbourne” Competition with Matt Irwin 
Sonia Tencic dancing the night away with Shaw Tan
Girls showing off their “Bling”!
Anne Johnston, Rob Burkitt and Heather Howey
Nellina Sebastian, Sara Knight & Peter Bellmont
Organisers Lisa Law, Nellina Sebastian, Rita Brown and Sara Knight
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Caulfield Photographic Society
Field Trip to the Fox Classic Car Collection 

Peter Godfrey 

For those even remotely interested in classic cars, a visit to the Fox Collection is a must. Location is the corner of Batman's Hill Drive and Collins St. in Docklands. There are dozens of superb examples of the car designers art, from very early commercial vehicles through design classics to modern racing cars. Some of the examples on display are worth several million dollars. I have no idea what the total value of the collection might be!

Mercedes 540K as used by Mr. Hitler. One of these recently sold for US$11 million. Note the mother-of- pearl dashboard.

Cars on display included both famous and infamous models. Famous cars included a Rolls Royce Camargue Turbo prototype, several E- type Jaguars and race-winning Mercedes cars. Infamous were the Mercedes Benz 540K similar to that used in Adolf Hitler's parades and the Porsche 550 which James Dean was driving. Since the cars on display change from time to time, see the Fox Collection website for a current listing.

Inside the Mercedes 600 once owned by Ringo Starr. In 1967, a colour TV in a car was the stuff of science fiction.

Some graceful curves

Unusually for a museum, we were able to examine and photograph many of the cars at close distance. Often, photography in museums (even where permitted) is limited to taking dull snapshots from behind a rope barrier. This is a huge improvement. However, some of the lighting conditions here could be problematic for photographers: there are large windows around the perimeter of the halls which generate strong back lighting and the artificial lighting is strongly orange sodium lamps, specially installed to test your white-balancing skills! Still, the great Caulfield Photographic Society challenge is to rise to adversity, make use of the difficulties to advantage and produce better photos!

If I park my Volkswagen here, does it get a gold grille? (Of course, the grille is really chrome - the gold effect is from the orange coloured overhead lights.)

Speaking of Volkswagens, ordinary cars are represented too.

The building, Queens Warehouse, which houses the collection is worth a mention. It's a rather magnificent Victorian era warehouse once used as a customs store and government mint. It was completed in 1889 in the style known as 

American Romanesque. In 1995 it was comprehensively renovated and became the home of the Fox collection, which now occupies both the upper and lower storeys of the building.

The Queens Warehouse building

Around 10 CPS members attended and were shown around by enthusiastic volunteers David and Peter who were a wealth of helpful knowledge about the cars.

Although the cars are owned by Melbourne business identity Lindsay Fox, the Collection is operated as a non-profit entity and run by volunteers. Entry fees are put towards charitable causes. It's open three days a week and well worth a visit. Thanks to volunteers David and Peter and of course to the Lindsay Fox organisation.

From Caulfield Photographic Society with permission.

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The Camera Never Lies
Lucia Margaret Cameron by Richard Bailey
From Focal Point - Echuca Moama Photographic Club Inc Magazine with permission.

Julia Margaret Cameron by Henry Herschel Cameron (her son)

Julia Margaret Pattle was born in Calcutta two hundred years ago this year. Her father worked for the East India Company, her mother was descended from French aristocracy. They had six daughters and a son. The Pattle sisters were known for their beauty but Julia was the unlucky plain one. Educated in France and thus well prepared for the Soiree Set back in India, Julia was married at twenty three to Charles Hay Cameron, a member of the Law Commission, who was twenty years her senior. When Cameron’s work finished in India in 1848, he moved his family back to England, staying first near Julia’s sister Sarah Princep in the upmarket Kensington suburb of London, then settling in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. Julia quickly tapped into a distinguished circle of family friends. 

By 1863 Julia’s children were adults and moving away from the family home. Her husband went back to India for a while, looking to buy a coffee plantation. In December her daughter and son-in-law, concerned that mother, not by nature inclined to passive pursuits, would now have too much time on her hands, gave her a camera. At 48 years of age, Julia decided to take on a career in portrait photography, making images of her famous friends, including her neighbour Alfred Lord Tennyson, Charles Darwin, Robert Browning, the painter John Millais, the poet William Rose and the actress Ellen Terry. While experimenting with focus settings, she hit on a then unique soft focus setting which created a dreamy, painterly look to her prints. Though criticised and even scorned by many of her contemporaries, over the next eleven years of intensive endeavour Julia Margaret Cameron created a body of work definitive of Victorian art which would see her become known as the mother of portrait photography. 

