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I have this distant memory of years on the hunt, out in the ether of rapidly changing landscapes. Myself and so many others tracking abstract and elusive beasts—not for survival, no, instead we chased ideas of silly and spurious things like 'loyalty' and 'authenticity' for a strange and sadistic sport we call business optimization. Though once in these years ago I had a glimpse of this idea called The Long Wow and have found it lingering in my mind ever since, a notion about repetition in a helpful sketch of a map.

So these days I find myself paying closer attention to different kinds of repetition. I like the way Erdal Inci captures the repetition of mundane and everyday things, each "marching after each other in a self-contained universe."

And then this reflection on repetition from Brian Foo, who composed a soundscape of income inequality set to the lines of the NYC Subway: "phase shifting is a compositional approach in which two or more identical melodies are repeated with slightly variable tempos, so the melodies would slowly shift in and out of sync with each other. I felt this was the perfect metaphor for the NYC Subway: constantly looping but at different tempos, always running but never on time, phasing between order and chaos."

As part of my own efforts to find principles worth repeating, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people with perspectives worth embodying. Scarves and stories at

Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. This week, repetition. 


Quality scarves in a rare balance of silk and wool, handmade in NYC.

Alongside each scarf, vision and virtues for the development of creative independent business.

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