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Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc.
October 2017. Vol. 44, No 9.


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Message from the President
Message from the Newsbrief Editor
Annual General Meeting
VAPS AV Committee
Insurance Update
Melbourne Camera Club
Exhibitions and What’s On
Training Videos
Frankston Photographic Club
Cavendish Red Gum Festival
From Clubs/Societies and Others
Yea Camera Club
APS National Exhibition

Message from the President

Greetings everyone,
Spring is making a very slow headway here in Melbourne, but as the weather warms up and we see the blooms and blossom coming out, our enthusiasm for outdoor photography heightens!
Having just done eighteen 5 am early rises for dawn shoots on my back to back workshops in the Outback and on Norfolk Island, I am not relishing the start of daylight saving. I still love to get out there for the dawn light when I can, but it means very early rises indeed!
There are a lot of events in the coming months most of them very photogenic, so it’s a good time to plan what we want to shoot and attend.
I recently visited the folk at the Warrnambool Camera club and I am very impressed with their ongoing organization of our next VAPS convention. They have a wonderful team down there and you all can be sure of a great convention next May.
Keep the convention dates in your diaries, as it officially starts on the Friday night. We also a planning a Monday morning dawn shoot, so it will prove to be a great weekend of photography.  Official events are booked over the four days from Friday 25th until Monday 28th
Please make note of the 2017 AGM for VAPS. We would love to see as many as possible attend. Each club should aim for at least one or two representatives to attend. There will be important information presented and material for all clubs.
Keep enjoying your photography, my best to all
Ian Rolfe
President VAPS
Message from the Newsbrief Editor
How much work do you put into your photography?
I tend to go along merrily at times and just "do it". However, the club I attend recently had some sessions on macro/closeup photography. After being involved in the delivery of it I started thinking about how I really approached tasks in photography. So, I deliberately put myself under a bit of "pressure". I went out for day one with just one 105 mm macro lens on the camera. No others included. The purpose was to do all the work with that. It made me really work hard and really start to understand the lens. The next day I went out with just an 80 - 300 mm (equivalent) zoom to do the same thing. My task on both days was to take macro/closeup type images. Well did I learn a lot on the day and when I got home to see the images!

I had to work hard at composition, focus, depth of field etc on each day and deleted lots of images that failed to meet the grade. More than I would on other days.

I am so glad I did this. I now think I know the strengths and weakness of each lens better and will make better choices on when to use them.

How often do you set yourself a task like that? How often have you chatted with your club friends about this sort of thing? Has your club ever had an outing where limited equipment has been specified to make members work/think hard during the outing? It's a thought!

The Annual General Meeting for VAPS has had to be changed to 19th Nov 2017. Please note the change from the previous notified date.

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Barry Povey (Berwick Viewfinders Camera Club)
Danielle Le Gassick (Pakenham Camera Club)
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Notice of Annual General Meeting
19 Nov 2017 (Note change of date)

9.30 am.

Parking in the streets not in the Church Grounds.

St Peter’s Church Hall, Cnr Neerim Road & Ames Avenue, 
Carnegie (Melways: 68 K5)

Meeting time is 9.30 am. Note the change from the usual 1.30 pm. There are other meetings after the VAPS meeting.

2018 Affiliation forms, AGM Proxy forms, and 2018 Committee forms are available on the website. Monitor this on the website. Links are below. 
Committee Nomination.
We all get much out of photography and participating in the activities of our clubs. We also enjoy extending that network of friends when we have inter-club competitions and visit clubs for judging. Give some serious thought to putting back "a little something". Nominate for the VAPS committee. Meet new people and have your input on the ways VAPS can support the affiliated clubs. Committee meetings are held on a Sundays, when appropriate, throughout the year. The nomination forms are below.
VAPS AV Committee
APS AV Division makes changes to the National Audio-Visual Rules on VIDEO again by John Spring ( ) Chairman VAPS AV Committee

It appeared to be a controversial even radical step by the Audio Visual traditionalists when APS announced less than two years ago the introduced a 5th AV category ‘Fusion’ specifically allowing video            “…The sequence will portray any subject, story or theme through the use of still images and video. The video content must not be more than 20% of the duration of the whole sequence. Any combination of text, narration, music and sound effects may be used…”

Video allowance in AV rules has been a hot topic for discussion especially since high-quality video has now been a standard function available in most DSLR and even point and shoot digital cameras for several years. The current VAPS AV Committee produced a discussion paper early in 2017 with one of the major possibilities being a rule change to allow a maximum 20% percent of Video in Interclub Open Audio Visual competition.

