Hello again, reader—our reflection curated this week by Jessica Edmiston of Variations On.
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Artist couple Keetra Dean Dixon and JK Keller are masters of playful discovery. Both channel the explorative process by allowing themselves room to experiment without any preassigned outcomes, creating a space where tools are “broken,” materials are “mis-used,” and mistakes are celebrated. “By testing our means of making, we test our own capacity as makers, revealing the unexpected along the way.”

Sometimes exploration means relinquishing control and allowing things to just happen. Antoine Bridier-Nahmias does just that with his series Magical Contamination, where he primes petri dishes with various molds, bacteria, and yeast before allowing them to sit—just sit—for at least 15 days. After this incubation period, Bridier-Nahmias photographs the dishes and the resulting natural compositions are beautiful, glorified, and unrepeatable.

It's natural to think of exploration as a foray into the future - forward and onward, outward and upward. However, it can be just as inspiring to glance sideways or backwards into other cultures, media, styles, and subject matter. After taking time to traverse unfamiliar paths, I find I always return to my own with renewed perspective and insight. I love learning about the history, present, and future of our world, so a few sites that keep me moving are The Met: The Collection OnlineNational Geographic Found, and Great Images in NASA.

As part of my own efforts to practice non-obvious forms of exploration, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people in my life with perspectives worth embodying. Scarves and stories at


​A brief note: In addition to the main shop in the site above, there are a couple of content/commerce sites that distribute Composure with a shared ethos. One of those you may also find interesting is Colabination; a relatively new player, but one doing smart things to build connections between the communities of creative independent designers. 

Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. So in these notes, a series of reflections on various themes. This week, exploration.
Curated this week by Jessica Edmiston—a mixed-media artist and designer I was first introduced to through her collaborative volume Variations On

Quality scarves in a rare balance of silk and wool, handmade in NYC.

Alongside each scarf, vision and virtues for the development of creative independent business.

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