The Commoner, Volume 2, Issue 2.1 - February 2, 2015
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The Commoner: An LLC Bimonthly
The Commoner is the Library Learning Common's bimonthly newsletter. It's delivered to in-boxes across the Chadron State College community and is designed to connect our patrons to LLC activities and events as well as recommend useful academic resources and research strategies through a variety of social media.
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Humanities Nebraska has a challenge for everyone this year! Are you in?
What Do Joan of Arc, Winston
Churchill, Sherlock Holmes,
and Beyoncé Have in Common?

Attitude? A steely mug? A thing for hats?

Get some answers from the LLC's Technical Services Librarian, Pam Newberg. In her most recent blog post, Pam enjoins her readers in some bookish wordplay--a prelude to her update on the Library's Rotating Collection. The short of it is this: The new books are here! The new books are here! And every month this year, there will be more of them. January delivered up a variety of subjects and genres, including music, fiction, poetry, autobiography, biography, history, true crime, science, technology, and medicine. [Read more.]
Ashley Young: New Sentinel
of the Night's Watch

The LLC is pleased to welcome Ashley Young to the Library staff. She is in charge of night reference and circulation duties, and began training with CSC librarians in January. Ashley starts her part-time position in earnest this week and will be the face of the Library in the LLC Monday-Thursday evenings. Look for her at the Reference Desk. [Read more.]
Where Did the TLC Books Go?

Fear not. The Teaching and Learning Center books have not disappeared. They have simply been moved to make way for the LLC's new Rotating Collection. You will find the TLC Collection safe and sound in the Faculty Multiuse Room, a space that was developed last year to support faculty work of every stripe--project collaboration, podcast development, committee meetings, presentations, technology skills development, independent research, and, of course, the act of reading.  [Read more.]
The LLC Book Club Re-Brands
and (Finally) Schedules a Meeting!

We're now the LLC Bookish Club; clubbers meet to discuss books, listen to podcasts, watch high-brow television and literary movies, and nosh on tasty snacks. If you like the idea of reading more than you actually read, that's OK. The Bookish Club isn't judgy. We aspire to be a media club with bookish predilections. Our inaugural meeting is tonight  (Monday, 2/2, at 7 pm) in the LLC; we're going to talk books for a half-hour or so then watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey; please RSVP if you plan to join us. More is merrier!
Graves Lecture,
Spring 2015

Outreach and Circulation Librarian Shawn Hartman has lined up a variety of interesting talks. Lecturers include Mr. Steven Rolfsmeier, Mr. Anthony Perlinski, Dr. Bill Roweton, and Dr. Pat Beu. [Read more.]
Got Art? The LLC Wants You!

Are you a faculty or staff member with a backlog of artwork (paintings, photography, etc.) that needs show and/or display space? If so, let us know. Contact Shawn Hartman ( or 308.432.6271 x6150).
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