Now the AV Division of the Australian Photographic Society (APS) has just announced a more radical change for the inclusion of a 20% maximum Video in all their 4 remaining AV competition categories and the removal of the ‘Fusion’ 5th category.

There has been a category change to the APS Autumn AV National and the Spring AV National competitions. There now will be 4 categories instead of 5. The category, Fusion, has been removed. So, the other categories are - Documentary, Theme, Poetry & Song, Photo Harmony. Video content will now be allowed in all categories with a limit of not being more than 20% of the total duration of the sequence. These changes will take place in 2018….”

Please go the APS AV Definitions page for a full description of the new categories URL  and download from URL

These latest APS AV rule changes will now impact upon the VAPS AV Committee’s ‘AV Discussion Paper’ presented at the VAPS half Yearly meeting in March. This stage one discussion paper can still be downloaded from the VAPS website  ‘documents’ section at URL

Importantly one of the criteria given to the Audio Visual Committee by VAPS Management required consideration “…..Wherever both possible and practicable, the VAPS rules should be compatible with current practices in other jurisdictions, particularly APS….”  Hence the recent ‘video’ changes to APS National AV competition rules are required to be evaluated for impact and suitability for the VAPS interclub. It could be reasonably expected that the maximum 20% video allowance would also be recommended for inclusion in both Open and 321 Interclub Audio Visual sections for the VAPS 2018 Interclub competition year. The VAPS AV Committee recommends rule changes (stage 2 report) can be anticipated to be presented at the November 19th VAPS AGM.

Want to have your say on this or any of the other matters in the AV Discussion paper then eMail your comments, questions and issues.
Insurance Update

Our insurance provider RICHMOND & ASSOCIATES (AUST) P/L has arranged insurance cover with ANSVAR a specialist Not for Profit Insurer to cover all clubs and associations Affiliated with VAPS.There are many benefits of our specialist ANSVAR insurance and these include:

1. Public Liability increased to $20 million. For a Club to be fully covered under our PL insurance all visitors to club meetings, and including guests or partners and friends participating in a club event, outing or excursion must be signed in as temporary members.

It should be noted that it is the Club that is covered and not individual members.

2. Property in Care

To $250,000 legal liability for damage to rented premises, members’ property damaged whilst in the rooms, or any other property in clubs care, i.e. where there has been negligence by the club that caused the loss.

3. Counsellors’ Liability

Cover for where the club is legally liable to pay costs resulting from any personal injury/act/error committed by anyone appointed by the club to provide counselling or mediation services.

4. Member to Member extension 

Includes members, guests and visitors to the club with respect to claims against them by any other member, guest or visitor arising in connection with the activities of the club, i.e. where a member injures another member unintentionally. NB Clubs must maintain a visitors’ register.

5. Professional Indemnity

Covers actions brought against the club and where the club is legally liable to pay compensation or costs for an alleged breach of professional duty.

6. Volunteers insurance

Age restrictions lifted on Volunteers Insurance. Volunteers must be capable of performing the allotted tasks. Cover extends from time departing home to return home for volunteers performing club duties.

7. Management Liability 

(Directors and Officers Liability cover) covers club committees where they may be sued by members or other parties.

In the event that a club has a potential claim, the Club Committee must meet and minute any such situation that may cause a claim to be raised, including all details and witnesses where possible.

This information must be advised to the VAPS Secretary immediately and directly.

Any queries regarding the VAPS insurance cover must also only be made to the VAPS Secretary.

General exclusions and excess amounts apply to all elements of insurance cover and full policy details are contained in the policy documents which are available on request

APJA - Judges Association
This has been the biggest year so far for the APJA since its formation a couple of years ago.

The committee has facilitated seven General meetings with speakers, talking mostly about issues in relation to Image Evaluation, these are held each month or so.

APJA also presented at the VAPS Convention as well as APSCON.
Most importantly APJA facilitated 4 full days of Image Evaluation (Judging Training)
   Level 1 (Novice) at Benalla
   Level 2, (Intern),  3 (Licentiate) and 4 (Associate) at Caulfield.
This is an attempt to give existing judges as well as hopefully, future judges, additional skills and support so they can do a better job for the VAPS members. (Clubs)

This is a big task, advertising, booking venues, booking speakers, managing registrations, catering, setting up the venue, and managing each event.
It is also expensive. By the time money is allocated for things such as printing, rent, catering and payments to presenters, it usually runs around $800 + per event.

