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1   Directors' Report

2    Articles:

The Art Of Holding The Space
Shirley Smith

What Role Can Spiritual Intelligence Play In Our Coaching Relationships And Practices?
Jackie Holder 

De Ll'humilité Dans Le Coaching 
Flavienne Sapaly

I Am Great
Julie Johnson

Shaping Business For The Future
Fiona Brooks

Stepping Into The Clients Timeline
Keri Phillips 

3   Information on Courses & Events 

a) Initial Training
b) CPD and Advanced learning via CSA and ICRP

4   Other Events Of Interest 

Directors' Report 

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our Newsletter. 

Our  CSA  community  is  vibrant  and  far-reaching ... and  ever  more  so  as  our  courses,  graduates  and networks continue to expand across the globe. Contributions  have  been  offered  from  our  members  in  Australia,  Netherlands,  France,  Austria  and the UK!  

 We are noticing an exciting energy and momentum… a strong vital heartbeat. I think you will get a sense of this through this edition of the Newsletter.

Contributions have been offered from our members in Australia, Netherlands, France, Austria and UK! 

May I offer my huge thanks to all contributors (some of the articles and blogs will appear in the next Newsletter)  and  to  Monica  Ross  who  stepped  in  to  volunteer  as  Editor  for French  speaking contributions. 

I  love  being  part  of  a  global  community  and  I  cherish  the  relationships  I  have  built  over  years  with colleagues  and  friends  in  every  continent.  I  feel  sure  the  way  forward  for  the  world  is  to  move closer ... walk  towards  another,  lay  down  our  fears,  gently,  and  extend  our  arms,  wholly  embracing ourselves and our shared humanity.  

As  I  read  through  the  articles in  this Newsletter,  and the  CPD  events  and  also  the  external  events  I see, and feel, a sense of others longing for a deeper personal understanding, generous connections, strong collaborations ... is it me? Am I reading into this what I want to read? Have a look for yourself.

Since  our  last  Newsletter  the  UK  has  been  trembling and  disturbed  in  the wake  of  the  referendum decision.   One  way  or  another   things will   change.   Phew!   So  many  individual   and   collective experiences.  Elaine  turned  to  writing  to  collect  her  thoughts  - see  her  blog here 

How  are  you holding, sharing and noticing your thoughts and feelings? And somehow life went on. Murray won Wimbledon, and Team GB were shining stars. 

So too life went on in our professional field. I attended Coaching at Work Conference and a highlight for  me  was  the  presentation  by  Sally  Bonneywell  (GSK  Accelerating  Difference  programme).  

I experienced  her  solid,  gorgeous,  generous  authenticity.  She  fielded  more  than  20  questions  at  the end  of  her  session.  With  each  new  exploration  she  moved  with  ease  and  grace  through  her experiences – simply being herself, living the experience of creating a new coaching culture in Glaxo Smith Kline. 

At the Association for Coaching Conference we witnessed a similar spirit of authenticity in Gill  Smith  telling  her  moving,  humorous  and  poignant  personal story  as  she  stepped  down  from her  leadership  role  as  Chair  of  the  UK  Council  at  the  end  of  her  term.  

The  AC Conference,  with  its focus on systems, helped illuminate individual personal systems, and offered many ways to explore the organisations, teams and groups within which we work and/or belong.

CSA Executive Team join Alison Hodge at the AC Conference 

As  the  summer ends  and  Autumn  reaches  out  towards  us,  beckoning  us  into  the  darker  nights,  we prepare for our 11th consecutive year delivering the Diploma in Coaching Supervision in the UK!  

As  always  we  call  for  you  to  encourage  your  colleagues  to  become  supervisees  for  our  students – drop   me   a   line   at or,  for  French-speaking   colleagues, to Gilles Roy at

You  will  notice  we  have  2017  dates  for  France,  USA  and  Singapore  ending with  UK  12  in  October 2017! Edna has been busy with a new promotional video so please do pass this link on. 

