Demand Housing Investment from TriMet

What: Mayor Wheeler announced Saturday his request that Trimet include a $100 million set-aside for housing in the $1.7 billion transportation bond next fall. 

Our Response: We support the Mayor’s leadership and want to let him know! Welcome Home also believes we can demand more. Tell TriMet we want an affordable housing investment set aside of $250 million for Portland and $250 million out of hte $1.7 billion along the SW Corridor and Division Bus Rapid Transit projects to mitigate displacement. 

Action: Write your Mayor now to show him our support! And let TriMet know we demand more!

Here are talking points for you to voice your support:
  • Thank you for your bold leadership in requesting a $100 million set-aside for housing in the regional transportation bond
  • I'm writing to encourage you to stand firm even as Trimet attempts to deflect their responsibility and role in investing holistically in communities.
  • It is very important that housing investments go hand in hand with our transportation investments. Our most vulnerable populations need both. 
  • We know that new transit is needed but that it also causes gentrification that leads to displacement of low-income people and especially communities of color especially.
  • We must invest in ways that work better for everyone and reduce long-standing disparities across race and class.
  • We need $250 million set aside for housing investments for both Portland and Tigard. 

TriMet: Call or write letters to Neil McFarlane and ask for a housing investment set aside. (Phone: 503-962-4831; Email:

City of Portland: Call or write letters to Mayor Ted Wheeler and thank him for his support. (Phone: 503-823-4120; Email:

For more information, please contact

The Welcome Home Coalition is hard at work continuing a movement today to create a tomorrow when all Portland metro residents have access to housing opportunity. Together we can build a prosperous community with smart schools, healthy people and a strong economy where everyone has a home. Together we can Welcome Everyone Home!
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