January 27, 2016: Exceptions for a Hard Heart
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 Dear <<First Name>>,

Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. Matthew 19:8

A good portion of our lives is spent looking for loopholes when we are facing difficulties and trials. Instead of rising to Abba's original intention for our lives, we find convenient scriptures, people to agree with our brokenness, and now, "God's grace" to try to release us from transforming to His image. Jesus reminds us that grace is not the problem. It is our heart. 

The issues of our life is not that our circumstances are not right but that our hearts are hard toward the Lord and His design for us. When life gets difficult, instead of growing, transforming, and becoming what He has always wanted for us, we choose the "workarounds" of the hardened heart

This is a danger we must all face. Our relationships are the testing ground of our faith. When we are having difficulty with a spouse or child, do we include them in our prayer and communion, or marginalize them while looking for a way out? While I am the biggest promoter of grace that I know, grace-filled obedience and transformation is a better alternative to the grace that covers our broken choices and hardened heart. 

Jesus is very straight with this pharisaical test. Don't look for a way around. Look for a way to Jesus. He is the one we follow. He is the one we let heal and transform us. Let's return to His "way from the beginning." There we will find the life that is truly life. 

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Wednesday, January 27


Pastor Stuart


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