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1   Directors' Report

2   Articles: 
  • 5G May the force be with you! (Karyn Prentice)
  • Executive coaches: it’s time to get real feedback from your clients! (Helene Seiler)
  • Learning How to Create Our Organizations of the Future (Elaine Patterson & Giles Hutchins)
  • In the wake of the US election (Adrienne Dunn)
  • Terminer (Flavienne Sapaly)
  • Silence (Nadine Bourneix)
3   Information on Courses & Events  
a)   Initial Training  
  • France Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Asia Pacific Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision
b) CPD and Advanced learning via CSA and ICRP 
  • JUNE 2016 Full Spectrum Coaching
  • New International Supervision Groups
  • MARCH 2017: Webinar: Advanced Dialogue Process with Edna Murdoch 
  • MARCH 2017: Team Coaching Supervision Course
  • APRIL & MAY 2017: Webinars: Creating the core conditions to enable reflection and learning to flourish in group supervision. Dr Alison Hodge
  • MAY 2017: Community Day: Working with the field through the lens of TA. Miriam Orriss
  • MAY 2017: Community Day: Dialogic Artistry. Edna Murdoch  
  • OCT 2017: Autumn Equinox Retreat

4   External Links 
  • Global Supervisor Network
  • EMCC Conference

Directors' Report .

Welcome to the Winter edition of our newsletter.
A new year, a blank canvas, a fresh start. That's how many of us view the New Year, which is great! 2016 was a hard year for many people and I suspect few of us are in the position of not knowing somebody who was touched by some difficulty or another; so we begin the hope that 2017 will be different.
Let us choose to make it different. Trump has recently been elected as US president, an occurrence, which for some people is worrying. Obama, in his last speech as president, said that all liberal people have to stand up for what they believe.

Many coaches around the world do exactly that through their work; we are privileged that coaching takes us naturally into seeking the best for everyone and into being positive and constructive around the social, environmental and economic challenges that our leaders face.
At the heart of CSA is the understanding that ‘who we are is how we coach/supervise’. The journey of many of us in CSA continues to be supported by this insight. 2017 gives us all the opportunity to ‘let our light shine’ and to continue that deep personal development which enables us to bring the very best to our clients.

Leaders around the world are being invited to grow into the ‘post-conventional consciousness’ that supports major change initiatives; this will be necessary in an ever-changing global landscape. We are so very aware as Albert Einstein said “ problems cannot be solved by the consciousness which created them”

In our daily work as coaches, mentors and supervisors, we are hugely privileged to accompany people on their journey to come home to themselves and to make their contribution.
So let us hold these thoughts and stay connected. Let’s hold the awareness that difficult times may also be times of blessing and hope, of creativity and innovation.
There is much happening in CSA this year, as a brief glance at our Events will let you know. In the UK we are currently interviewing for the UK12 accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

In France we will be running our third French course and in Asia Pacific, we only have one or two places left on our Singapore programme, the fifth in Asia Pacific, starting in June. We are currently running a fourth US course.

So the global CSA community grows and that delights us!
Our sister company, ICRP, delivering our CSA CPD and new initiatives, is also growing.  Do have a look at the events being planned by ICRP. These include a stunning retreat, superb new webinar courses and a variety of supervision groups.

These are open to everyone who works with people, not just coaches and supervisors, but also leaders, HR and other people professionals.
Doug Montgomery and Dorothy Atcheson have written their reflections as participants on the extremely popular ICRP CPD workshop with Amanda Riding in Nov 2016 ‘Still Listening?’
Finally, we would like to celebrate with CSA Graduates who have won Awards in recent months:

Catherine Gorman (Best Leadership Development Coach for South East England 2016 by Corporate Vision - CV - Magazine) and Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell (ICF Executive Coaching Award for her work with leaders at executive and board level within corporates across Ireland). Well done!
CSA take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy New Year and may 2017 really be a year in which you celebrate who you are!
Miriam Orriss
Co-Director of CSA
On behalf of the CSA Executive
Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Elaine Patterson & Jo Birch
Contributions for the next edition to Jo ( by 30th April 2017

View all CSA/ICRP events on Eventbrite


5G May the force be with you!
Karyn Prentice
Writing from UK (and USA & France!)
Mobile phone service providers eat your heart out, there is 5G connectivity and it is available everywhere! Karyn poses some searching questions to get us into our Groove for 2017. Click here to find out more.       

