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How can nations improve their chances of winning medals in international sport? 

Veerle De Bosscher, Simon Shibli, Hans Westerbeek & Maarten van Bottenburg

400 pages, in colour 
222 photos & illustrations 
ISBN: 9781782550761
€ 36.95 

Successful elite sport policies: An international comparison of the Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS 2.0) in 15 nations. 

This book deals with the strategic policy planning process that underpins the development of successful national elite sport development systems. Drawing on various international competitiveness studies, it examines how nations develop and implement policies that are based on the critical success factors that may lead to competitive advantage in world sport.

Key questions about high performance sport policy?

Why do some countries win more medals than others? How much do countries invest in elite sport? How can policy makers influence the success of their athletes? What makes an elite sport policy effective and efficient? How should we measure success? How do nations prioritize their elite sport investment decisions? What is the impact of success in international sports events on society as a whole?

How is this book developed?

An international group of researchers joined forces to develop theories, methods and a model on the Sports Policy factors Leading to International Sporting Success (SPLISS). The book presents the results of the large-scale international SPLISS-project. In this project the research team identified, compared and contrasted elite sport policies and strategies in place for the Olympic Games and other events in 15 distinct nations. With input from 58 researchers and 33 policy makers worldwide and the views of over 3000 elite athletes, 1300 high performance coaches and 240 performance directors, this work is the largest benchmarking study of national elite sport policies ever conducted.
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  • Main author and architect of SPLISS, Veerle de Bosscher is Associate professor of Sport Management in the department of Sport policy and Management and research group Sport and Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
  • Simon Shibli is professor of Sport Management in the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
  • Hans Westerbeek is professor of Sport Business, and Dean of the College of Sport and Exercise Science, and of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) at Victoria University, Australia.
  • Maarten van Bottenburg is a professor of Sport Management and Sport Policy in the School of Governance of Utrecht University, the Netherlands.
  Partner researchers
We acknowledge the contribution of the partners involved in the SPLISS-2.0 study, among others (in addition to the authors): Camilla Brockett (Aus), Stephanie De Croock & Jasper Truyens (Be, Fla), Mathieu Winand & Thierry Zintz (Be, Wal), Maria Tereza Silveira Bohme & team (Bra), David Legg & team (Can), Henrik Brandt, Rasmus K. Storm & Lau Tofft (Den), Eerik Hanni (Est), Patrick Mignon & Emanuel Lelore (Fra), Jari Lämsä & Jarmo Mäkinen (Fin), Bake Dijck (Neth), Yoshiyuki Mano & Hiroaki Funahashi & team (Jap), Paul Donnelly (NI), Pedro Guedes De Carvalho & Rui Canelas (Por), Eunha Koh (S-Kor), Anna Vilanova, Eduard Inglés & team (Spa), Hippolyt Kempf,  Marco Stopper & Andreas, Christophe Weber (Swi).
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