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Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc.
June 2019. Vol. 46, No 5.


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Message from
2019 Convention Chair
Hello Everyone,

Over 18 months ago the committee of the Latrobe Valley Camera Club (LVCC) made a commitment to VAPS, to host the 2019 VAPS 65th annual convention and exhibition. On the traditional last weekend of May (24-26) we delivered that event at Federation University in Churchill, Gippsland. After eight months of planning and organising, all arrangements were in place by Thursday 23rd, when the big blue trailer containing the display stands and more than 700 VAPS Interclub prints arrived. With a team of more than 20 willing helpers from VAPS and LVCC we commenced the huge task of arranging the print exhibition and setting up all the equipment needed for the Convention, under the watchful eye of Alfred Zommers.

Finally, by 5pm all was in place, and ready to receive delegates the next day. Gradually, throughout Friday afternoon, delegates started to arrive and at the Friday evening cocktail party more than 90 delegates were ready to renew friendships and get into a photography frame of mind - it was a great evening. On Saturday morning a steady flow of delegates began to fill the auditorium and it started to feel like we had a convention. Our first order of business was the official opening by the City of Latrobe’s Cr Dan Clancey, who welcomed the more than 200 delegates to the Latrobe Valley and to the Convention.

Then, our president Ian Rolfe introduced the first speaker, photographer Adam Williams who gave a presentation titled “The Formula of Interesting Photography”. Throughout Saturday we were treated to a presentations by Ewen Bell (“Reality and Purpose”), and Keren Dobia (“Story Telling through Creative Portraits”) and by mid afternoon it was time to participate in various workshops conducted by our speakers, and an outdoor flash portrait demonstration by Karl Ludik and Aaron Harivel of Olympus Australia.

On Saturday evening a record number of delegates gathered at the Premier Function Room in Traralgon for the traditional Convention Award Dinner, where it was time to reward the Interclub Competition winners as well as many club members receiving their Year Bar and Meritorious Service Awards.

On Sunday morning, more than 40 brave photographers joined Ian Rolfe for a dawn photo shoot at the Traralgon Railway Reserve, and were rewarded with beautiful morning light and some impressive images. During the Sunday of the Convention we were treated to presentations by Ewen Bell (“Long and Short of Bird Photography”) and Karl Ludik (“The Art of Macro Photography”).

In the afternoon this was followed with a workshop on macro photography which enabled delegates to try their hand with setups and cameras provided by Karl and his Olympus team. Throughout the two and a half days of the event, delegates and visitors had the opportunity to visit the print exhibition and screenings of the EDPI and AV presentations. At around 4pm the Convention was formally closed and judging by the feedback my team and I received it was a successful 65th VAPS Convention.

There are many people who contributed significantly to the success of the event and I would like to thank all of our many local sponsors as well as our corporate sponsor Olympus Australia who not only contributed prizes worth $3500 but made a great contribution to our program.

A great convention needs interesting and informative speakers and we thank Adam Williams, Ewen Bell, Keren Dobia and Karl Ludik and the Olympus team as well as our portrait models.

I think that all those who attended would agree we had a great venue in Federation University and for that we are grateful to the university and its administration, technical and catering staff.

The council and staff of the City of Latrobe were of great assistance in organising this important event, and made available a $5000 community grant which was of great help in funding the event.

We acknowledge the efforts of the VAPS and LVCC organising committee members who combined their time, effort and experience to deliver yet another successful annual VAPS conference. To everyone involved including the large team of volunteers who assisted with the setup and packing up as well as ‘manning the pumps’ throughout the event I say “Well done and thank you!

Finally I would like to thank you, the more than 200 delegates who attended the event and with your enthusiasm and sense of fun, made it such a great occasion - thank you and see you all in Wangaratta next year.

Theo van der Meulen
2019 Convention Chair
Latrobe Valley Camera Club

Message from the Newsbrief Editor
Hi all

Our convention has just been held in the Latrobe Valley. Hope everyone that attended enjoyed it, was inspired and got a lot out of the presentations and workshop.

Happy photographing.