Finally, please send me contributions for our New Year edition by 26th January 2017  

Warmest wishes - Jo

Jo Birch  On behalf of the CSA Executive 
Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Elaine Patterson & Jo Birch 
Watch this space! 

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The Art Of Holding The Space  
Shirley Smith

Writing from Vienna, Austria
So how do we do it?  ‘Hold the space’ I mean.  As a relative newbie to supervision I struggled to articulate to friends and family what on earth I was learning to do. 

Could a picture convey what only a few words could not?

When I learned to paint abstract paintings my teacher Caroline invited me to start with a story.  Well composed abstract paintings often start out with a clear narrative; who, what, where, in what circumstance, evoking which emotions. 

 Ok I thought, how about I do my best to capture the story of one of my early supervision sessions?  I already had the narrative in my reflection notes.  A day later this emerged as the finished work.

My son has been travelling these past 2 years and visited my new home (where this painting currently hangs) last week for the first time.  ‘How do you like my new painting?’  I enquired.  ‘What does it say to you?’ 

He looked at it inquisitively for a bit and then said.  ‘I see nourishing relationships’

Hmmmm.  Perhaps a picture can convey a thousand words after all.

What elements would need to be present to convey the art of ‘holding the space’ to you?

What Role Can Spiritual Intelligence Play In Our Coaching Relationships And Practices?  

Jackee Holder
Writing from London & Barbados

Jackee Holder demonstrates how we can develop our own spiritual intelligence and use this in our own lives and our work with clients.

Read more….

De L'humilité Dans Le Coaching  

 Flavienne Sapaly

Writing from France
Article de Flavienne Sapaly, coach et superviseur formé par CSA en 2015, fondatrice de l'Ecole de coaching de Paris.

Mot de l'auteur : J'entends beaucoup de coachs parler de développer leur puissance, j'en
entends moins parler de développer leur humilité.
Et pourtant n'est ce pas les deux faces
d'une même pièce?

Cet article se veut un témoignage après plusieurs années d'expérience, de ce que je
comprends aujourd'hui de l'Art de l'accompagnement qui me passionne. Un propos que je souhaite ouvrir au débat et au partage.

Read more….

I Am Great  
Julie Johnson

Writing from the Netherlands
I am frequently asked: “What theme comes up most often in your coaching sessions?”  Without any hesitation, I can tell you what that one theme is.  I shall share it in a (true) story form.

   A couple of years ago I had a coaching session that ended up being deeply moving for us both…

Read more….

Shaping Business For The Future  

Fiona Brooks

Writing from Australia
Over recent years the term “VUCA” has increasingly been used to describe the business world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

How can you shape your organisation so it can thrive in this environment, rapidly adapting to change while keeping people aligned and productive? …We need a new paradigm for business

Read more here on Fiona Brooks’ thoughts about the new business environment. 

   As you read, see how her words resonate for you. What does this mean for you as a coach? Supervisor? What does this mean as you support Leaders to develop their own reflective practice? 

Stepping Into The Client's Timeline 

Keri Philllips

Writing from the UK

   In response to the request for contributions to the Newsletter, I offer 'Step
ping into the Client's Timeline'.

   I see it as a stand-alone model (which I have adapted from the work of those referenced) which has informed my thinking as a coach, team builder and OD consultant.

   There are no further words of explanation – simply an invitation to see how it might resonates with you and your work.

Information On Courses & Events  


STARTS JANUARY 2017 in Avignon!
France Diploma in Coaching Supervision 

This hugely successful Diploma programme is delivered by a local team in French – graduates connect into the growing French speaking community. For more details and how to book click here 

STARTS JANUARY 2017 in Seattle!
USA Diploma in Coaching Supervision

The CSA USA team continue to lead the way in deepening and extending coaching practice in with the Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

This rigorous program centers on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches - become a first class supervisor and continue your own journey toward mastery. Suitable for: highly skilled, experienced internal & external coaches; senior people in business or consultants; HR, OD, L&D, Heads of Departments, Change Management and Strategy Leaders.

