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A Swiss design duo have created what they call Stellvertreter ("representative") shoes, designed as two sets of pairs to be worn by two separate people. One pair captures the physical sensations in the feet of the first wearer as they walk, dance, and jump. The other pair translates these exact movements into physical sensations the second wearer can feel in their own feet.

During his time as an interaction designer / software engineer, Sueng Chan began to wonder how his industry's obsession with "human-centered design" might apply to more traditional disciplines of craftsmanship and the act of making physical things. So in 2012 he produced Realizing Empathy: a collection of stories, dialogues, projects, and reflections all exploring the question of what it means to make something. As described on the book's webpage, the central theme is the idea that "the act of making is analogous to the act of empathizing." 

Clouds Over Sidra is a project produced by UN adviser Gabo Arora and filmmaker Chris Milk, an effort to more fully express the gravity of situations faced by refugees displaced in the Syrian civil war. The experience is designed for first-person devices like the Oculus Rift or smartphones modified with Google Cardboard, allowing viewers to see the world through the eyes of a young Syrian refugee.

As part of my own efforts in practicing empathy, each Composure scarf is made and worn to reflect on the stories of people in my life with perspectives worth embodying. Scarves and stories at

In my best efforts to imagine the world through your eyes— 

​A brief note: Thanks to those of you who sent me a note about upcoming themes. I'll be contacting some of you directly about guest curations, so stay tuned. And this weekend was spent producing a photoshoot for upcoming scarves and looks—a quick behind-the-scenes below on Instagram, with incredible results that I'm excited to share soon on the full site. 


Uncertainty plagues all meaningful pursuits; if we are to do our best work in the face of uncertainty, perhaps we must first hone perspectives that allow us to stay the creative path. So in these notes, a series of reflections on various themes. This week, empathy. 


Quality scarves in a rare balance of silk and wool, handmade in NYC.

Alongside each scarf, vision and virtues for the development of creative independent business.

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