Some funding has come from VAPS, but the vast majority of it comes out of the Judge’s pockets.

But it is important. The number of clubs is growing, but at the same time, volunteer judges are getting thinner on the ground. Some have been volunteering for more than 20 years and are moving into judge retirement. In the coming years, the task for club secretaries and image stewards to get judges is going to become more and more difficult unless we plan ahead.

It is even a bigger problem for country clubs. APJA is looking at ways to help training in country areas without the high cost of travel.

For those of you that are not aware, here are some of the topics covered in the training. It is still a work in progress, and it is probably not going to be possible to facilitate more than four training events in a year, purely because of limited person power, and resources.

Basic Judging, Judging Styles, Emotion in Images, Public Speaking, Aesthetics vs technical, Practical judging, What Judges look for, Critique techniques and how to score images, Depth in Images, Judging variety and different Genres, Cold Judging, Why have images judged, Judging Photojournalism, Judging Portraits, Judging Monochrome, Judging Creative, Judging Wildlife and Nature, Advanced Aesthetics, Evaluating AVs, Judging Open Competitions, and Judging Abstract.

There will be more as we move to deliver Level 5 and Level 6 in 2018 and 2019.

We have been lucky to have been able to secure some great presenters and Master Photographers, such as Richard White, David Harradine, Noel Butcher, Adrian Donahue, Adrian Smith, Ian Rolfe and David Burren.

2017 has been a great achievement for such a small committee and membership.

In the coming years, it is hoped we will see the flow-on effect of this training for the benefit of VAPS.
Rob Sloane
Melbourne Camera Club
The Melbourne Camera Club’s History and Archives Committee is holding an Exhibition of Historic Photographs from the Club’s Permanent Collection of Photography including prints from the Australian Photographic Society section of our collection.

Location: The first floor Gallery of the clubrooms 245-256 Ferrars Street (corner Dorcas Street), South Melbourne.

Official Opening:    Thursday, October 19th  at 8 pm.

Weekend opening  11 am to 5 pm Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of October.

 The era of darkroom made wet- processed silver-gelatine black and white enlargements is represented by many award-winning prints from National and International salons
Only by viewing original prints is it possible to appreciate their beauty and engaging quality.
Don’t miss these ‘special interest’ historic prints included in the Exhibition:-
‘Prince and Princess of Wales’ 1981 wedding photograph by Lord Snowdon  (1930-2017)
‘Winston Churchill’ portrait by Yousuf Karsh  (1908-2002)
‘Dennis Lillee’ portrait by Lord Lichfield  (1939-2005)
‘Sir Robert Helpmann’ portrait by Dr Geoff Smith (1906-1992)
‘Waiting’ by Ken Green  (1921 – 1993)
‘Anticipation’ by Grace Lock  (1902 – 1995)

 See over 60 historic original prints from the pre-digital era in the Club’s historic Gallery.  enquiries eMail Alan Elliott
Exhibitions and What's On
The Monash Gallery of Art (The Australian Home of Photograp[hy) continues to provide stimulation to our minds.
Training Videos - Member discount
David Harradine Photography & Training is proud to announce the launch of their Video Training website;
Lightroom Video Training
Starting with over 8 hours of Lightroom training videos which cover all the content from their two-day Mastering Lightroom class.
We are pleased to offer Camera Club members a discount of $200 on our Lightroom Video Training, making it just $95 for you to purchase over 8 hours of video training content covering everything we cover in our 2 day Mastering Lightroom class.

Please check it out - Lightroom Video Training - The first video in sessions 1, 2 & 3 are free to watch.

To redeem the offer simply enter the discount coupon VAPS when purchasing the bundle, which becomes available when you click Buy on any of the individual sessions.

 Photoshop videos are also in the works!

This photographic information is forwarded to VAPS clubs and members for interest and information. 
VAPS is not formally endorsing this event above any others. 
VAPS is circulating the information for the benefit of club members.
Frankston Photographic Club


Australian Photographic Society Convention

Click here.

VAPS Convention 2018 - Warrnambool

The weekend of 26 - 27 May 2018

Head on Photo Awards.

Click here for the Link

Open Day
Photography Studies College (Melbourne)
65 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia October 7. 2017

This photographic information is forwarded to VAPS clubs and members for interest and information. 
VAPS is not formally endorsing this event above any others. 
VAPS is circulating the information for the benefit of club members.


