August 2016
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British Pakistan Foundation wishes all Pakistanis celebrating Independence Day around the world this month! In the words of cricket legend Wasim Akram, overseas Pakistanis probably have more passion for Pakistan than anyone else! Click here for pictures of how Pakistanis celebrated Pakistan's day of Independence around the world last weekend. 

In the celebratory month of August, we have some amazing news to share; with more than 7,500 subscribers and over 4,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, BPF loves positively engaging, uniting and empowering British Pakistanis, and this month we're celebrating our *dhol-roll* 8000 members mark! The faith our members put in us is overwhelming and inspiring as we continue to focus on the professional, intellectual and cultural ambitions of our British Pakistani community and are thrilled to see our numbers growing! To celebrate, we have also nominated BBC radio presenter and DJ, Noreen Khan as our Outstanding British Pakistani of the month! Noreen is an inspiration to the community, with an enriching career in media, hosting one of BBC Asian Radio Network's most listened to shows, and a go-getting entrepreneur. 

While we pass round the ladoos, we'd like to remind our members that every month BPF hosts exclusive networking events, professional workshops, womens' speaker series', BPFSocial!, arrange mentoring, work experience and internships, provide job opportunities for the youth, and support cultural events with a host of partners and community stakeholders. As we continue to serve the community, we are overwhelmed by the support from you as well - so thank you!

This September we are  launching the first-ever Medical Professionals Network for British Pakistanis looking to expand their professional network. Hosted at Pricewaterhouse Coopers on 29th September 2016,  there will be  a Q&A and panel session moderated by Dr Kaukab Rajput (Lead Physician for Cochlear Implant at Great Ormond Street Hospital) and a star-studded panel of medical academics and GPs. The event is free for undergraduates and post-graduates, and open to schools who wish to bring young adults thinking about pursuing a career in medicine and healthcare. In BPF style, there will be a lot of opportunity for students to get career advice, find work placements and chat with the panellists one-to-one, and perhaps connect with a mentor. Please click here to book, as tickets are selling fast!

Once again, the ever-popular BPFSocial! was a huge success again this month! We would like to thank everyone for joining us. Pictures of the event can be found below in our Events section. Don't forget to tag yourself and Like the British Pakistan Foundation page on Facebook! If you'd like to get involved with BPFSocial!, please send us an email with suggestions for themes for our next event, as we are always keen to listen and work with our community's interests. To book tickets for the next one, please click here.

To give you an update on how we are doing, so far the Young Professionals Programme has enrolled 600 members since March alone, and secured 21 students with internships and jobs provided from within our Business and Professionals community. The Women's Programme has delivered workshops and mentoring to over 140 young British-Pakistani women, led by industry leaders who are of Pakistani origin, eager to lend a helping hand and talk about their journey to the top, and share cultural advice too. And finally, our Business and Professionals Programme has now expanded into chapters including law, medicine and finance, showing our networks are growing and Pakistanis are taking a keener interest in getting to know us and one another. From Accenture to Bestway to Indigo, we have a lot of extraordinary people on board!  
If you would like to support us, please email Zahra at, subject line "Giving"

See you at the next event!

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BOOK NOW! Focus on Medicine: BPF Medical Professionals Network Launch
29 September 2016 | The Westbury

BPF is excited to launch the exclusive Medical Professionals Network, headed up by renowned physician, Dr. Kaukab Rajput, with a panel and Q&A session with some of Britain's leading medical professionals.The event is open to medical professionals wishing to expand their network, and free for students looking to gain advice, seek mentorship and work placements.