Danielle Le Gassick (Pakenham Camera Club)

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VAPS Convention
Thanks to Theo Van der Meulen for the photos
VAPS Information
Meritorious Service Award.
Denielle Berryman
Since becoming a member of Latrobe Valley Photography Club in 2007 Denny has constantly found ways and time to help the club move forward and grow while developing her own photographic skills. She attends almost every meeting and assists with the printed competition returns. Denny is always ready to welcome any new comer to the club and enjoys helping in any aspect of the club’s activities.  Denny is a very approachable member and her willingness to share her knowledge on photography is an advantage to the club, along with her organisation skills for weekend and day trips away.

Her passion for the LVCC was witnessed while she was club president from 2011-2015. The club grew from 55 members to 95 members during those years. Denny was the initial driver who nominated to change the club name to better reflect its location. (It was previously known as Coal Country Camera Club and is now known as Latrobe Valley Camera Club). Denny has been a Committee member from 2008, and while on the committee she organised easier access to the club rooms.

She recognized the need for safer and better storage for club assets so a lockable storage cupboard was purchased in 2011. She was instrumental in updating the club’s equipment in 2012 and implemented electronic banking as well as initiating the new club website and the club electronic newsletter. She formatted and printed club awards from 2009 – 2015. As president she was responsible for meeting agendas and she organised the club program from 2011 to 2016.

Denny has been club spokesperson on five occasions on local radio and has been the subject, on behalf of the LVCC, in many editorials in the local paper. She often photographs community and family events and gifts the photos of the day to the participants.

Denny played a role in organising the first Coal Country Camera Club Art in Photography exhibition “ImageInaction” in 2015. This exhibition gave many members a new insight to their own photography skills and a new confidence about expanding their use of photography knowledge and creativity.

Denny has had entries in the VAPS Interclub Exhibitions from 2014 to 2016, and participates in the club’s bi monthly club competitions. She has also entered the Gippy Interclub in 2015, donated photos to the Gippsland Cancer Care Centre for their permanent display and won 1st place six times, 2nd place twice and 3rd place three times in the CWA Latrobe Central Exhibition.

A tireless organizer, Denny has arranged club learning weekends away on a regular basis, including booking of accommodation and structuring the program. She has organised Photographic experience days twice a year from 2010.  She has assisted in initiating the set-up of the camera club community event stall ’Summer Nights Market’ in Traralgon, gaining new members and fostering community awareness of the club. In partnership with a local business, she organised a photography tour of Tasmania for the club in 2014. Since 2016 she has organised a regular Melbourne Street Photography day outing for the club.

She is a confident person who helps teach photography skills both on a one to one basis or to a full room, assisting all club members at meetings, in the community or while at work. She holds camera information courses within the club, i.e. “What is that on my camera”, “How to use shadow in photography” and ‘Back to basics’ at bimonthly club meetings.  She makes members aware of new photographic equipment and gives informative photography talks at the local CWA along with hands on learning. She also gives street photography talks, slideshows and tells members of YouTube sites to watch and she gives book recommendations.

Denny is a much-valued and respected Latrobe Valley Camera Club member who is always willing to assist or find ways to help in the local photography networks and promote the club in the wider community. As her club colleagues said in their nomination, ”She brightens any club meeting.” With great pleasure and thanks, VAPS and the Latrobe Valley Photography Club give her this Meritorious Service Award.
Darryl Whittaker

Since becoming a member of Latrobe Valley Camera Club in 2007 Darryl has constantly found ways and time to help others in the club, while simultaneously developing his own photographic skills. His willingness to assist others has been generously extended to the local photographic community.

He has been a regular entrant to the VAPS Interclub Exhibition and the Latrobe Regional Hospital and Gippsland Cancer Care Centre. He makes a bi monthly entry to LVCC competitions and entered the ImageInaction held by the LVCC in 2015.

Administratively, he has been the club’s VAPS co-ordinator and the Vice President since 2015. He has organised regular club training weekends away and he has organised club photography training days. He assists with the digital competition returns on an ongoing basis.  Darryl has often organised interclub outings with our club and other photography clubs, East Gippsland and Warragul just to name two.