The Cavendish Red Gum Festival 13th & 14th April 2018

"A community initiative celebrating the magnificent red gum country of Cavendish and surrounds. The event will include activities for everyone; young, old and families- kicking off with the official launch, our Red Gum Festival Opening Gala. Other highlights will be the“ Red Gum Run (or Ramble)”  a 4.5km run/walk along the majestic Wannon River and an environmental symposium with guest speakers and displays.
We invite sculptors, artists and photographers of all ages to celebrate our red gums by entering works in various exhibitions and competitions. 
Through visits and tours to significant local red gums in conjunction with live music, food, beverages, workshops, children’s activities and various red gum vendors (honey, art, craft, furniture and other artisanal works) visitors to the festival will be able to enjoy, explore and learn about our unique local environment."

Our website link:

Canon Light Awards

Already sent to Club Contacts
Canon Light Awards LIVE is heading to Melbourne on 21 – 22 October. 2017.

Participants will push creativity, skill and technique to the limit under Australia’s top professional photographers – choosing one of four inspiring three-hour Masterclasses, followed by an exciting 24-hour photography challenge that culminates in a live feedback session with the judges and a chance to win some amazing prizes – with the grand prize being a trip to Africa!

This photographic information is forwarded to VAPS clubs and members for interest and information. 
VAPS is not formally endorsing this event above any others. 
VAPS is circulating the information for the benefit of club members.


18-23 October Forster NSW

Australian Photography Society Convention

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From Clubs/Societies and Others

Diamond Valley Photographic Society’s Photographic Exhibition.  
This is to be held from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September 2017. 

This event will take place at the Diamond Valley Lodge, 46 Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek, and will coincide with the Diamond Creek Rotary Town Fair which is being held on the Saturday 9th. 

Warragul Camera Club is out and about again. Excellent!

They visited the Royal Botanic Gardens at Cranbourne. If you have not visited this place with your camera then put it on your list. (Thanks for your Newsletter)
Yea Camera Club
Lake Macqaurie National Exhibition of Digital Photography.
12th Nov. Website

FIAP World Cup for Clubs

FIAP has just released the information and entry form for their World Cup for Clubs event for 2017. This is an event in which any camera club can participate. It is essentially a massive worldwide interclub competition.

VAPS, Organisational member of Australian Photographic Society
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc Welcomes Epson Australia Pty Ltd
A new and valued sponsor for our members’ benefit.
Special Offer from Epson for VAPS Club Members
Register at the following link to receive a $20 online shop voucher as well as many offers from the Epson range of products.
We encourage our club members to support Epson in your next printer purchase. Visit their website at to get all of the information on the new Epson SureColor SC‐P600.
Thank you Epson for your support to the Camera Clubs of Victoria 
Any members of an accredited Camera Club or Society interested in evaluating images or judging are invited to apply to join the Australian Photographic Judges Association.
You do not need to be an active judge to be a member.
The prime objective of the Association is to help develop the evaluation and judging skills of members.
Further information contact:
Rob Sloane:   or 
Paul Robinson:

or go to the VAPS Website at
Open the News tab and select Newsbrief newsletters.
There you can subscribe for a free email copy of Newsbrief.
Keep up with all of the announcements and news from the clubs.
Hard copy of Newsbrief is not be available in 2016
VAPS Committee Listing and Support
Ian Rolfe

Vice President/Chair Judging Sub-committee 
Alfred Zommers

Vice President /Interclub
Peter Kewley,
0429 826 960

Tony Harding

Jeanette Colson

Badges & Awards 
Policy and Documentation
Newsbrief Editor 
Barry Povey
0409 024 194

History & Archives 
Alan Wilson

Committee Member 
Danielle LeGassick

Web Administrator/Convention 

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Victorian Association
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VAPS Objectives
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  • To arrange the exchange of prints between clubs.
  • To arrange periodical conventions for members of affiliated bodies and guests.
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet .
A Brief History:
Camera clubs have existed in Melbourne since the 1890’s and an umbrella organisation called the Victorian Photographic Affiliation was formed in 1908. This guided amateur photography in Victoria for forty years. The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies was formed on 27 September 1952 and comprised of 12 clubs. This has grown to more than 70 clubs in Jan 2016. VAPS is a non-profit association that is entirely self-funded. The Association is run by an elected Committee of Management which is responsible for the operations of the Association, and for ensuring the Association fulfils the objectives.
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