The gift of camera wasn’t a spontaneous idea from left field. The Age of Eastman-Kodak when you could give Mum a point-and shoot to amuse herself with was still a quarter of a century away. In 1863 the latest process was wet collodion plates and silver albumen prints. Two large glass plates were coated with a chemical mix of silver nitrate and gum in a dark room, exposed in camera which took several minutes – then taken back to the dark room still wet. The plates were washed and fixed with substances such as hypo and cyanide then the print paper was coated with egg white and silver nitrate, placed at on the plate negative, exposed to natural light and the image appeared to the great wonder and sometimes great relief of the photographer. Then the print had to be fixed and negative plate coated with varnish to prevent deterioration. 

Given the technical challenges, there is no way the camera could have been a casual gift and it wasn’t. By the time she received her camera, Julia had already taken photos and made prints. Since 1842 she had kept up a correspondence with the physicist Sir John Hershel who had taken a keen interest in the development of photography from the time Fox Talbot had invented the Calotype process, the forerunner of film. Through this correspondence she gained a thorough understanding of the chemical processes that enabled light to be captured on a thin layer of liquid and turned into a print on paper. She had taken lessons with the photographer David Wilkie Winfield who had introduced her to the concept of close-up soft focus portraiture. She joined photographic societies and entered competitions. She converted her chook shed to a studio and her coal cellar to a dark room. 

A good education in the arts and an extended circle of artistic and literary friends were invaluable assets. Julia also had the time and means to pursue her dreams as an amateur photographer. She was far from wealthy though and her husband regularly borrowed money to maintain the family lifestyle. She was also fortunate with her models. She had a large extended family, many friends and had several servants to pose for her when summoned. Sometimes unwary tourists strolling by her door were co-opted into posing for story scenes. Her favourite model was her niece Julia Jackson, the mother of the novelist Virginia Woolf. Modelling for Julia was by no means a matter of striking a pose and flashing a quick cheesy. Exposure times ranged from three to seven minutes. It was said the real pain came between the third and fourth minute. Remarkable then that she was able to use children so often. Perhaps the soft focus masked a little movement here and there but we might wonder how many shots were aborted when the model could stand no more. Or, in the case of her husband Charles, succumbed to a fit of giggling.

Charles Darwin - By Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Cameron was a forceful woman untroubled by modesty. Her correspondence with Sir Henry Cole, owner of the South Kensington Gallery (now the Victoria and Albert Museum) is revealing. She told him she hoped to send him “my late series of Photographs that I intend should electrify you with delight and startle the world. I hope it is no vain imagination on of mine to say the like have never been produced and never can be surpassed.”

“Iago “ - Julia Margaret Cameron

Sir Henry was sufficiently impressed to let Julia use two rooms at his gallery on a semi-permanent basis, effectively her own London studio, quite an achievement for a middle aged woman, an amateur with so little experience. Just as well she had an abundance of self confidence because most established photographers disparaged her soft focusing and shallow depth of field which was in part a consequence of proximity of lens to subject. In the 1860s sharp focus was now both possible and the fashion of the day. Photography Journal was condescending. "Mrs. Cameron exhibits her series of out of focus portraits of celebrities. We must give this lady credit for daring originality, but at the expense of all other photographic qualities. A true artist would employ all the resources at his disposal, in whatever branch of art he might practise. In these pictures, all that is good in photography has been neglected and the shortcomings of the art are prominently exhibited. We are sorry to have to speak thus severely on the works of a lady, but we feel compelled to do so in the interest of the art."

Julia Jackson - Julia Margaret Camerson

Soft focus hid blur said her critics, which is true and blur was a risk of her preferred close-in style, but she had originally chosen soft focus simply because she liked it. She had started with a f/3.6mm Jamin lens with a chromatic aberration that produced softness at close focusing distances but by 1866 she had moved to a Rapid Rectilinear lens which was perfectly capable of sharp focus had she chosen to use it. 

“My first successes in my out of focus pictures were a fluke …. when focussing and coming to something which, to my eye, was very beautiful, I stopped there instead of screwing on the lens to the more definite focus which other photographers insist upon.” 

Nowadays, having been there and back on the soft vs sharp focus issue more than once, we have no problem with Julia’s portraits. The most famous shots, of Darwin, Tennyson and Herschel look perfectly normal as regards technique. We are more likely to disparage the theatrical poses she set to illustrate scenes from history or literature which to our eyes can seem almost cringeworthy. Like us, Victorians enjoyed pictures and so painters, engravers and cartoonists lent their art to the written word illustrating books or creating artworks which pictured classical themes, so what more natural than photography follow suit? It was Tennyson who asked Julia to illustrate one of his books, not the other way around. Pictorial art has made quantum leaps since the Victorian era, which has left this form of cross pollination in a backwater. Interesting, but horribly dated. 

