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I've found that there's no shortage of meaningful experiences in life that require thoughtful articulation. Here's a list of 32 of them in Things We Need Words For in 2015, including "The abatement of dread when you realize you’re worried about something no one who’s not on the internet even understands." 

And here's a site dedicated to that problem, uncovering those rare and wonderful words that help us articulate the abstract and the complex. 

And should you find yourself wondering why any of this matters, consider Clarity as a Business Model, in which a smart gentleman named Russell Davies makes the case that "being clear about things that are normally muddy seems like a potential competitive advantage." Having spent the last few years studying the success of creative independent businesses, I think he's right. "The point is not that it's a clever ad, it's that it's a clever business model," he goes on to say about the above, recognizing that the businesses likely to thrive in the future are those that can articulate a strong point of view, and do it well. 


As part of my own efforts in attempting to articulate the meaningful & worthwhile, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people in my life with perspectives worth embodying. Scarves and stories at

With clarity, 

​A brief note: The photos up there all ended up a bit wordy, didn't they? Comes with the territory of a theme like 'articulation,' I suppose. To make up for it, here, a few purely visual items I'm excited will be a part of the coming spring refresh on the shop. Enjoy:

Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. So in these notes, a series of reflections on various themes. This week, 'articulation.' 


Quality scarves in a rare balance of silk and wool, handmade in NYC.

Alongside each scarf, vision and virtues for the development of creative independent business.

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