He has also organised model and lighting photoshoots and demonstrated at these, with follow up post production workshops. He has provided weekends away - Wilsons Prom / Waratah Bay/ High Country / Mallacoota and Inverloch. He has assisted in the Photography Auction to raise money for local Cancer Care in 2008. He has also been involved in an ongoing photography project of recording gumtrees in Gippsland.

He has published a photography book about Gippsland along with photography ‘hints & tips’. And he is currently working on a further publication, ‘Victorian High Country’.

He has been a VAPS judge since 2014 and in this role he has judged for local photography clubs and exhibitions. His experience as a VAPS judge helps to inform members of the wider photography community of standards, events and particularly the requirements at state level. He has judged many local art/photography competitions.  Within the club he has given judging assistance and competition selection advice, including selection for the VAPS interclub Competition, the Gippy Interclub and with the selection committee.

In regard to teaching/lecturing in his club he has taught Lightroom, long exposure, macro, shooting stars, updating information in software and lighting as well as the ‘Back to Basics’ course. He has mentored beginners and given photographic talks at monthly club meetings and been a guest speaker at other regional photography clubs.

He is a reliable, valued and respected club member who co-ordinates and assists in the club as and when such needs arise. His willingness to share his wealth of knowledge on both photography and videography and the fact that he is a very approachable member is an advantage to the club.  This Meritorious Service Award is a recognition of what he has done and consistently does for his club and also acknowledges him as a respected and valued photographer to the Latrobe Valley.
VAPS Website
A new website is currently being developed and is expected to be live within the next few months.

Stay tuned for further updates.
Mounting Techniques
VAPS has kindly donated to 20 clubs an A2 art folio/folder for the transportation of their prints. The clubs have been provided these as they have no suitable bag or bags that were starting to fall apart or likely to fall apart. Most clubs already use these folders to ensure there are limited issues with delivering of the prints.
Club Secretaries please ensure that this article is disseminated to all members and Competition Stewards. 
Several images entered in the recent VAPS Interclub were not well matted and some had to be repaired or rejected.  Many images had insufficient double sided tape holding the backing board to the front matboard, also a number of images used sticky tape or adhesive tape.
Due to the multiple handling of the prints the risk is that the mat boards or tape become separated, damaging either the owner's print or someone else's print.
Over the last few years we have had several issues with the mounting of prints for the annual Interclub competition and exhibition.
Poor mounting techniques
  • Insufficient tape mounting the print to the matboard
  • Insufficient double-sided tape where the backing board was the same size as the front mat board.
  • Sticky tape used to adhere the backing board to the front matboard instead of masking tape.-Total thickness greater than 5mm. Thick prints take up more total space and hence a transport problem.
Understandably members have been upset when their prints come back damaged. As prints get handled up to 18 times during the judging/exhibition process, it is necessary for both the exhibition personnel and the print owners to protect prints appropriately. With this in mind, it would be an excellent step if comp stewards could promote the following requirements, so that their members become familiar with what is expected for the VAPS exhibition. Some clubs have changed their club rules to comply with VAPS exhibition rules to achieve this.
Most clubs already use the A2 art folio/folder. These are available from Office Works at a cost of $60. (recommend: Jasart A2 College Portfolio). The cheaper ones tend to fall apart after a while. Fifteen prints, if mounted appropriately, will comfortably fit into this type of folder.
Because of this need to fit the required sized folder, there is a problem with the thickness of the mounted prints.The problem arises when some members use 5mm foam core backing instead of a piece of matboard taped to the back. This makes the finished print thicker than 5mm and the total thickness of 15 prints is then about 90mm which will not fit into one folder. Hence some clubs have sent their prints in a cardboard box or Australia Post bag.
5mm foam core backing is banned from 2019.Those members who persist in using foam core backing, may use 3mm foam core backing which is readily available.Total thickness of 3mm foam core and 1mm matboard will be about 4mm.
To ensure print protection, please promote the following:
Prints must be mounted correctly so that the matboard does not separate from the print or from the backing board. If you use double sided tape it must be at least 20mm wide and completely taped around all four sides. 10 mm pieces of tape do not adhere long enough.

Good quality masking tape (not painters masking tape) is available from any hardware store. Framing tape is preferable for attaching the print along the whole top edge to the matboard.