In 1875 the Camerons left England for Ceylon to try and make a success of a coffee plantation, Charles’ lifetime dream. It didn’t happen. Charles was in his eighties and Julia in her sixties. She lasted four years, he lasted just two more. She had shipped out two coffins with their baggage. It was difficult to source photographic materials from Ceylon and she took just a few photos of native Sri Lankans in her last years. The circle of celebrity friends and acquaintances had been the stimulant. It was a treasure Julia Margaret Cameron chanced upon but we are fortunate she had the drive and ability to forge a high quality photographic record from this window of opportunity. It is the more remarkable that this was achieved in just eleven years by a woman in her fifties.

“The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.” Julia Margaret Cameron

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JUNE 3rd/4th AND 5th  2016



The Albury/Wodonga Camera Club is privileged to be hosting the 2016 VAPS Convention and Interclub exhibition, we are looking forward to welcoming club members to our lovely city with its many photographic opportunities.

The main venue for the weekend will be the Albury Commercial Club located in the main street [Dean Street] with all convention activities located on the first level, namely the images display, registration desk, Auditorium, Workshops and Audio Visual viewing.

The Commercial Club is a fantastic location, with excellent facilities for VAPS members including the club café open on the ground floor for extra coffee, lunches and breakfasts.

There is also multi-level parking for some 800 vehicles, so you will be assured of free parking at the venue.

Our Friday night social will be at Sodens hotel, in Albury, with our private dining area offering a relaxing atmosphere with an excellent menu selection.

Saturday awards dinner and Sunday BBQ lunch will be held in the Stanley rooms at the Albury Commercial Club.

The convention, Interclub exhibition, workshops and all catering will be centrally located in the club itself, so with ample free parking or just a short distance from many of the local motels the weekend is set to enthuse and inform in the comfortable surrounds of the Commercial Club.

Albury offers a full variety of accommodation within close proximity of the venue or nearby if preferred. 
An early morning shoot will be arranged for Monday. 

We have our new art gallery [MAMA] and the images of their 2016, $50.000 national photographic competition will be on display at the time of the convention.

This will be a great opportunity to view some of the country’s leading photographic artists and their work, you might even find some VAPS members work there.

So do come on up to Albury in June 2016, the convention weekend will be a great event and complemented with an additional day or two in the region will make it an outstanding experience for all.
So come visit, with camera in hand, the nearby Ettamogah Pub, Kinross Woolshed Hotel, Bonegilla Immigration Centre, Lake Hume, Wonga Wetlands.....the list goes on....and, if you really want it.....there is also plenty of retail therapy to be had.

Start planning won't be disappointed.
Subject to change as programme develops
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At the recent Australian Photographic Society conference in Tweed Heads I had the great privilege of hosting the APS awards dinner and announcing the many distinction’s awarded to members from all over Australia.
Very pleasing were the number of Victorians in the award list this year.
Distinctions were awarded across the range from LAPS through to Grand Master of APS plus many well-earned distinctions from PSA of America and FIAP, The Federation International de l’Art Photographique of which the APS is a member body.
The distinctions awarded illustrate the great depth of photographic skill that we have in our Camera Clubs, and rightly so that many have been recognized for their efforts.
I would encourage club members to join the Australian Photographic Society,, and also engage in the National and International Photographic Salons.
Your work is important to you and to the amateur photographic societies in Victoria and Australia.
Take the opportunity to earn your recognition on the National and International Photographic Salon Circuit.

Junior VP Australian Photographic Society Inc

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Attention all clubs:
Affiliation and service award forms have been mailed to all clubs.
All 2016 forms will shortly be placed on the website under the Download Documents section.
Included in the package sent, and detailed in this Newsbrief, is an update to the extensive Insurance package that all Affiliated clubs are entitled to.
Please remit your re-affiliation payments before the 30th December.
Any issues please contact the VAPS Secretary.

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We have a new Insurance provider,
Who have arranged cover with
 ANSVAR a specialist Not for Profit Insurer.

All Affiliated Clubs are covered for the following:
Public Liability increased to $20 million.
Property in Care,
To $250,000, legal liability for damage to rented premises, members property damaged whilst in the rooms, any other club property in your care.
i.e. where there has been negligence that caused the loss.
Counsellors Liability
Cover for where the club is legally liable to pay costs resulting from any personal injury/act/error committed by anyone appointed by the club to provide counselling or mediation services.
Member to Member extension,
Includes members, guests and visitors to the club in respect to claims against them by any other member, guest or visitor arising in connection with the activities of the club, i.e. where a member injures another member unintentionally.
Professional Indemnity,
Covers actions brought against the club and where the club is legally liable to pay compensation or costs for an alleged breach of professional duty.
Volunteers – Personal Accident
Age restrictions lifted on Volunteers Insurance. Volunteers must be capable of performing the allotted tasks. Cover extends from time departing home to return home, for volunteers performing club duties.
( Does not include Motor vehicle accidents where the Volunteer would be covered under their motor vehicle insurance )
Management Liability
(Directors and Officers Liability cover) covers club committees where they maybe sued by members or other parties.
General exclusions apply and full policy details are contained in the policy documents available on request.

