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Clean picker = no pathogens. Stop & check.

Dirty cotton pickers and farm machinery pose a high biosecurity risk to your farm. It is important to take time to stop & check to ensure your picker, plus any other farm machinery and vehicles entering your farm, are mud and trash-free.

Keeping your farm free from pathogens, or limiting their spread, helps you to manage or avoid the impacts - things like reduced yield, profitability and changes to farm management.

Check out this handy picker clean down checklist for basket and baler pickers, and a video featuring cotton grower Peter Blokland and his JD7760.



Two questions to ask your picking contractor...

We know that contractors provide a valuable service - we also know that there are biosecurity risks involved in the movement of machinery between different farming regions. Good farm hygiene and machinery clean down is vital for minimising the risk of pests, weeds and diseases being spread.
Ask these two questions of any contractor before they arrive on your farm to identify any potential issues ahead of time:

Where have you come from?

Knowing where you contractor has previously been can help you keep an eye out for pests and weed issues that might occur in other regions but not in your area.

When, how and where did you clean down?

Ask your contractor to clean their vehicles and machinery before they arrive on your property.

Mud and trash on tyres, row units, doffers, carousel and other nooks of the picker can carry seeds, pests and pathogens from one farm to another. Make sure to check any machinery or vehicles that will be working on your farm. If you are not satisfied with their cleanliness, you can direct them to your wash down area on farm or advise the location of the closest regional wash down facility.
Remember: it is your responsibility and the responsibility of your contractor to minimise the risk of spreading pests, weeds and diseases.
Come Clean. Go Clean.

Come Clean. Go Clean. remains one of the most simple and effective strategies for minimising the spread of pests, weeds and diseases. You can find the four-step wash down guide on the on this handy poster. Print it and keep it in your shed. 

Join mission biosecurity!

The collective departments of agriculture and primary industries across Australia have partnered with Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia to showcase the importance of biosecurity via Mission Biosecurity.

The website, which comprises of a series of short videos, games, quizzes and podcasts, enables visitors to discover what biosecurity is, how it can impact our way of life and how we can all help protect our environment, community and economy from pests, weeds and diseases.

This national initiative aims to strengthen biosecurity awareness and prevention within the community.  To join, visit Mission Biosecurity
For more, visit our website or contact our biosecurity tech lead, Sharna Holman
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