Coalition for Collaborative Care - Issue 15
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Welcome back to the latest edition of our newsletter.
It has been a busy couple of weeks for the team, myself included. Most recently we have helped to launch the new campaign aimed at improving the conversation between health professionals and people - Better Conversations. We have been involved in this from quite early on, and it was great to be at the launch events in Cambridge and Liverpool, together with Sue Denmark, Mandy Rudczenko and Richard Cross from our co-production group. There is plenty more to come from this campaign so follow @betterconvo on social media for more.

We are also part of the collaborative of organisations, formed by NICE to support and make recommendations around shared-decision making to help embed it into routine practice.
Since our last newsletter, the hub team attended the NHS Expo and we spent the two days attending the pop-up university and plenary sessions, speaking with different people and organisations who share our vision and also catching up with some of our partners and co-production group members who were also there. We are now in the final stages of planning for the National Children and Adult Services Conference in November.

Keep reading for more news and information from our partners.

Director, C4CC

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News and Events

NICE Shared Decision Making 

A collaborative of more than 40 organisations, including C4CC, has been formed by NICE to support the wider health and care system to embed shared decision making into routine practice.

The collaborative launched a set of recommendations to encourage a shared decision making culture, and an action plan describing how the recommendations will be put into practice. This is an important step forward that will transform the way care is delivered to people.

You can read the consensus statement here, the action plan here and more details about shared decision making and the organisations involved in this collaborative effort here

Self Care Week 2016 

Voluntary and third sector organisations are urged to get involved in Self Care Week, which runs 14 - 20 November 2016, the national awareness campaign run by the Self Care Forum.
Understanding Self Care for Life is the theme and the Self Care Forum is inviting people-facing organisations in the local community to use the awareness week to improve people’s knowledge of how to self-treat common ailments to build their confidence in managing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease or mental health conditions. 
For more information and resources go to or email  and sign up for Self Care Forum updates.

Using Behavioural Science To Help People To Self-Manage
Lessons from the world of behavioural science can help people to self-manage their health and wellbeing more effectively, according to two new publications from the Realising the Value programme. Developed by the Behavioural Insights Team, Supporting self-management​  sets out how professionals working with people with long term conditions can help them to manage those conditions. Spreading change outlines how behavioural science can spread the take-up of person- and community-centred approaches to health and wellbeing.
National Voices is part of the consortium delivering Realising the Value, alongside Nesta, The Health Foundation, Regional Voices, NAVCA, and Volunteering Matters.

Better Conversations: Better Health

A new set of 'Better Conversation' resources for clinicians and health and care leaders is now available. These include a short video, infographics and a resource guide, which contains case studies, evidence and tips on how to introduce a health coaching approach to improve the quality of conversation and help people change behaviour.

The aim is to enable people to thrive by feeling more motivated, confident and in control of managing their own health and care. You can see and download resources from here.

You can also get involved in the social movement on Twitter by following @betterconvo

Community Circles
Community Circles is a new, small charity that wants to deliver big change. Supported by Helen Sanderson Associates, they have started small but are working to expand across the UK and beyond. 

Community Circles are a way for friends and family to support someone, through conversations and actions, supported by a facilitator. The facilitator helps the friends' and family's conversation move to action, through person-centred practices. They are a way for people to support each other in the local community.

To find out how Community Circles have already helped a wide variety of people here and for more information on how they work and how you can get involved, click here.

New C4CC Partner Regional Voices

Regional Voices is a national partnership of regional voluntary sector networks which champion and support the involvement of local voluntary and community organisations in developing policy and designing and delivering services.

They combine national capacity and coverage with the intelligence, insights and connections generated from regionally based networks and teams, connecting over 25,000 voluntary and community organisations across England. They are a Strategic Partner of Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England –providing a conduit for engagement with voluntary and community organisations across England.

The Regional Voices network is actively involved in finding and implementing new approaches and solutions addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing the health and social care system. Find out more about Regional Voices and their work here.

Self Management UK 

For the second year running, self management UK's contribution has been recognised by the Wessex Shine Awards 2016 - Excellence in Education and Training for the NHS - Hearing the Patient Voice in Education and Training.

The judges were looking for people and teams who had improved the impact of education and training because people and carers had been involved in the design and delivery of education and training. For more details click here.

Self mangement uk progammes promote person and community approaches. To learn more about their recent project with Southend-on-Sea in educating people with long-term health conditions and delivering the best outcomes for people and the wider health economy, click here.

Co-production Corner

Welcome to the new section of our newsletter - the 'Co-production Corner'. In every edition of our newsletter going forward, we will be including the details of what projects, programmes and activities our co-production group members have been involved in, their experiences and how co-production is working in reality to make a difference.

We will also be asking you for your examples of where co-production is working, and what we can learn from other industries who work effectively in co-production.

'Co-production Corner' will also link to an extended article on the C4CC website, to provide a more detailed overview of the work of the co-production group, both with C4CC, our partners and wider. 

WOW Impact Report

As Wellbeing Our Way (WOW) reaches its two-year milestone, an impact report has been released to reflect on the journey until now, look at what is working well, what has been learnt and what is next. The report offers an overview of our activities and progress and shares the impact of the work, by those involved in the programme.

You can download and read the report here.

Alzheimers' Society 
Alzheimers' Society Personal Choice Programme has launched a new supplement on personalisation. Follow the link to read real stories of of person-centred care and why it is so important that people affected by dementia have control over how they live.

If you would like to find out more about the Personal Choice programme and what they do please contact the team.

My Health My Story
Watch and share 'My Health My Story', a short documentary from Spice about what it is like to be homeless in Hackney and the challenges that people face in accessing support. The films creators are based at St Mungo's hostel and earned City and Hackney Time Credits to plan and film the mini-documentary. You can watch the video here or join us on 26 October to find out more about Spice Time Credits.
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