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Barry Povey:
Any members of an accredited Camera Club or Society and interested in evalating images or judging, are invited to apply to join the Australian Photographic Judges Association.
You do not need to be an active judge to be a member.
The prime objective of the Association is to help develop the evaluation and judging skills of members.
Further information contact
Rob Sloane:   or 
Paul Robinson:
MAMA Art Foundation National Prize 2016

Submit your work

The MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize 2016 is a biennial acquisitive awards and exhibition, showcasing the best in contemporary Australian photography with a cash prize pool of $50,000.

An exhibition of the selected photographs will be held at MAMA from 20 May to 7 August 2016, from which, prizes totalling $50,000 will be awarded, consisting of:
  • MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize – up to $47,000
  • John and Margaret Baker Memorial Fellowship for emerging artists - $3,000 fellowship
  • Additional acquisitions – up to $47,000 (depending on NPP awarded value)
Applications close for the MAMA Art Foundation National Photograph Prize 2016 on Friday 11 March 2016.

All applications will be assessed by a judging panel consisting of both internal and external representatives. Entrants of works shortlisted for the exhibition will be notified by Monday 11 April 2016.

All works shortlisted for exhibition will be featured in the exhibition catalogue, which will be available for sale online and in shopMAMA.

The prize winning photographs will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 20 May 2016.

Those photographs not acquired by MAMA through the MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize will be available for purchase during the exhibition (30% commission applies).

How to apply. All applicants will need to submit an online application form, which must include the following:
  • Up to 3 images of unique artwork/s for consideration by the selection panel, each accompanied by individual artwork statements 
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Artist practice statement 
  • Payment of a non-returnable entry fee of $30.00 (inc. GST)
If you have any any queries regarding the application process please contact the MAMA Curatorial and Exhibition Team on 02 6043 5800 or

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2016 Kimberley Photography Adventure
May 23rd to 29th
Financial VAPS members enjoy
15% discount and pay just $2800pp.*

This trip retails at $3295pp so you save a whopping $500.
Join Perth photographer, film maker, Bewley Shaylor on this seven day discovery of the stunning East Kimberley landscape and it’s characters. Explore rivers, ranges, boab trees, cave art, abundant wildlife and rare birds, as well as wetlands and billabongs. Possibly capture mustering activity and yard work. Advance your camera techniques and post-production skills whilst enjoying a unique Kimberley experience from our base on a working cattle station. Explore the itinerary and gallery online at
All meals and six night’s accommodation in bush huts and a/c bunkhouse. Tutor, Bewley Shaylor. Wilderness Park Fees. Airport & Hotel transfers. Short daily excursions to locations and activities. Champagne drinks and nibbles at Nicole and Hugh’s sunset spot. An evening of star, planet and nebula-gazing with local astrophotographer.
Flights or transport to and from Kununurra. Travel insurance. Alcohol. Optional extras like scenic heli-flights, horse riding, visits to El Questro.
*Conditions apply – see website or phone for details.
To enquire, call Rachel on 0428 254 529. Email:
ABN 77 685 780 283
Victorian Associations of Photographic Societies Inc Proudly welcomes a new sponsor - Imagebank Australia

At this years inter-club competition, Imagebank Australia awarded vouchers for an 11” x 14” acrylic print (valued at $105 each) to 20 photographers selected from the AIPC Victorian print finalists.
Selection and awards were be made by the AIPC selection committee and announced at the annual dinner.
Further to the above Imagebank Australia will be offering monthly prizes of acrylic prints to a competition that will be set up via their Facebook page. As soon as details are finalised they will be distributed to all clubs and announced via the website and Facebook.
On behalf of the VAPS community we would like to thank the management and staff of Imagebank Australia for their kind and generous sponsorship and we look forward to a long association. 

A Sponsor of VAPS
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc Welcomes Epson Australia Pty Ltd
A new and valued sponsor for our members’ benefit.
Special Offer from Epson for VAPS Club Members
Register at the following link to receive a $20 online shop voucher as well as many offers from the Epson range of products.
We encourage our club members to support Epson in your next printer purchase. Visit their website at to get all of the information on the new Epson SureColor SC‐P600.
Thank you Epson for your support to the Camera Clubs of Victoria

Affiliate of VAPS

-Australian Photographic Society 
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Margaret Zommers
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Rebecca Nicolandos

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Peter Calder
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Barry Povey
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History & Archives
Alan Wilson

Committee Member/Assistant Web Admin.
Betty Bibby

Committee Member
Danielle LeGassick

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  • To arrange periodical Conventions of the members of the affiliated bodies and guests.
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet .
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