The Centerian, Volume 1, Issue 3 - November 4, 2015
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The Centerian: A TLC Monthly
The Centerian is the Teaching & Learning Center's monthly newsletter. It's delivered to in-boxes across Academic Affairs and is designed to connect faculty and staff to TLC-sponsored activities and events; it also recommends useful academic resources and teaching strategies through a variety of social media.
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TLC Fellowships Available -- Apply Now!

The TLC is looking for teacher-scholars who are keen to develop projects that contribute to the mission and goals of the TLC and/or the six Master Academic Plan (MAP) priorities as they relate to instruction and/or faculty development. For a semester, fellows receive the full support of the TLC staff and are awarded a stipend of $5,000.  [Read more.]
Meet Sam, Your Friendly IT Specialist

If you're wondering who that bearded fellow is in the basement of Old Admin, he's the TLC's newest staff addition, Samuel Ballard, IT Specialist. Sam is the learning management system (LMS) administrator who provides Sakai training and support, as well. Additionally, he oversees our ticketing process and manages the academic web and its growing number of blogs. [Read more.]
A Free App Antidote for Your Long, Long Days

Too busy for words? Then consider adding text automation and expander technologies to your bountiful black bag of teacherly tricks. Text automation and expander technologies can lighten the loads of faculty who spend much of their time writing, editing, and grading papers. In addition to saving on time, these technologies can also improve upon the consistency, quality, and timeliness of your academic work.  [Read more.]
Capture Tech for Chronic Whiteboard Scribblers

If you're a whiteboard (or blackboard) scribbler in the classroom (the consummate solver of math problems, drawer of diagrams, or diagrammer of sentences), you're going to love the Smartmarker, a digital capture device that can record all of your scribblings in digital formats, so you can reuse them, adapt them, or make them available to students and colleagues. [Read more.]
We've Got Your Robot Cameraman

Dr. Zachary Varpness is sold on Swivl. He is the first among CSC faculty leveraging Swivl technology to record his lectures for reuse. Videos can be streamed via Swivl Cloud or via other media sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or MS 365. Also, they can be easily embedded in CSC's learning management system, Sakai, and configured for live streaming (webcasting).  [Read more.]
Sakai Workshop Starts Tomorrow!

If you're keen to learn more about one of Sakai's newest course design features, sign up for "Sakai's Lesson Builder Tool." ID Specialist Elizabeth Ledbetter will facilitate the workshop on 11/5, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm in ADM 030. To register, visit the TLC's Seminars & Workshops page.

RSS for Research and Publishing

Can't keep up anymore? Consider attending "The RSS Miracle" to see how Susan Hines delegates time-consuming research and publishing to "apps and bots." The hour-length talk is scheduled for 11/9, from 3-4 pm in LLC 111. To register, visit the TLC's Seminars & Workshops page.
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