Executive coaches: it’s time to get real feedback from your clients!  

Hélène Seiler
CSA Asia Pacific Graduate; writing from the UK  
Happy New Year! Eighteen months into my doctoral research, I have a very intriguing question to share. Why are executive clients so conspicuously absent in the debate about executive coaching effectiveness, and what can be done to increase their share of voice? Read more here 

 Learning How to Create Our Organizations of the Future

Giles Hutchins and
Elaine Patterson

Writing from the UK

This article marks an exciting new collaboration between Giles Hutchins from Future Fit Leadership Academy and Elaine Patterson from Coaching Supervision Academy & International Centre for Reflective Practice. Both have written extensively about transforming the nature of business and the role of reflection in helping to develop future-fit leaders: learning to shift away from yesterday’s machine logic to the logic of living systems. This article crystallizes how leaders can learn to lead the way life intended. 

Read more here

In the wake of the US election 

Adrienne Dunn
Writing from USA 

As Thanksgiving approaches in the land I call home, I find the call to gratitude and appreciation particularly necessary.

Gratitude and appreciation are acts of grounding; activities that put one dead center to their core of Being. And I need to feel my solid soul in this time of an un-united state of America.
Read more here



Flavienne Sapaly
Writing from France 

In a very timely article Flavienne explores our relationship with endings, recognising the many places ‘endings’ are present for us as people and as coaches.

Also acknowledging each ending carries with it the seeds of an experience of renewal and rebuilding.

Full article in French here



Nadine Bourneix
Dolphins in the Desert

Writing from France and Morocco
J’aime le silence et toute la densité qu’il véhicule. J’aime écouter ses non-sonorités et l’écho de tous ses non-dits. Je m’incline devant la puissance subtile de ses messages.
Read more here

SPOTLIGHT on our teams

Here’s a short update from the USA and UK teams…more to come from France and Asia Pacific in Newsletters through the year!
USA Diploma in Coaching Supervision
The CSA team in the USA continue to lead the way in deepening and extending coaching practice in with the Diploma in Coaching Supervision. The new course began in January 2017. If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a supervisee please contact Lynne De Lay
This is our third programme in Seattle.  Sam Magill, Lynne De Lay and myself are delighted to welcome Adrienne Dunn into the team this year as Assistant. 

We have 15 participants, with six different mother tongue languages and eight nationalities. The group is full of energy and keen to learn. Some explored other options before choosing CSA and said, at the end  of this  first Module, they absolutely  picked the  right course!’

Karyn Prentice, Assistant Director for Training. Core faculty USA.


SPOTLIGHT on our teams

UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision
The full UK team met for an Awayday in November. As the years have passed it has been quite some time since the full team came together – how we have grown!

So many people, roles and functions are behind this wonderful course. We had an incredible day focussed on ‘what are the conversations we need to have that we never have time for’! Lots of conversations began! High energy, deep commitment, joyous connections and a focus towards action. 

Jo Birch, UK Programme Leader

Information on courses & events  


STARTS JUNE 2017 in Singapore!

6th CSA Asia Pacific Diploma in Coaching Supervision Programme

Enrolment has begun! The Diploma commences in Singapore from June 2017. This hugely diverse course is attracting top executive coaches from across Asia Pacific: Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and more. The course is also open to senior people who use coaching skills within their work – HR professionals, OD Consultants, Leadership Development managers.

There is a series of free Webinars for anyone interested in finding out more. Everyone is welcome to the webinars – no obligation.

 For more information, click here or contact Sam Fremantle, Programme Manager

STARTS JUNE 2017 in Avignon!

France Diploma in Coaching Supervision 



This hugely successful Diploma programme is delivered by a local team in French – graduates connect into the growing French speaking community. For more details and how to book click here

STARTS OCTOBER 2017 in London!

