Happy Holiday Season! The highlight of this month is incense in all its glorious, smouldering smoke. My offerings are extended to hand-rolled incense cones made of fine sandalwood and agarwood; incense-layden classics such as Bois d'Hiver and Fête d'Hiver, the Biblical Song of Songs (in body oil too!) and the new Komorebi, which smells like a forest cathedral. Last but not least - there's an incense making workshop coming up next year, as part of the Oriental Week (February 22-26).  
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Smouldering Incense & Gift Guide  

Celebrate the Winter Holidays with Incense, Light and Warmth 

This winter, I've returned to my humble beginnings as an incense-maker, and created a fresh collection of incense cones, in the most pure and luxurious scents: sandalwood and agarwood. 

Redolent of firmyrrh, frankincense and sandalwood, my fondest winter memories range from snowshoeing in the woods and enjoying the crisp air, to hiding in a log cabin by the fireplace, roasting chestnuts and simmering homemade chai on the wood stove, and family gatherings filled with light and laughter.

From ancient Egyptian Kyphi to Indian-style incense cones and incense-scented perfumes and oils - the following gift guide has something for everyone in your fragrant circles. It is my hope that these fragrances will become fond memories and part of your own traditions, and bring light and warmth to your winter.  

Take advantage of our free shipping on all online orders of $100 or more thru December 31st. 


KOMOREBI is the Japanese word to describes the impressive natural lighting effects that are observed under the canopy of trees: sunlight filtering through the foliage, and the interplay of light and leaves on the forest floor. Notes: Redcedar, Douglas Fir, Black Cottonwood, which give it an incense-like, balsamic-resinous sweetness. All around, it is a majestic, deep and dark forest scent, like the West Coast equivalent of Garrigue. 
Maximilian Heusler got ecstatic about this on his vlog's recent scent safari: "woods, some forest funk, and this note of pine-like tree sap with some berries". 
FÊTE D'HIVER, our classic fragrance for the winter holiday has been with us since 2001! Redolent of golden frankincense, rose petals, amber, nutmeg and hints of tropical gardenia - this is a must for the holiday season, a tradition I return to every year, especially on the first day of snow!
BOIS D'HIVER brings the forest indoors with a heart-warming melange of incense, woods, fir, pine needles, warm spices and sunny orange blossom. Another classic fragrance that has been with us since the very beginning! 
TAMYA is one of the prettiest scents in my collection: combining delicate and delicious notes of jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, cassis, bluebells and crocus, white musk, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar. All proceeds from this perfume go towards my autistic daughter's trust fund to save up for her future education and speech therapy. Each 15ml EDP bottle you enjoy, gives her one more speech therapy or  therapeutic riding session! 
PALAS ATENA is a high-class take on Nag Champa incense, with real champaca flowers over luxurious incense base of amber, sandalwood and aged patchouli. Available in hair oil too. 
WINTER 2016 COFFRET of eight miniature wintery scents - one for each night of Chanukah. Featuring Komorebi our newest perfume. Save 25% when purchasing this glorious gift set! Magnificent way to treat a perfume lover - or split between 8 lucky people. 
MUSK MALABI is a perfumed love triangle of rose, neroli and musk have captured hearts the world over: "A treat for musk-heads... I want to bathe in this stuff" (The Non-Blonde). MUSK MALABI was launched in spring 2014 to much media accolades and was listed among "Best of 2014" by Perfume Shrine, EauMG and NowSmellThis. However, the true purpose of creating this scent was as a fundraising campaign for Syrian refugees. For every 15mL bottle sold, $50 will be donated to a community-sponsored family; $30 from each roll-on, and $20 from each mini sold will be donated to help refugees who have just arrived in Canada, and also to bring another family into safety via community sponsorship. So far we've raised $100 - let's keep it up and help more families re-settle in safety!
SONG OF SONGS is a Biblical melange of precious oud, nard, saffron, laden with labdanum and rose petals, and the sacred marriage of frankincense and myrrh. The anointing oil version makes a perfect gift!
Hand-rolled incense cones, made of natural resins, precious woods, spices and herbs. Saltpeter-free. Gift box of fourteen cones. Available two luxurious fragrances: Oud and Sandalwood.
MOON BREATH is all about incense and white flowers. Sandalwood and frankincense crowned with jasmine and ylang ylang. This is an all-time favourite, and is only made in a luxurious parfum oil roll-on. 
Give the gift of creativity, wonder and excitement to your life!
"Foundation of Natural Perfumery is a thorough and generous information-base that should be required reading for any artisan or independent perfumer. The principles are sound, the knowledge is deep, and Ayala's methodology applies to all perfumers, naturals-only or otherwise.” (Saskia Wilson-Brown, Institute of Art and Olfaction).
To celebrate the book's one year anniversary, all books purchased will be signed by the author!
The ultimate gift that always gives back is the gift of knowledge. Ayala Moriel's perfumery training program, Foundation of Natural Perfumery, is one of its kind as it is both thorough, professional and flexible, allowing you to progress through 8 modules that are offered both as self-study (correspondence) courses, and in person at the studio. We are now accepting new applicants for the Oriental Week (February 22-26)Featured workshop: Making sandalwood incense cones. Registration via email - submit your CV and cover letter to apply first. Early Bird rate (10% off!) through December 22nd. 


Our cult leathery fragrance Espionage is now offered as a tea! Lapsang Suchong (pine-smoked blacktea), whose smoky aroma and tannin flavour is smoothed by orris root and vanilla bean. Juniper berries add a tad of evergreen, gin-like sparkle. Perfect for escaping a cold night by the fire place. 
SOAP BARS make a perfect gift, and a perfect travel companion that will take care of cleansing, moisturizing, shaving and shampooing! For the most incensey of all, choose Bon Zai and Vetiver Raceinettes bars. 
CHOCOLATES are back in stock - all 4 chocolate bars, plus seasonal truffles (made to order). 

Wishing you all a wonderful and fragrant winter holiday season, and looking forward to being part of your fragrant life in 2016!