This week with Composure we're finding beauty in imperfection. 
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This week's newsletter was originally going to explore the idea of imperfection. I was recently struck by David Merfield's application Typewriter, which forces one to come to terms with imperfection. It allows one to think of more things in the world as first drafts. 

But really it's the permanence embedded into Typewriter that makes the experience so striking. I've been writing these newsletters in Typewriter, and the messy, strikethrough-ridden aftermath can be best described as simply beautiful. Experiences like these have me frequently turning back to this wonderful sentiment I ran into years ago:

"The natural lines and beautiful imperfections of Maria Kristofersson’s contemporary ceramics really speak to me. Patinas, minimal patterns, and textures add a delicate complexity to the simple colors and shapes of her work. These are true heirloom pieces." 

Perhaps nothing too profound, but it's worth noting that while we're fascinated by​ perfection and novelty, we *appreciate* the patina of permanence.

So today's lesson: patina, not paint. 

After David Radparvar suggested the book Rework in our recent newsletter on autonomy, I finally picked it up myself (it turns out to be a very short read).  

They have a bit on the question of developing a strong company culture,​ in which they suggest forgetting about mission statements, declarations, and rules. (And stop worrying about your About page). "You don't create a culture. Culture is the byproduct of consistent behavior. Company culture is patina, not paint."

As part of my own efforts to find beauty in consistency and imperfection, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people who embody these perspectives. Scarves and stories at

Here to stay, 
- K
Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. This week, permanence. 


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