12th UK Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Here we go! Interviews are already underway for UK12 starting 5th October 2017! Please let colleagues know that module dates are now available. More information available soon. Book early, or register your interest by emailing 

More details here 



Full Spectrum Coaching!

Adv CPD Certificate in Full Spectrum Coaching (Blended learning)

CSA/ICRP are delighted to announce the launch of their new online blended learning programme called Full Spectrum Coaching to refresh and re-energize you and your coaching practice.

This programme will take you to a world beyond your current models to focus on how your ‘being’ is key to impactful coaching.

The program will help you to focus on the core human capacities of relational presence, advanced dialogue process, field awareness and the art of reflection. These ensure competence for working with a post-conventional consciousness so that coaches are equipped and resourced to work effectively in highly complex and ever-changing environments.

This 6-month program is structured around 6 x 90 minute themed webinars. The webinars will be hosted by a member of CSA/ ICRP  Faculty with expert input from Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice.

The webinars will be supported by 2 personal 1:1 Tutorials and by participants meeting in 4 peer coaching triads. Read more here and pass it on! 

To book on the 8am (BST/GMT) Group click here

To book on the 3pm (BST/GMT) Group click here


CSA/ICRP run a variety of fabulous Supervision Groups – each with a unique focus and different supervisor. Join us! Or, if you have an idea for a supervision group that would suit you, be the catalyst to start one! Contact Jo and she will find out what you are looking for, and link you to one of the experienced CSA/ICRP faculty to make the group happen! For new groups email Jo 
New! Coaching Supervision Group!

Starts Feb/March 2017 for 6 months.
Supervisor: Miriam Orriss
Focused on TA.

Max 5 participants. £65 per session.
Total £390 for the series.

For more information and booking details click here
New! International Coaching Supervision Groups!

Two groups starting April 2017 for 4 sessions.
Supervisor: Elaine Patterson
Focus: Being Fully Human” Working with the 7C’s: the 7 Human Capacities for Change, Learning and Transformation.

Max 4 participants. £380 for the series (+ Eventbrite booking fee).

For information and to book 8am (London BST) group here
For information and to book 3pm (London BST) group here

Vacancy in long-term International Supervision Group

One place from Sept 2017
Supervisor: Jo Birch
Focus: international, long-term commitment.

Max 3 participants.
Held at 8am UK; 90 minutes per session; £270 for series (14 Sept; 2 Oct & 14 Dec 2017)

For more details, email Jo Birch

13 MARCH 2017

Webinar: Advanced Dialogue Process with Edna Murdoch

Our work is carried through the medium of words - and through the silences between words. We connect through words. Healthy, successful professional and business relationships depend on our ability to be in dialogue – to use the ‘best words in the best order’.

That is why we need to become Dialogue Artists. Dialogue allows each person in the conversation to think and share clearly – allowing the right words to emerge at the right moment….

For more information and to book click here 

STARTS MARCH 2017 in London, UK

Team Coaching Supervision
3 workshop days + 3 webinars

Following a fabulous first year this ground-breaking course will be running again in March 2017 and places are filling up fast!

Delivered through a partnership between CSA and Alison Hodge the experienced team (Alison Hodge and Edna Murdoch) hold this unique training for supervisors who work with coaches who coach teams and groups.

Dr Hodge says:
‘…the practice of team coaching is still in its infancy in terms of a common knowledge base and in fact combines a hybrid of diverse knowledge and skills from the OD, group facilitation and team development domains.  Working together we will co-create a learning group that models and informs key aspects of what happens in groups
 and team coaching assignments.  The experiential approach, with practice sessions, will allow everyone to explore their areas of interest in how to supervise team coaches, with all its complexity, ambiguity and at times, “messiness”.

Last year group members commented:  
·       Extremely important and fruitful programme (Angelos)
·       Great opportunity in the group work to overcome vulnerability, stretch confidence levels, learn, explore, test (Sue G) 
·       Thought provoking, practical, layers of learning. (Gill Graves) 
·       Learning & clarity on what team coaching supervision is and how it enables and enriches our practice as coaches and supervisors (Annabel Shilton)

For more information and to join click here

I will be there – wouldn’t miss it!
Edna Murdoch
CEO Coaching Supervision Academy

10 APRIL & 9 MAY

Webinars: Creating the Core Conditions to Enable reflection & learning to flourish in group supervision

Dr Alison Hodge

Back by popular demand!