For more details and how to book click here

STARTS JUNE 2017 in Singapore!
6th CSA Asia Pacific Diploma in Coaching Supervision Programme

Enrolment has begun! CSA will be running in Singapore from June 2017. This hugely diverse course attracts top executive coaches from across Asia Pacific: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and more.

The course is also open to senior people who use coaching skills within their work – HR professionals, OD Consultants, Leadership Development managers.

There will be a series of free Webinars for anyone interested in finding out more. Everyone is welcome to the webinars – no obligation.

For more information, click here or contact Sam Fremantle, Programme Manager 

STARTS OCTOBER 2017 in London!
12th UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Yes! Your eyes do not deceive you… the dates are all set for UK12 starting 5th October 2017! Please let colleagues know that module dates are now available.

More information available soon. Book early or register your interest by emailing

10 SEPTEMBER 2016 in Avignon, France

La Peur et l’amour en supervision (Fear and Love in Supervision)

For more information, click here

Missed this one? If you wish to go on the mailing list for further CPD in French, please email

Starts 29th SEPT 2016
New! Coaching Supervision Group!
Long term

Are you looking to settle into a more permanent arrangement for supervision? Get to know a group and build trust and depth between you? Perhaps you have an Associate Contract or a Credential that requires you to have a regular supervision forum?

If so, here’s a new model for group supervision that might be of interest to you. This coaching supervision group will meet 4 times in the Autumn with a view to a bi-monthly arrangement over 2017 (6 sessions during 2017).

For more information on the look here or contact Jo Birch on

This is the first in a NEW series of international supervision groups being run through ICRP. We’ll be creating many different kinds of groups so watch this space…or indeed drop us a line to be the ‘spark’ that we can build the next one around! Jo Birch or Elaine Patterson

28 NOVEMBER 2016 in London, UK
Still Listening? Amanda Ridings

Will you stand in the centre of the fire with me, and not shrink back? (Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

What we attend to, discount, or ignore is such a personal thing. Yet it lies at the heart of the coaching and supervision professions – and its importance is often overlooked in leadership conversations. What we notice, and the meaning we then make, is influenced by a wide variety of factors…

Read more and book now

STARTS MARCH 2017 in London, UK
Team Coaching Supervision
3 workshop days + 3 webinars

Following a fabulous first year this ground-breaking course will be running again in March 2017 and places are filling up fast! Delivered through a partnership between CSA and Alison Hodge the experienced team (Alison Hodge and Edna Murdoch) hold this unique training for supervisors who work with coaches who coach teams and groups.

Dr Hodge says: ‘…the practice of team coaching is still in its infancy in terms of a common knowledge base and in fact combines a hybrid of diverse knowledge and skills from the OD, group facilitation and team development domains.  Working together we will co-create a learning group that models and informs key aspects of what happens in groups and team coaching assignments.  The experiential approach, with practice sessions, will allow everyone to explore their areas of interest in how to supervise team coaches, with all its complexity, ambiguity and at times, “messiness”.

Last year group members commented:  
·       Extremely important and fruitful programme (Angelos)
·       Great opportunity in the group work to overcome vulnerability, stretch confidence levels, learn, explore, test (Sue G) 
·       Thought provoking, practical, layers of learning. (Gill Graves) 
·       Learning & clarity on what team coaching supervision is and how it enables and enriches our practice as coaches and supervisors (Annabel Shilton)

For more information and to join click here

I will be there – wouldn’t miss it!
Edna Murdoch
CEO Coaching Supervision Academy

16 & 17 MAY 2017 in London, UK
Executive Reflection for our 21st Century VUCA world

Join us for a two-day experiential and experimental workshop Monday and Tuesday Lumen URC, London. As Elaine says "Turbulent times call for Executive Coaches who can work and walk alongside leaders to help them to 'super-See". This 'super-Seeing' and the 'super-Vision' which ensues frees leaders to lead systemically with more integrity, more clarity, more courage and more compassion for wise action in today's VUCA world".

