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March Mystery Author

In recognition of March being National Women's History Month, our mystery author is a female born in March. Here are some some more clues; see if you can guess her identity before scrolling down for the answer.  

This month's mystery author:
  • Does not write under her birth name; she was born Lois Ann Hammersberg on March 20, 1937.
  • Is an American with a degree in English literature from the University of Southern Maine, and currently splits home time between Massachusetts and Maine.
  • Is the author of more than 30 books for children and young adults.
  • Has won two Newbery Medals: one in 1990, and another in 1994.
  • Is known for writing about difficult subject matters within her works for children.
  • Had her 1994 Newbery-winning novel released as a film adaptation in 2014 starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.
Think you've got it figured out? Find out later in this newsletter.

National School Librarian Day: April 4

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Tuesday April 4 is National School Librarian Day. For most of us, our love of reading is fostered at a very young age - usually with the help of our parents, but school librarians are often the next most important people in instilling a love of books and stories in children. They also spend hours keeping the library organized, helping our children find resources to keep learning, and trying to figure out where all of those overdue books are.

All of their hard work often goes unappreciated - so on April 4, have your kids honor their school librarian with a note, gift, or just saying thank you for all that they do. 

Prescribe Safe Monterey County


Part of our role as a library is to support important public services on a local level - and one program developed locally is making a significant impact on the national epidemic of opioid abuse. You may have a role to play also; read on for details.  
Prescribe Safe Monterey County is an initiative developed by Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) to address the rapidly expanding public health crisis of prescription drug abuse. They have partnered with more than a dozen organizations including all four county hospitals, numerous law enforcement agencies, and local physician groups. The program intends to guide, educate, and provide resources for physicians, patients, and the general public in the safe use and disposal of prescription medications, as well as promoting safe and effective pain management for those in need.
If you or someone you know receives a prescription for opioid pain medication, be sure to read this important information sheet from the American Hospital Association. Additionally, unsecured storage of medication in homes is a significant contributor to the national epidemic of prescription drug abuse and misuse. To combat this, if you have prescription medications that you are no longer using, it is important to dispose of them rather than keep them in your house. Here is a list of safe medication disposal sites; the easiest way is probably to walk them into the lobby at CHOMP and ask for the drop bin.
For further information on this epidemic or for resources on how to obtain help for those struggling with management of pain medications, there is an extensive amount of information available on CHOMP’s Prescribe Safe website.

Mystery Author Revealed

Did you figure out our mystery author? It’s Lois Lowry, who won the Newbery Medal for Number the Stars in 1990, and for The Giver in 1994. Her young adult novels have explored tough social issues such as racism, terminal illness, murder, and the Holocaust among other challenging topics. In particular, The Giver is a particularly compelling novel which frequently appears on middle school and high school reading lists, but has also been prohibited from some schools’ curriculum. The film adaptation of The Giver was released in 2014.

Readin' It Teenstyle: Young Adult Spotlight
Our junior book reviewer - she doesn't like it when we call her the backup - is now a teenager, so she's officially qualified to contribute to Readin' it Teenstyle. Here is her latest book review.

Hi! This is Giana. I recently read Airborn, a fantasy novel about a boy named Matt Cruse who works in an airship. As soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. In the book, Matt loves working on an airship, but one day he meets a man who arrives in a balloon who tells him of creatures in the sky, and shortly after dies. Everyone thinks him crazy, but he can’t help but wonder if the sky creatures are real. After that, Matt actually meets the granddaughter of the man in the balloon, named Kate. Matt and Kate are determined to find these creatures, no matter the circumstances. Airborn is a well-written and suspenseful novel about flying, surviving, wondering, pirates, and much more. If you enjoy fantasy novels, you are sure to love it!
Thanks for your support of the Carmel Valley Library - now go read something!
“If everything’s the same, then there aren’t any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!”
― from The Giver by Lois Lowry
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