However confident a coach may feel going to meet their client, coming to group supervision may trigger all sorts of anxiety and tension at the thought of sharing their practice with a supervisor and with other colleagues in a group setting.

Family history, early school experiences, other group contexts all feed into how people come together in groups, especially learning groups. It is therefore vital that as supervisors we are aware and can attend to all the practical, professional and psychological elements that may impact on how coaches come into the group and how, as supervisors, we can build their confidence and fluency to make the most of this generative learning environment.

This participative workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore and engage in an active inquiry into how to create the safety and trust that will enable their supervisees to make the most of this powerful and exciting learning platform.

15 MAY 2017

Community Day (London) Working with the field through the lens of Transactional Analysis
Miriam Orriss

This one day workshop will introduce you to the basic quantum physics concepts together with new discoveries in neuro-science and biofield science and explore the link between them and their application to coaching in our VUCA world.

The lens of Transactional Analysis will then be introduced to support your understanding of these powerful concepts and their impact on your practice…

For more information and booking click here

16 MAY 2017  

Community Day (London) Dialogic artistry: advanced Dialogue Process and relational intelligence for our VUCA world
Edna Murdoch

Our work is carried through the medium of words – and through the silences between words. We connect through words. Healthy, successful professional and business relationships depend on our ability to be in dialogue – to use the ‘best words in the best order’.

That is why we need to become Dialogue Artists….

For more information and booking click here

13 – 15 OCTOBER 2017 in Bedfordshire, UK
Autumn Equinox Retreat: Harvesting the Abundance
Elaine Patterson Karyn Fletcher
A Weekend Retreat for Coaches, Coach Supervisors, Leaders and People Professionals On Friday 13th to Sunday 15th of October 2017 at Tofte Manor, Souldrop Lane, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, MK44 1HH

In community we gather to harvest our year’s riches, sort our wheat from the chaff, and prepare our ground for the new seasons ahead.

Your Invitation
Join us for our second retreat for coaches, coaching supervisors, leaders and people professionals!
Our Weekend Retreat is an invitation for you to focus on the YOU who can get lost in the busyness of life and work. The Retreat has been designed as a special time and space for YOU to reflect, refresh and refocus with like-minded professionals.

A time and a space for YOU to relax, ponder and wonder against the backdrop of the Autumn Equinox and luxury of Tofte Manor in service of the work you love to do and for the person you want to be.

This is YOUR time to gather your own harvest, to sort the wheat from the chaff, to nourish, resource and cultivate your ground, and to reimagine new possibilities and horizons for the months ahead….

For much more information and for booking please click here

Links to other events of interest:

1 - 3 MARCH 2017
EMCC Conference 
Come to Scotland for EMCC 23rd annual conference: Professionalising your Practice.

As usual we should see many familiar faces… as well as making new connections.

The line-up includes:  
Elaine Patterson & Karyn Prentice presenting: Falling in Love with Reflection
Dr Alison Hodge presenting: Managing the complexity of multi stakeholder contracts in coaching assignments

Hope to see you there!

13 MAY 2017

Oxford Brookes 7th International Supervision Conference.

Book it in your diary now! More information here

9 JUNE 2017

Narrative Practice for Coaches

Workshop Run by Sue Macmillan on Friday June 9th 2017
9.30am - 5pm at Sipala in Bedfordshire - less than an hour from London.

An interactive and practical day in which we will learn more about ourselves as well as taking away practical tools to use with clients such as: the extended use of their metaphors, re-authoring conversations, transactional analysis and narrative approaches to time.

Interested? Click here for more information

6 JULY 2017

CSTD London 3rd Annual Supervision Conference

Exploring the Dynamics of Complaints: Understanding more of what happens when relationships break down

Venue:  Beauchamp Lodge, London Paddington (
10.00am - 4.30pm
For more information click here

Global Supervisors Network
2017 Webinar schedule

Up and coming programme of free resources click here


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