CSA's Executive Reflection is a new distinct practice to meet a hunger we sense in the world. We are harnessing the best from Executive Coaching and blending it with CSA's 11 years of international experience of running its highly acclaimed Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Click here to find out more. 

6 – 8 OCTOBER 2017 in Bedfordshire, UK
Autumn Equinox Retreat

After a sell-out 2016 Autumn Equinox Retreat this is advance notice Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice will be holding next years’ Autumn Equinox Retreat between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th October 2017.

Full details to follow very soon. Register your interest now by emailing Elaine at

Other Events Of Interest

SEPT – NOV 2016
Series of 30 minute Webinars from Jackie Arnold

22 SEPT 2016 at 17.00 (BST):
Future trends for coaching – How to make in company leadership coaching sustainable.
Book here.

13th OCT 2016 at 17.00 (BST):
Trends and Opportunities for coaches - how to use social media. Choosing remote technology

17th NOV 2016 (Time tbc):
How do coaches create passive income?

Go to Facebook for more information on all webinars.

OCT – DEC 2016
Global Supervisors Network
Up and coming programme of free resources click here

14 Oct 2016  
Supervision of supervision (Julie Allan, Sarah Gilbert and Eve Turner)

24/25 Nov 2016 
Coaching & Supervision – the challenges (Professor Peter Hawkins)

15/16 Dec 2016
Difference between therapy, coaching & counselling – a research discussion (Julie Hay)

OCT 2016 – JULY 2017
Writing Supervision Group
Writing is a powerful medium for self-reflection and embedding learning in your work as a coach or coach supervisor.

But how confident are you about how to best maximise the tools and techniques of therapeutic and reflective writing as a means of self-supervision and for supporting the work you engage with your clients?

This group is a brand new supervision group introducing different methods for using reflective writing as a primary source for self-reflection, generating insights and new perspectives of your coaching or supervision practice.

This is a dynamic and interactive approach, which is as much about building and growing this approach in your own practice, and embedding ways of measuring the impact of using reflective writing with your clients’ in-between the sessions.

The writing supervision group meets 5 times online and is limited to six participants.

Our work together includes protected time for a supervision cases using reflective writing to explore the presenting issues.   

Fee £150 per session: £750
(Early Bird: Pay by September 15th £700)

For more information, click here or email Jackee: to register your interest in joining the group.

15 OCTOBER 2016
Supervision Conference: Severn Talking Therapies
(formerly the BASPR Conference)

Developing Dialogue in a Diverse World

Edna and Miriam are regulars at this Conference. Although not presenting this year they would hope to see many community faces at the event.

Michael Carroll is Keynote speaker.
24 OCTOBER 2016
Coaching at Work Masterclass:
The Art & Craft of Reflective & Therapeutic Writing Approaches for Coaches & Coach Supervisors

Click here for full information

25 OCTOBER 2016
Write Yourself Well by Jackee Holder
Benefits and Value of Therapeutic and Expressive Writing

Click here for full information

14 NOVEMBER 2016
West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Pool Conference, Birmingham
Jo Birch & Elaine Patterson are offering a workshop: Beyond the Words: How Understanding Presence and Energy can Transform your Conversations

Jackee Holder is delivering the afternoon keynote: From the Inside Out

Come and support WMCMP more details on the event website here

1 – 2 DECEMBER 2016
The Equality Academy
Leading on Diversity as a Strategic Business Asset
Inclusion today is a personal and professional challenge to leaders. The Equality Academy’s 2-day open residential Masterclass is for leaders who want a fresh approach to equality, diversity & inclusion – one that benefits them, their business and its people.

Read more here

1 - 3 MARCH 2017
EMCC Conference
Come to Scotland for EMCC 23rd annual conference: Professionalising your Practice.
As usual we should see many familiar faces… as well as making new connections.

The line-up includes: Elaine Patterson & Karyn Prentice presenting: Falling in Love with Reflection

Dr Alison Hodge presenting: Managing the complexity of multi stakeholder contracts in coaching assignments

Hope to see you there!


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