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XML Director Update

The XML Director development was pretty slow during the last weeks due sickness and heavy customer work. However two major developments happened under the hood.

Locking and Checkin/Checkout

The XML Director implementation now provides an internal mechanism for locking XML files programmatically. XML Director support both shared and exclusive locks. A lock in general prevents updates to XML files by users other than the lock owner. A shared lock allows other users to read the XML file while an exclusive lock limits all operation (read/write/delete) to the lock owner only. The locking implementation is the foundation of the upcoming checkout-checkin support that will allow you to create a working copy of XML content and work on the content either through the web or some external XML editor. Upon checkin the updated content will replace the most recent version. This allows you to work on your XML content without any side effect on the latest published version of the content.

PDF Generation

As part of a customer project we will relaunch the Onkopedia website within the next few weeks on top of the current XML Director codebase. The Onkopedia website will feature a conversion workflow from DOCX to XML and high-quality PDF generation.

The generated PDF documents are fully compliant with the PDF/A-3a archiving standard and fully accessible (tagged PDF). The PDF documents are generated directly from XML or its HTML counterpart. The implemented PDF generation supports the following features:
  • optional PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-3a support
  • optional tagged PDF generation
  • footnotes
  • multilingual hyphenation
  • automatic table of contents generation
  • SVG support for resolution independent graphics
  • adaptive image scaling
  • adaptive pagination
  • RGB and CMYK colorspace support
  • Printer marks
  • headers, footers, page numbers
  • many more...

XML Director on tour

XML Director will be present in April in North America.
You can meet us in
  • Montreal (8-13 April 2015)
  • Washington DC (13-16 April 2015)
  • New York City  (16-21 April 2015)
If you want to get in touch with XML Director then just drop me a note.

Andreas Jung


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