Prints should not be wrapped in cellophane as it has to be removed for judging and therefore creates extra handling and work for the volunteers.
Prints that have backing thicker than 3mm, or start to fall apart because they are not mounted correctly, will be withdrawn from the judging and the exhibition.
We ask that clubs change their practices and rules so that members do not have to prepare their prints specially for the VAPS Interclub.
APJA - Judges Association
VAPS Club Members    
APJA Events in 2019
Upcoming APJA Events.
Anyone can join the APJA, you don’t have to be a judge, just an interest to help promote Image Evaluation for VAPS clubs.
The annual fee will be set at the AGM on 28th July, but in 2018-2019 it was $40.

The AGM will be Sunday July 28th @ 2pm.
All welcome.
St. Peter’s Cnr Ames and Neerim Roads Murrumbeena.

Level 4 (Licentiate) training. 
Is scheduled for Sunday Aug 18th at   
St. Peter’s Cnr Ames and Neerim Roads Murrumbeena.

 Level 4 includes topics such as:-
Judging Wildlife and Nature, Abstract, AVs, Mono and Digital Images.
Training fees for 2018-9
                          APJA Members              On VAPS Judges List               All others
Level 3 and 4         $35                              $50                                            $80
   Level 5 and 6         $45                              $65                                            $100
From Clubs/Societies and Others
Warragul Camera Club
Melbourne Camera Club

The Melbourne Camera Club is holding its first Nature Photography, opening on 18th May. The Exhibition will feature a selection of exciting works from Club members and from invited, guest nature photographers.

Following the Australian Photographic Societies guidelines for nature photography, images for the exhibition will cover wildlife and nature. Images entered in the wildlife section will include animals, birds, insects, marine and botanical subjects (including fungi and algae) all taken in the wild.

The exhibition will be open to the public for three weekends from 10 am to 4 pm at the Melbourne Camera Club, on the corner of Ferrars and Dorcas Streets, South Melbourne.  Dates for the Exhibition are 18, 19, 25, and 26 May and 1 and 2 June. Visitors to the Club on the last weekend will also have the opportunity to view audio visuals from the Latow Canada and AVG Melbourne Australia Audio Visual Exchange.

Everyone very welcome, no charge.
Vale - Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris 13/11/1928 - 19/5/2019
Betty Harris was a well respected and loved member of Rosanna Photographic Club and was well known throughout the Victorian photographic community.  She was a Life Member of the club. A warm and friendly woman, Betty was passionate about photography and supporting others along the way. 

She was a master print maker and won Best Print on one occasion at a VAPS Convention. She worked with Cibachrome, creating her own prints. A club pioneer in the making of AV's Betty was using slides synchronized to music very successfully at all levels including International.  Many people outside the Rosanna photographic community will have known of Betty's skills with her camera and how willing she was to share her knowledge and skills.
Along with her husband John (dec. 2012), who was a founding member of Rosanna, Betty worked tirelessly to support the club in any way she was able. She greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of the club life and happily joined in all club outings and activities, often being the driving force behind these events. Betty was President on more than one occasion, also serving in the role of Vice President and Secretary. 
Although Betty has not been an active club member for a few years, she is fondly remembered by club members who did know her and newer members wish they had known her.
Exhibitions and What's On
Training Videos - Member discount
David Harradine Photography & Training is proud to announce the launch of their Video Training website;
Lightroom Video Training
Starting with over 8 hours of Lightroom training videos which cover all the content from their two-day Mastering Lightroom class.
We are pleased to offer Camera Club members a discount of $200 on our Lightroom Video Training, making it just $95 for you to purchase over 8 hours of video training content covering everything we cover in our 2 day Mastering Lightroom class.

Please check it out - Lightroom Video Training - The first video in sessions 1, 2 & 3 are free to watch.

To redeem the offer simply enter the discount coupon VAPS when purchasing the bundle, which becomes available when you click Buy on any of the individual sessions.

 Photoshop videos are also in the works!

This photographic information is forwarded to VAPS clubs and members for interest and information. 
VAPS is not formally endorsing this event above any others. 
VAPS is circulating the information for the benefit of club members.

