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Regent Park Focus Newsletter - Spring 2013

The Buzz is a quarterly newsletter devoted to informing the broader community about the activities of the Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre. This issue covers the period of March 1, 2013 to May 31, 2013. Previous issues of the Buzz are available for downloading at

Previous issues of The Buzz are available at:

RPTV Premiers

On May 8, 2013, Regent Park Focus hosted its first fundraiser to launch the new RPTV broadcast studio and CCTV channel, RP60! All three levels of government attended and Regent Park Focus received several awards of recognition. The event happened at Paintbox Bistro and was emceed by Roberto Brito, a Radio Regent dj.

This event was made possible through the very generous support of The Daniels Corporation. Other sponsors included Great Lake Breweries, Werther’s Originals, and silent auction donors such as the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Argonauts.

To view the new (and amazing) programming being created by local youth and residents, be sure to tune into RPTV on Rogers or check us out online ( Great things are happening at Regent Park Focus and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please let us know; we can honor you or your company’s support in various ways.
Studio News
RPTV is quickly finding its rhythm! Several short films have been recently produced, notably: Community News Segment 7; The Southside Swag Video Reel; My Regent Park Project music video and lastly, a crowdsourcing campaign video. All of these videos can be found on the Regent Park Focus YouTube channel: Regent Park Focus.
Community News Segment 7 is one of the many news segments that are created by the youth of Regent Park Focus on a regular basis. This segment covers the opening of the Daniels Spectrum at 585 Dundas Street East, which was a big deal for the Regent Park community and the Toronto arts scene.
Dragon Moola

Regent Park Focus was selected to participate in The Funding Network’s annual event. This charitable-style Dragon’s Den was a great experience for Focus and its youth presenters. Thanks again to TFN for supporting the new RPTV program!
Radio Regent
Radio Regent consists of numerous programmers that conduct their own radio shows on a weekly basis. Topics vary from program to program; however, each offers something exciting and unique. The seasonal Buzz will now highlight community programmers to provide a sense of the “who” behind Radio Regent.

Classical Sunday’s (1-3 p.m. every Sunday) on 
Host: Vladimir Arnold Vlasak

Sunday afternoons have always been a unique time of the week; it’s a day of rest, religion, cleaning, and classical music. Huh? Classical music? That’s right! Classical Sunday’s on Radio Regent is here to stay. Vladimir “Vlad” Arnold Vlasak brings you an eclectic mix of the world’s best in classical ensembles. Vlad’s show is a superb program that takes an in-depth look at the art of classical music, memorable compositions, and educational facts about a musical genre that has inspired and influenced so many artists. The program covers current events (local/national/worldwide), new releases, and brief commentary around classical music issues. Vlad has been involved in classical music for over forty years and he has extensive industry knowledge. Join Vlad every Sunday from 1-3 p.m. for commercial-free classical programming at its finest, only on Radio Regent.
Radio Regent Presents: The Jam

Focus’s community event series is generously supported by The Daniels Corporation and Toronto Community Housing (TCH).

The March 28th Jam took place in Artscape’s Daniels Spectrum and featured some great acts including a flash mob dance crew from  YLTP and Access Alliance, spoken word poetry, trip-hop techno, and acoustic guitar. The Focus House Band, a perennial community favorite, also played some original scores.

The April 26th Jam was held at the Daniels Presentation Centre and hit the 100 person turn-out mark. Continuing tradition, the Focus House Band kicked off the evening and energized the audience. Pete Townsend followed with a powerful, spoken word performance, and “The Fires Of” closed the show with a number of phenomenal scores. They electrified and rocked the crowd with their outstanding vocals and instrumental talents. The youth in the community were also very eager to participate in a dance-off and rap/emcee competition when they discovered that New Era Caps and Rainbow Cinemas had donated prizes for the victors.

The spring season events were an absolute blast! If you want to get in on the fun, join us for the Jam series this summer!

Preceding the March Jam, Regent Park Focus held its annual general meeting on Thursday, March 28, 2013. As always, Regent Park Focus is unique in that we had a great turn-out of youth participants who were vocal and fully engaged. Three new board members were voted in who will infuse the board with enthusiasm. Congratulations to Amanda Kosloski, Kim Orchard, and Erdine Hope – welcome aboard!
March Break Programs – Diva Girls & Boyz 2 Men

Throughout the March break, the Diva Girls group participated in various workshops that aimed at providing the youth with important life skills, while simultaneously making the experience enjoyable and exciting.


Everyone knows the classic hit Respect by Aretha Franklin! Using this song as inspiration for March Break, the Diva girls participated in two exercises about the importance of self-respect. The activities allowed the girls to identify what they admire about themselves and talk about body image. The aim of these exercises was to assist the Divas in the development of self-respect and expanded self-acceptance.


This workshop assessed the extent to which the Diva girls are Internet-savvy. The workshop consisted of a media quiz, posing questions regarding topics such as chat room safety, and also several informative films that addressed the issues of online sexual predators and cyber bullying.

A Collage with Meaning…

In the first workshop, the Divas created multimedia pieces that addressed their goals for the future and their heroes. It became evident from the girls’ finished products that despite the hardships they may have experienced, nothing can prevent them from aspiring to be who they want to be. A subsequent workshop allowed the girls to create a second collage using photographs and words from magazines that describe their personality. The aim of this activity was to encourage non-verbal expressions and to allow the Divas to become more self-aware of their personalities and communication styles.

Cinema Trip

Through a partnership between Regent Park Focus and Rainbow Cinemas, both the Divas and Boyz 2 Men had the opportunity to see a free movie! The youth were very excited and appreciative and gave rave reviews of the film. It was a perfect way to end the March Break!
This preceded a similar movie ticket initiative where a local director secured 40 donated tickets to the new "Going Home" movie premier at Yonge and Dundas Cinemas. Our thanks to the donors who thought of engaging Regent Park Focus!

Updates About Regent Park Focus
Don’t forget to check out our event and activities blog online at: and view new RPTV videos on
Also, if you would like to host a community radio program or TV show, please contact us at: for an application form – we would love to hear your ideas!
About Regent Park Focus

Operating since 1990, Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre is a community driven, not-for-profit organization located in Regent Park, Toronto. The organization is motivated by the belief that participatory media practices can play a vital role in building and sustaining healthy communities. 

Regent Park Focus serves as a Community New Media, and Radio, and Television Arts Broadcasting Centre dedicated to best practices in training and mentorship of youth in radio and television broadcasting and digital arts.
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