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With a strip published in February of 1990, Bill Watterson uses Calvin to make a joke about how the collective experience of an event makes something "real." "Television validates experience," Calvin opines, saying how he can't wait to get to the bottom so that he can go watch a TV show about sledding. (Full-size strip here)

The idea is a little silly, sure, but there's something powerful about the way we experience things with others. Improv Everywhere's Charlie Todd talks about the first couple of stops of the very first No Pants Subway Ride, where a peculiar shift happens because strangers in the train car audience are there together: 

"I love that moment in this video, because before it became a shared experience, it was something that was maybe a little bit scary, or something that was at least confusing to her. And then once it became a shared experience, it was funny and something that she could laugh at."

And in this way I think it's worth being optimistic about the various ways in which we collectively alter each other's experience of the world, even as we joke about how often it's through the tiny little televisions in our pockets. "Instagram validates experience," I got to thinking, coming across this weekend photo taken by Caleb Kramer. I didn't end up watching the fireworks, actually. Caleb and I talked about them later, this image prompted by a line we were waiting in, people watching their food being prepared. 

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Shared together, 
Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. This week, connection. 


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