Things to Do
APS Information
The society is inviting nominations from Victorian APS members to fill the position of APS State Representative.
The State Representative reports to the Chair of the State Representatives Sub Committee and the role involves:
  • Being the local face of APS in their State
  • To promote the APS to non-members in the State
  • To support APS and its Management and Office in their endeavours to promote the APS and its activities at State level
  • To help with general photographic queries and direct members to relevant sources of advice including the APS website
  • To make access to APS easier, particularly for those living in regional areas
  • To assist and organise APS meetings, outings and workshops if there is sufficient interest
  • To provide an APS presence where possible at appropriate events such as Camera Club and State Camera Club Body events, major photographic exhibitions and events
  • To liaise with the Chair of the State Representatives committee and the APS President and to work in the best interests of the APS
There is a high level of support for the State representative through the APS Office and the provision of operational manuals and procedure documents.
Any Victorian APS member interested in being the State APS Rep please contact
Margaret O’Grady at or
APS President Peter Kewley at

VAPS, Organisational member of Australian Photographic Society
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc Welcomes Epson Australia Pty Ltd
A new and valued sponsor for our members’ benefit.
Special Offer from Epson for VAPS Club Members
Register at the following link to receive a $20 online shop voucher as well as many offers from the Epson range of products.
We encourage our club members to support Epson in your next printer purchase. Visit their website at to get all of the information on the new Epson SureColor SC‐P600.
Thank you Epson for your support to the Camera Clubs of Victoria 
Any members of an accredited Camera Club or Society interested in evaluating images or judging are invited to apply to join the Australian Photographic Judges Association.
You do not need to be an active judge to be a member.
The prime objective of the Association is to help develop the evaluation and judging skills of members.
Further information contact:
Rob Sloane:   or 
Paul Robinson:

or go to the VAPS Website at
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VAPS Committee Listing and Support
Ian Rolfe

Vice President/Chair Judging

Alfred Zommers

Tony Harding

Joseph Maher

Badges & Awards 
Newsbrief Editor 
Danielle LeGassick

History & Archives 
Alan Wilson

Committee Member 

Jeanette Colson
Danielle LeGassick
van der Meulen 
Gary Smith

Web Administrator/Convention 

Victorian Association
of Photographic Societies Inc.

General Enquiries:
PO Box 2172, Caulfield Junction Victoria 3161
Tony Harding:
VAPS Objectives
  • To advance the art of photography.
  • To further the interests of affiliated bodies.
  • To draw up regulations governing exhibitions and inter-club competitions.
  • To arrange the exchange of guest lecturers and demonstrations on any subject relating to photography.
  • To arrange the exchange of prints between clubs.
  • To arrange periodical conventions for members of affiliated bodies and guests.
  • To arrange the publication of an official journal or news sheet .
A Brief History:
Camera clubs have existed in Melbourne since the 1890’s and an umbrella organisation called the Victorian Photographic Affiliation was formed in 1908. This guided amateur photography in Victoria for forty years. The Victorian Association of Photographic Societies was formed on 27 September 1952 and comprised of 12 clubs. This has grown to more than 70 clubs in Jan 2016. VAPS is a non-profit association that is entirely self-funded. The Association is run by an elected Committee of Management which is responsible for the operations of the Association, and for ensuring the Association fulfils the objectives.
Victorian Association of Photographic Societies welcomes contributions from interested parties, however, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies accepts no responsibility for the content of these contributions and the views contained therein are not necessarily those of Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. While every care is taken with solicited and unsolicited materials supplied, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies does not accept any liability for loss or damage however caused. Victorian Association of Photographic Societies takes no responsibility for the claims made by advertisers or transactions by. Does not endorse the products sold on the website/Newsbrief or enter into any of the exchanges. Nor is the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies responsible for any exchanging of information or monetary amounts. All transactions are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and purchaser.
Material on the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies site or the Newsbrief may not be reproduced or published elsewhere without the written consent of the publisher, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies. All rights reserved. 
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Images will be reduced in size as appropriate for email. Text submissions preferred in Microsoft Word format. Images are preferred as JPEG.
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Commercial $100 per issue
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Newsbrief publication deadline 26 June. 
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