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Since last fall, we've shared a weekly reflection built around creative projects that speak to various useful perspectives. I've been considering it Volume 1

Starting this fall we'll begin a new practice with Volume 2, built on a combination of: ideas I've wanted to share more of, projects that deserve to be highlighted, and input you guys have passed on over the last year. (Thanks as always)

I've been excited about it for awhile. Things around here will be cleaner, more focused, with more reason to share and get new people interested. 

But it'll be different—and change isn't always an easy thing to process. For volume 1, this is the end. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about how anything important might best end, and I've found that games can often have interesting insight into finality.

So with volume 1 becoming obsolete, I'll leave you with what has become my favorite piece of artistry dug up this year: a game built around a character coming to terms with its own deletion. 

Imagine finding yourself in the whispered recesses of random access memory, a bit lost, a bit curious, and a good bit confused. Continue?9876543210 is a game in which you spend your time exploring various states of memory, finding appreciation in one's past and acceptance in one's future. There are details both poetic and jarring—it is executed beautifully, with the intent of making you *feel* something. You will.

Try it.

And if you've enjoyed these weekly reflections, you can see the full volume and any you've missed here.

As part of my own efforts to find beauty in finality, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people who embody perspectives worth remembering. Scarves and stories at

Onwards towards volume 2,
- K
Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. This week, acceptance. 


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