Book here to reserve as tickets are selling fast!
August's BPFSocial!
18th August 2016 | Shoreditch

BPFSocial this month was attended by a wonderfully diverse bunch of lovely British Pakistanis, and we are thrilled that our relaxed is proving popular month on month. Designed to bring together young professionals in a casual environment with fantastic fusion food and mango cocktails, BPFSocial launch was a great success with people mingling and mixing with new members all night. Click here for photos.
Barmer Boys UK Tour
September 2016 | Rich Mix

21st Century Folk with attitude. The Barmer Boys are the next generation of seasoned performers carrying forward the centuries-old musical tradition of the Manganiyars and are leading examples of Rajasthani Folk and Sufi music. The band’s ability to add a fusion twist to traditional folk music infuses each performance with a sense of individuality and creativity that has audiences longing for more!
Book here
Travels through Central Asia to Pakistan: An Illustrated Talk by General Charles Vyvyan
24 August 2016 | The Pakistan Society

In 2015 Charles Vyvyan travelled on horseback and jeep through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, across the Chinese border to Kashgar, then over the Khunjerab Pass down into Gilgit and Chitral in Pakistan.  In this illustrated talk about his travels in, Charles hopes to convey the nature of the landscapes, the people, their history and their aspirations, and in so doing, to further a better understanding of this complex, captivating region. Book here
Medical Aid Pakistan Gala
17 September 2016 | London, SW7 4LH

You are cordially invited to the UK Medical Aid to Pakistan’s annual Fundraising Dinner and Concert. Enjoy the melodious singing of Bollywood, Ghazals and Sufi songs by Seven Eyes, Tanya Wells. Also enter our raffle and win a car, only 400 tickets are available so act fast! Raffle to be drawn on the night of the dinner. Purchase tickets for the fundraising dinner and car raffle too! Book here.


Anoushka Shankar - 'Lands of Gold'
13 October 2016 | Royal Festival Hall, London

Award-winning sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar returns to Southbank Centre. The Shankar name is synonymous with Indian classical music and with the sitar. As trailblazing as her legendary father Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar continues to push the limits of her instrument. Book here


Ye Olde Englistan: Riz Ahmed on the pride and struggle of being British and Asian
Straddling cultures and pushing buttons, British Pakistani rapper-turned-actor, Riz Ahmed is in both the new Star Wars and Bourne films, has staunch views on Brexit and is now starring in HBO's "The Night Of" as a as a Pakistani-American student accused of murdering a young white woman. Read more about this mutlifaceted rising star here.

Riz Ahmed releases mixtape 'Englistan'
Lately, around the issue of Brexit, the UK has seen a tremendous, cresting wave of isolationist, anti-immigrant sentiment. And to combat that emboldened racism, the London rapper Riz Ahmed, who records as Riz MC, has made a video for “Englistan,” the title track from the mixtape he released a few months ago. Watch Englistan here

Muslim people are much more likely to be unemployed than any other faith group in Britain. A House of Commons committee has released a report that has found stark differences stark differences in the social and economic experiences of different communities in Britain. The same report states that more needs to be done to improve British Muslim students prospects at university and after graduation. Read the complete report here. 

Pakistani Schoolgirl, Alishah Nazir, is one of Scotlands highest academic achievers this year. A  Pakistani schoolgirl in Scotland, has achieved seven straight As in her Highers despite English not being her first language. Alishah Nazir grew up speaking Urdu at home and burst into tears when she got her exam results on Tuesday morning. Read more here

Hamza Yousaf, Scottish MP and a 'Braveheart' in Scotland.
Some of the UK's finest young leaders today are from the British Pakistani community - one of these top young leaders is a Scottish native, Humza Yousaf, Scottish MP and at a mere 31 years old, Scotland's first minister for Europe and International Development. Read more about his views on the integration of Pakistanis in Britain here.

Manchester welcomes Pakistan Cricket Team ahead of 2nd Test Match
On this occasion, leading businessmen from greater Manchester announced a cash prize of £10,000 on either getting five wickets or making 100 runs at the Old Trafford Test Match on behalf of the British Pakistani community. Read more here.

"Put everything into making it happen, you can't be half-hearted as there's plenty out there who'll be working harder so you have to set yourself apart!"

This month, we're celebrating the stunning and mesmerisingly sweet Noreen Khan, BBC radio presenter and DJ, as our Outstanding British Pakistani of the month. Hosting Asian Radio Network's most-listened to show, we got up close and personal with Noreen about her passions,what's it like interviewing some of the most famous people in the showbiz world, and her future business ventures!

