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Be Like Peter. May Edition
Be Like Peter. is about sharing founder stories and artist talents to collaborate and inspire.
Who is Peter? - Peter is a character from an NBC Heroes television show who has the power to mimic and absorb the super powers of those around him. If he surrounds himself by the right people and talents, he is essentially unstoppable. Let's be unstoppable.
May Ambassadors
Hillary Sawchuk, A Drink With
“There are so many inspiring stories out there that aren’t just from celebrities. Don’t get me wrong – I still think it’s awesome to talk to celebrities, but no one is off limits. If someone has a great story that someone else can take something from, and learn something from, that encourages them to follow their own dream – that’s what we’re really all about.”
Kathryn Pisco, Unearth the World
“If you just send someone abroad you hope that they have a good experience. But if you train, help, reflect with, and support them when they get home, then it’s more likely that the experience is not just short term and will pair into their normal life, and back into our international non-profits. One of my ultimate goals is to have a robust network for travelers to plug into after they come home.” 
Chris Mantz, Drift Eyewear
“Local, in my opinion, is the most important thing - wherever you are. Creating a beautiful, durable, functional product with a unique story behind it really has to happen here.”

(top to bottom; left to right): Corbett Drummey - Popular Pays; Sarah Press - Project Fixup; Ross Petersen - Blitsy; Steven Dyme - Flowers for Dreams
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