The Commoner, Volume 2, Issue 1.1-2 - January 15, 2015
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The Commoner is the Library Learning Common's bimonthly newsletter. It's delivered to in-boxes across the Chadron State College community and is designed to connect our patrons to LLC activities and events as well as recommend useful academic resources and research strategies through a variety of social media.
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Discovering Discovery In Toto

Over the past few months, Electronic Resources Librarian, Matthew Perrie, has been blogging about a variety of search techniques and CSC's Discovery Catalog. What follows is an overview from four blog posts (from November 13, 2014 through January 14, 2015). If you want to learn more about a particular topic or technique, simply click on the "Read more" links embedded in the overview. And, now, the overview:

The LLC offers a wide variety of electronic resources that can be searched in one central location: the Discovery catalog. Basic Discovery searches can be made using keyword, title, and author [Read more].
However, there are features built within Discovery that enable more precise searching. Discovery can be searched using
1)  Boolean terms to define relationships between terms
2) Wildcards to account for unknown characters
3) Truncation to account for multiple spellings or different endings
4) Quotation marks to find precise phrasings [Read more].
Additionally, Discovery can search for terms through proximity searching, as well as let you specify the order in which terms are searched through group-term-searching [Read more].
Once a search is complete, Discovery also offers ways in which to refine search results. Discovery offers the ability to limit results to
1) A specific set of dates
2) Full-text documents
3) Peer reviewed articles
4) Specific material type
5) Explicit publication [Read more].
As with any skill, the more that you practice your search skills, the more precise your searches will become. So, get searching!
Resolutions for 2015?

Read more books! Attend more seminars and workshops!

The LLC will help you get smarter in 2015. And all you have to do is get involved. Join our budding book club to discuss books and other media with folks across the CSC community. Or sign up for a seminar or workshop. Sessions on grading techniques using Turnitin are available in January!
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