What's it like regularly having the most listened to Asian radio show in the UK
It feels great as I put my heart and soul into the show and when you're working hard daily to make it as engaging as possible it's rewarding seeing the results. It also comes with a bit of pressure as you want to try and maintain those consistent high figures but I don't mind a bit of pressure, keeps me on my toes!
When did your love for music and presenting begin?
My love for music started at a very young age as I grew up in a home where my mum was a complete music junkie, she'd always have vinyls playing and so I was hooked pretty early. Then at the age of 8 I took up playing the violin at school, then the oboe and then played in the steel band too. I got into presenting in 2003 when I volunteered at my local hospital radio and then that lead to working in commercial stations in London. I then joined the BBC Asian Network in 2007.
What influences inspired you to take on the role of a presenter/DJ?
I used to listen to a lot of radio growing up and always had this thought that maybe one day I'd have my own show. I think my passion for music inspired me to get into radio and I just pursued that presenting dream really hard!
What do you enjoy most about being a presenter and being listened to and loved by so many people?
I love the intimacy of radio and the fact that my listeners are like my extended family, which is why I call them my Khandaan! My listeners have been very loyal to me and I feel very dedicated to them and this makes it quite personal to me and to them I think. I love to have fun on the radio and everyday they come on this laughter filled journey with me. I simply love being on radio and this comes across on my show which attracts my lovely listeners.
You have met and interviewed a number of famous and influential in the world of film, music and entertainment. What is the best part about meeting and speaking with these people?
It's always great to meet and interview your childhood heroes or those you admire. The best part for me is actually getting to tell them how much you appreciate their work and I always like to have a good laugh when I interview celebs, I don't really like doing bog standard interviews, I want them to go away smiling and hopefully remembering me and the chat for a while!
Were there any challenges you faced working in this industry as a British Pakistani/Asian female?
I'm the kind of person who doesn't really get phased by challenges or knock backs so in my mind I've never really faced any major difficulties as I have a very 'get on with it' attitude and don't like focusing on negatives.
What kept you motivated and striving for success?
Little steps of progress kept me motivated and then slowly seeing the results. I'm naturally a very motivated person so I'm always striving for the next thing.
What made you expand your career into the fashion industry?

Again my mother and 4 elder sisters were an influence here. My mum used to design and create some wonderful oufits for me and my fashion conscious sisters. Then when I was 21 I set up my own fashion boutique. In 2014 I created my own fashion line, Noreen Khan Couture and NK Accessories.
As a British Pakistani role model, is there any advice you have for our young members wanting to work in this industry?
Absolutely. I'd say if you are serious about a career goal then put everything into making it happen, you can't be half hearted as there's plenty out there who'll be working harder so you have to set yourself apart. Research the area you want to get into and then take the necessary steps to try and make it happen. You've got to be very determined and be prepared to work hard.
Having achieved so much, do you see yourself expanding your career into further field apart from presenting, Dj-ing and fashion?
I'm doing some telly too at the moment, I've just finished filming for a new sports chat show called Ballsy Women which airs on Sundays at 6pm on Sky Channel 266. I'm also working on another business venture but I don't like talking about anything in too much detail until it's all fully done!
What steps are you taking today for your future plans?
Everyday I aim to work towards my career and personal goals. I just try my best on a daily basis and hope to get closer to the things that matter. 


  • Madisson Nursery in South West London is looking to hire some staff from and Asian background. Candidates required previous work experience, relevant qualifications and M.V.Q in childcare.
  • NYLA, a new upcoming art & design gallery boutique in South Kensington, London, is looking for:
    • Head of Operations or Asst Manager/ operations, admin & book-keeping (FT)
    • Assistant manager/designer
    • Assistant PR, marketing & events
    • Grants/ Bids writer (PT)

  • 2 internships Al Rayan Bank, based in Birmingham
  • 1 internship Amanda Wakeley, London
  • 1 internship Amishi, London
  • Madisson is offering paid apprenticeships and job training for males and females under 25.  To find out more and apply. 
For all job and internship applications please email Mariam at info@bpfuk,org
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